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    • Design and Implementation of a Video Retrieval System Based on MPEG-7

      2010, 19(10):1-6.

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      Abstract:MPEG-7, which provides a standardized description for a video, allows one to mark out various properties of a video such as the title, author, dates and content to help facilitate the exchange of video information among various applications. This paper discusses the design and features of a video retrieval system, YuXun. It first uses existing video processing tools to generate the MPEG-7 description file for videos and then establishes full text index for the MPEG-7 documents. Therefore, the user can enter a query string in the system's Web interface and retrieve interested video files quickly. At the same time, the system uses a distributed architecture, which has high scalability, to support mass video information retrieval.

    • Design and Implementation of Flight Information Display System Based on Message-Oriented Middleware

      2010, 19(10):7-11.

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      Abstract:Real-time information display system is based on the traditional B/S mode which requires the user to refresh the page occasionally in order to display dynamic information. The system is inefficient and it is hard for the user to keep pace with the actual data. By means of leading the publish/subscribe model-based message oriented middleware and the browser plug-in technology to build flight information display system(FIDS), an application server moves the data to the Message-Oriented Middleware, and then the Message-Oriented Middleware moves the data to a single or multiple target browsers. This system can meet the requirement of displaying dynamical information. Test results show that the system has the characteristics of rapid page response and low consumption rate of server resources.

    • Research and Design of Offline Message Server System Based on MSRP

      2010, 19(10):12-17.

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      Abstract:Instant messaging, a new method of communication, has served as a method of communication in many businesses. This paper presents a framework for the communication server cluster used in MSRP instant messaging business. It offers good support for the offline message business in SIP system. Considering MSRP’s working under session mode, the paper presents an overall design method, and researches and analyzes the signaling process of offline message storage and transmission. Then, the server cluster implementation schedule and the communication framework inside cluster is also presented. The server system is capable of handling the MSRP offline messaging business in cooperation with the SIP softphone.

    • Research and Implementation of Rights Management in Third Party Logistics System

      2010, 19(10):18-22.

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      Abstract:The paper first combines the characteristics of a third-party logistics system, analyzes the shortcomings of traditional access control methods, and discusses the advantages of role-based access control(RBAC Role Based Access Control)methods, which is currently popular. The paper then summarizes the characteristics of EJB and Struts, and finally introduces the design and implementation process of right management in the third-party logistics with a role-based and Struts+EJB architecture. The result shows that the system has high security, flexibility, and not only provides a good access control for the third-party logistics system, but it also can be reused by adding to the other system with the right management.

    • Human Resource Management Information System

      2010, 19(10):23-27.

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      Abstract:With the informationization construction developing rapidly in the current social society, people have grown accustomed to using computers to solve practical problems. The human resource management is the most important part of the daily work in enterprises. Facing the problems of the huge amount of data inputting, outputting, and the position transferring, a human resource management system construction has geen designed based on J2EE, and the Struts, Spring, Hibernate frameworks have been used to finish the construction of the system platform. When people use the information system, they often have to input a large quantity of data, but this article brings up a batch import method to solve this problem,which properly improves the efficiency of daily human resource management work. With such an information system that accomplishes simple operations and practical functions, the system can provide an integrated and convenient informationization environment of platform.

    • FPGA-Based Design for AMB Control System

      2010, 19(10):28-31.

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      Abstract:This paper analyzes the active magnetic bearing and its control system structure, and proposes a FPGA-based active magnetic bearing control system. It then analyzes and designs each module of the control system. Finally, this paper presents a simulation of the design of the system. Results show that the control module meets the system’s low power, high real-time needs.

    • Implementation of a Dynamic Identity Authentication System Based on Mobile Phone Token

      2010, 19(10):32-36.

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      Abstract:With the development of Internet technology, the traditional static password based authentication solutions are no longer an adequate protection scheme to serious enterprise applications. In this article, the principle of dynamic password technology is described, and the pros and cons of implementing dynamic password technology by software and hardware are analyzed as well. A dynamic password authentication protocol based on challenge/response mechanism is designed. The system’s design authentication processes, and safety measures are described, and its security is analyzed as well. The analysis indicates that this system features high security and wide application. It can be conveniently used and implemented at a low cost.

    • RIA-Based Online Laboratory Data Management System

      2010, 19(10):37-41.

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      Abstract:This paper introduces the topic of data management in Xi’an Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and proposes a solution for building RIA-based online laboratory data management system with Flex and J2EE technology. This system provides a more effective data management method, a more friendly interface, and a stronger data visualization. Moreover, the paper summarizes the processes and methods for developing Flex application with PureMVC framework.

    • Dynamic Virtual Laboratory Driven by Workflow Based on Lightweight J2EE Framework

      2010, 19(10):42-46.

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      Abstract:Considering the system requirements of virtual laboratory based on component composition technology, the business processing model of dynamic virtual laboratory, driven by workflow, is presented. The integration model of lightweight J2EE framework (SSH) and workflow system (Shark and JaWE) is introduced. The design and implementation method of dynamic virtual laboratory driven by workflow, based on lightweight J2EE framework, is proposed, and this paper analyzes the realization mechanism of virtual experiment project, the management approach of data and control flow, and the dynamic composition method of the experimental process. Lastly, the application case shows that this method is effective.

    • Software Design of Embedded Smart Home Gateway

      2010, 19(10):47-51.

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      Abstract:The purpose of designing the embedded smart home gateway is to manage a variety of smart home equipment and to design a convenient operation and control for the user. The software uses Windows CE as the operating system, Microsoft Visual Studio as the development tools, and C# as the development language. This paper discsses the main form and sub-form of the control interface and the process of achieving the home gateway’s access to the Internet through Winsock. The test shows that the system’s function is viable, the human-computer interaction interface is user-friendly, and the smart home system, via the Internet, can be controlled by a remote control.

    • Framework of Multi-Portlet Interaction

      2010, 19(10):52-56.

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      Abstract:Portals are a means integrating entergration information through a portlet, which is a presentation component. It is the essence of data interaction between portlets. This paper proposes an approach for extending the interface of a portlet and implementing a portlet cooperation by supporting the communication between portlets. The approach is based on an established portlet Specification , a WSRP Specification, and an analysis of existing data exchange methods. This approach allows the exchange message of structured XML between portlets to complete the work together.

    • Heterogeneous Data Conversion Based on Semantic Models of Expert Information

      2010, 19(10):57-62.

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      Abstract:A new method based on semantic models of expert information is proposed. It aims to resolve the problem of establishing data mapping in a heterogeneous data conversion process of expert information. This paper investigates the methods of establishing a semantic model based on a data table of expert information and the basic principles and methods of semantic similarity calculation. It selects a calculation model suitable for semantics of expert data and adjusts the factors which affect the semantic similarity of the data table in this model. Through a comparative analysis of the experimental results, a more effective and accurate method of calculating the semantic similarity is found.

    • Research and Application of Enterprise Service Bus

      2010, 19(10):63-67.

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      Abstract:For the quickly growing standards of information sharing and business integration in enterprise, SOA is often used to integrate enterprise applications because enterprise service bus can shield the heterogeneous enterprise applications. Current products of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) are mainly based on Message Middleware technology, which do not satisty all the requirements of ESB. These products restrict the availability and scalability of ESB, and cannot meet the enterprise’s highly concurrent request and real-time response requirements. In this paper, a new architecture is first brought forward for ESB based on Plug-In technology, and then it analyzes some key technologies including capture requests, dispatch requests, real-time response etc. At last, ESB has proven to be feasible and effective by the prototype system’s application in practical projects.

    • Hardware Implementation of PPU Based on FPGA

      2010, 19(10):68-70.

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      Abstract:During the procedure of real–time image processing, FPGA is often utilized to preprocess the collected digital image. This project looks at how to process the Bayerdata, which comes from Micron MT9V112-1/6-Inch SOC VGA CMOS DIGITAL IMAGE SENSOR. The study first introduces the bad pixel correction of Bayerdata, the procedures of converting an image from the Bayer format, to an RGB888 format and RGB888 images denoising methods. The paper then examines the data from an image preprocessing module based on Verilog HDL via Matlab. The discovery demonstrates that this module can successfully process 640x480 pixels with desirable real-time results.

    • Replica Location in Data Grid

      2010, 19(10):71-75.

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      Abstract:Replica location is the key problem of replica management in a data grid. It is also the basis of data access and management. This paper analyzes the pitfall of centralized and distributed replica locations that are used in replica location. By proposing a hybrid strategy of data replica location, scattering replica location information in different domain location nodes, logical file name location index, which is logically centralized, can be used to locate replica information.

    • Research and Design on Distributed Remote Simulation Based on Web

      2010, 19(10):76-79.

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      Abstract:To resolve todays insufficient remote simulation resource sharing and visualization technology, a new design and method, which aim at improving remote simulation, is provided based on the B/S mode and characteristics of distributed interaction simulation. Making the best of technological means using J2EE, RMI and JNDI technology have solved a small scope of problems in remote simulation resource such as search, dispatch and the access questions. By using the communication mechanism between Applet and Servlet, information and data are obtained through the service interface from the distributed environment, controlling the simulation the entity's movement. By using Java3D technology to achieve data visualization, a lifelike dynamic demonstration is created in a user-friendly virtual environment that allows communication among users.

    • A Fast Inter Prediction Mode Selection Algorithm of H.264

      2010, 19(10):80-84.

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      Abstract:This paper presents a fast, inter-frame prediction mode selection algorithm based on H.264.For H.264. The algorithm method of inter prediction mode searches for all the candidate models. This paper proposes an algorithm based on an image intensity classification model selection system to quickly select the best prediction model. Experiments show that the algorithm proposed in this paper increases coding efficiency under the premise of maintaining the basic rate-distortion characteristics.

    • A Two-Stage Adaptive Load Balancing Strategy for IMS-Based IPTV Application Server

      2010, 19(10):85-90.

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      Abstract:As the IPTV user number continues to grow, the IPTV Application Servers increases and eventrally stats to overload. In this case, the cluster system has become an effective application server that provides high performance and a high quality of services. It keeps the load in balance, and it can enhance the system throughput effectively. It can also improve the IPTV quality of service. For the load balancing problem, a two-phase adaptive load-balancing strategy, which is based on the characteristics of IPTV users’ behaviors, is proposed. This load balancer will dynamically modify the load dispatch weight of each node in the application server cluster system by a real time watch of each node’s loading degree. This algorithm keeps a load-balanced situation among all the application servers. It maintains the integrality of users’ session, and it also ensures the QoS (Quality of Services). The experimental results of this paper show that this algorithm has a good performance, and can improve the system’s throughput on the basis of guaranteed QoS.

    • Human Face Retrieval Based on Eigenfaces Method

      2010, 19(10):91-94.

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      Abstract:Eigenfaces method, based on principal component analysis, is one of the important algorithms for human face recognition. This paper proposes a retrieval method by comparing the degree of similarity for different candidates using bareheaded photos from college entrance examinations based on eigenfaces. To validate the practicality and efficiency of the proposed method, a human face images retrieval prototype system is developed using eigenfaces and candidate bareheaded photos. The experiment results show that the photos with higher similarity are retrieved more efficiently, which has application value and research significance.

    • A Self-Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Model Based on Peer’s Serve Capabilities

      2010, 19(10):95-101.

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      Abstract:In a peer-to-peer network, the peer’s characteristics have significant heterogeneity on the processing power, storage capacity, network bandwidth, and the domain of interest etc. In the early studies, this heterogeneity was often overlooked, or just too simple and single to be considered. Synthetic utilization of these heterogeneous peers proposes a self-adaptive P2P model based on the peer’s service capabilities. In this model, the peer chooses hisorher neighbors and clusters though the service capabilities, accordingly with the network’s needs of a dynamic self-adaptive adjustment of cluster size and the connections between peers. The simulation results show that the model reduces the network topology mismatch and free rider phenomenon, effectively improving the search efficiency of network.

    • Anti-Phishing Method Based on Trustworthy Domain Names

      2010, 19(10):102-107.

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      Abstract:Anti-phishing technology has been a research hotspot in recent years. In this paper, the relationship of domain names, domain name system and phishing is discussed. A novel anti-phishing framework based on trustworthy domain names is put forward with methods to secure the trustworthy factors of domain name from three domains. Key technologies and subsystems are described subsequently, and a comparison is done with an email-based phishing webpage detection system. Analysis shows that address phishing issues from basic resources have the advantage of a wider range of information resources, a faster response time, a more convenient management system and an audit, which is also instructive for bad Internent governance.

    • Fusion of Open Source and Role Based Access Control

      2010, 19(10):108-111.

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      Abstract:Single Sign-On (SSO) is an efficient and secure authentication solution for portal system. This paper analyses the architecture and authentication process of CAS. By extending the CAS, a mechanism of coarse-grained Role Based Access Control is added to CAS. This paper proposes a new model of CAS, which has a coarse-grained and loosely-coupled Role Based Access Control. The extended CAS cannot be used for authentication, but can also be used for authorization, which increases availability and heighters the security of the system.

    • Application of D-S Evidence Theory to DSS

      2010, 19(10):112-116.

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      Abstract:The D-S evidence theory, which provides a method of efficiently solving uncertain information reasoning and integration of the multiple data source, can synthesize independent evidence and give consistent results. In addition, it also deals with synthesis problems of fuzzy and uncertain information in order to achieve complementary information. Compared with other reasoning methods, this evidence theory is much more similar to the decision process of human-beings. Therefore, in this paper, a disaster decision method based on DS evidence theory, has been proposed, and its effectiveness and feasibility have also been proved, according to the experimental results.

    • A Mathematical Formulas Markup Language Used in Mobile Learning Environment

      2010, 19(10):117-121.

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      Abstract:Mobile learning is becoming a popular concern. WML, a major technical support for mobile learning, does not support the expression of mathematical formulas, so the mathematical formulas are difficult to transfer and reuse. This paper studies the structural characteristics of mathematical formulas and proposes a mathematical formula structure model. Using this model, a universal mathematical formula markup language is designed. This markup language may be used to transport the expression of mathematical formulas in a mobile learning environment. Its structure is simple and is easy to browse.

    • Design and Application of Communication Adaptation System in Workflow Engine

      2010, 19(10):122-125.

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      Abstract:Both the remote access of various business systems and the communication adaptation are on their way to becoming the chief bottleneck in Workflow Management System. In accordance with the requirement of the different business interfaces, this paper proposes the creation of a heterogeneous Workflow Management System. Then, a communication adapter system is designed, which can accomplish the conversion of a series of protocols. Finally, the new adapter system is applied to the safety production platform, and it keeps the key business of the platform distributed, efficient, and uniform.

    • Design and Implementation of Securities Company Customer Analysis System

      2010, 19(10):126-130.

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      Abstract:The purpose of this article is to introduce the design and implementation for Securities Company Customer Analysis System based on data mining technology, which focuses on system principles, design ideas, the securities characteristics data mining model, its application, and other important content. With the k-Means clustering method to build a customer preference segmentation model, the customers are effectively divided into eight groups. Using the Decision Tree Combining with the Logistic regression method to Construct the Customer Loss early-warning model is constructed. The results show that the rate of Customer Loss Capture significantly increases after implementing the customer loss early-warning model.

    • Design and Implementation of Integrated Project Data Warehouse of Agricultural Achievement Transformation Funds

      2010, 19(10):131-134.

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      Abstract:The financial system of transformation for agricultural science and technology, a transaction process- ing-based system, cannot analyze data fast and effectively. In order to effectively use the large amounts of accumulated data, analyze the effect of the funds for the commercialization of agricultural science and technology achievements, and decide the rational allocation of funds in the future, an analytic system of agricultural achievement transformation funds is designed using data warehouse. System is designed and implements the conversion of the E-R Model to Star Schema, and the data warehouse of agriculture science and technology achievements transfer capital project was created on this basis. Based on B/S, the information centralization of management of agricultural scientific and technological achievements transfer capital project can be effectively achieved, and comprehensive query, statistical analysis of demand changeable project information, and project performance can be carried out to meet the needs of the constant development and change of agricultural scientific and technological achievements capital management project decision making performance.

    • Design and Implementation of Dual-FPGA High-Speed Digital System

      2010, 19(10):135-138.

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      Abstract:Centering on two pieces of Spartan-3E series FPGA chip XC3S500E,the system uses ADC MAX12529 for high-speed synchronous sampling and DAC902 for real-time signal generating. Two pieces of FPGA can communicate with each other by interconnecting the 8-bit GPIO, or by the sharing of high-speed dual-port RAM. Its configuration circuits are independent, and it constitutes a high-performance digital system with a FLASH memory, respectively.

    • Reliability Information System of Power Supply Based on C/S and Graphic

      2010, 19(10):139-143.

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      Abstract:The statistics of the user power supply reliability indexes are large in volume, and this makes it easy for the Chinese power service department to make mistakes. This leads to statistics and data that cannot be reported timely and accurately. To solve such issues,this paper has designed the special plotting platform for distribution network adopting graphics technology, implemented the simulated manipulative operation, employed the automatic numbering technology of distribution equipments stratifica the searching technology of a distribution network, and recorded correlation information automatically. This system use the function of the calculation of index for user power supply reliability, the statistics of user power supply status, and the management of equipment statistics to obtain the integrated management of distribution equipment graphics and correlation data. The system adopts C/S network architecture to accomplish remote data sharing. When applied in experiments, results verify that the system has perfect functions, a strong interaction, an accurate computation, and an operation that is reliable, flexible, and instant.

    • Digital UPS Design and Realization Based on μC/OS-II

      2010, 19(10):144-148.

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      Abstract:For the digital uninterruptible power system (UPS) , an embedded system control plan based on μC/OS-II is given to improve its timeliness. Through analysis of the control system’s structure and functions, the UPS system control projects are designed as duties to be dispatched by transplanting μC/OS-II on TMS320L F2407A. Some parameters and the main software list are given. The practice proves that the design in this paper improved the control system’s reliability and stability effectively.

    • Campus Ground Object Management and Analysis System Based on Component GIS

      2010, 19(10):149-152.

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      Abstract:Using the example of a college campus,the paper discusses how to design and develop the Campus Ground Object Management and Analysis System based on Component GIS. The system’s aim,the method of system’s spatial attributes the system’s data processing and organizing methods,and the design and the system’s main functions are detailedly researched.The instance system provides an intuitionistic and shortcut auxiliary means of campus Ground Objects’ scientific management and decision.

    • Construction of the Embedded Linux System Based on ARM Platform

      2010, 19(10):153-157.

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      Abstract:The embedded system, installed in the micro electronic products, is used widely in our daily life. The paper illustrates the process of building a scalable embedded system on the ARM platform effectively. In the beginning, the theory of u-boot and Linux kernel is introduced. Then, the paper gives some details about u-boot, such as initialization, adjusting and so on. After that, the process of building a root file system is given as well. Finally, an experimental embedded Linux system based on ARM SBC2410 platform is constructed successfully.

    • Design and Implementation of B/S Mode Budget Management System

      2010, 19(10):158-162.

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      Abstract:As the level of enterprise information technology continuing to rise, the various management information systems have become an integral part of enterprise management. However, the information system cannot fully meet the needs of enterprises, especially becauce the ERP financial module’s support to the budget management is relatively weak, which brings about a lot of inconvenience for enterprises. In response to this demand, an in-depth research budget management system, designed and developed for the institute's features to meet its needs for efficient budget management, thereby increasing the level of information technology of scientific research and management. Unlike most management information systems, the system uses B/S mode, so users can access the system by network without installing any software. At the same time, with the use of materialized views, XML, and access control and reporting platform technology, the system’s efficiency, maintainability, scalability and information security are greatly improved.

    • Design and Implementation of Amblyopia Treatment Software with Rotating Grating Based on Multi-Threaded

      2010, 19(10):163-167.

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      Abstract:In the treatment of amblyopia in children, grating rotation training (also known as CAM training) has been demonstrated to be an effective way of shortening treatment time. However the traditional CAM training based mechanical way is limited in the adjustment of rotating speed and spatial frequency. On the other hand, multimedia based CAM training is needed for hardware. Due to limited memory spuce, there needs to be a new way of achieving this function in a digital synoptophore. In this paper, the technology of multi-Thread programming is used to solve this problem under the use of VC ++6.0. It is prove that this software use few resources, has low cost, has good compatibility, and a smooth raotating grating in a digital synoptophore. It provides a convenient way of treating children with amblyopia.

    • Computer Unified Device Architecture Parallel Technology for Image Geometric Transform

      2010, 19(10):168-172.

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      Abstract:CUDA is a type of technology that performs general purposes fast and parallel computation by running tens of thousands of threads concurrently. It makes users develop general GPU programs easily. This paper analyzes the distinct features of CUDA and summarizes the general program mode of CUDA. Furthermore, it proposes and implements an image geometric transform process by the CUDA. By using a position incremental offset method, instead of a large number of multiplications of the original algorithm, and by applying the rapid parallel computing ability of CUDA to transform the geometric image, solve the problem of the inefficient image transform based on CPU. The experimental results show that, as the image size increase, application of CUDA on image geometric transform can reach to more than 100x.

    • A Chinese Characters’ Rendering Method on OGRE

      2010, 19(10):173-176.

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      Abstract:OGRE(object-oriented graphic render engine) is a common graphic render engine. It does not support any Chinese characters’ rendering method. Chinese characters are very different from English ones so one cannot simply copy the method rendering English Characters. This paper analyses 3 different Chinese characters’ rendering methods based on OGRE and implements a valuable one, which could also give way to further studies.

    • Forecasting Model of Road Traffic Accident Based on Improved BP Neural Network

      2010, 19(10):177-181.

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      Abstract:Due to the fact that it is affected by various random factors, a traffic accident is nonlinear in nature. Thus, its essence can not be efficiently revealed by traditional linear analysis method. Starting from the analysis of the relation between traffic accident and factors, including human, vehicle and road, and employing, the nonlinear characteristics described by a neural network of a road traffic accident, a forecasting model based on improved BP, is proposed by integrating the factors affecting traffic. A traffic accident prediction model uses population density,road network density, and motor vehicle density as the input neurons and an output neuron which is road accident comprehensive mortality. The results show that the improved BP neural network is well-suited for the forecasting of road traffic accidents, thus, verifing the feasibility and effectiveness of the model is verified.

    • Research and Analysis of Game Theory Based Node Cooperation Strategies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

      2010, 19(10):182-186.

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      Abstract:With the aim at solving the problem of a selfish node refusing forward service requests of a mobile Ad hoc network, based on a Game theory in economics, this paper describes the method of identifying selfish nodes through detecting the cooperation rates of neighboring nodes and proposes statistics based on repeated Game strategies LTFT and LEpTFT. Also, the paper proposes a rule of adopting different strategies according to different aims of cooperation. Analysis shows that the strategies and rule can effectively encourage cooperation and punish selfishness to solve network problem and nodes to benefit from tradeoffs.

    • Framework of Classification Based on Multi-Value Decomposition and Multi-Label Learning

      2010, 19(10):187-190.

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      Abstract:Classification of multi-valued and multi-labeled data is about a sample which is not only associated with a set of labels, but also with several values that include some attributes. This paper proposes a multi-valued and multi-labeled learning framework that combines multi-value decomposition with multi-label learning (MDML), using four strategies to deal with multi-valued attributes and three classical, multi-label algorithms to learn. Experimental results demonstrate that MDML significantly outperforms the decision tree based method. Meanwhile, combined methods can be applied to various types of datasets.

    • Massive Grid-Data Modeling Using Hadoop

      2010, 19(10):191-194.

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      Abstract:Due to the needs of grid experiments and the shortcomings existed in the grid simulation tools, this paper presents an approach for massive grid data modeling using Hadoop technology. By using the modeling method in this paper, researchers can dig out the core data, which is required in the grid experiment, from the mass of data and then establish the mathematical model that the data needs. By using the experimental data generated by this model, the accuracy and credibility of grid simulation experiments will increase.

    • A C4.5 Decision Tree Based Algorithm for Web Pages Categorization

      2010, 19(10):195-198.

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      Abstract:Web text categorization can be applied to many domains such as information retrieval, news categorization, etc. Decision tree algorithm is a simple method for categorization and has been used extensively. This paper investigates the basic method and process to build a web classifier by means of C4.5 decision tree, which has various merits such as high categorization precision, high categorization speed, etc. Moreover, this paper proposes a C4.5 decision tree based frame of web pages classifier, and implements it on a web crawler. The experimental results show that this algorithm is highly effective.

    • Construct Training Set for Learning to Rank in Web Search

      2010, 19(10):199-202.

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      Abstract:Learning to rank has become a popular method to build a ranking model for Web search. For the same ranking algorithm, the performance of ranking model depends on a training set. A training sample is constructed by labeling the relevance of a document and a given query by a human. However, the number of queries in Web search is nearly infinite, and the human labeling cost is expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to select a subset of queries to construct an efficient training set. In this paper, a algorithm is developed to select queries by simultaneously taking the query difficulty, density, and diversity into consideration. The experimental results on LETOR and a collected Web search dataset show that the proposed method can lead to a more efficient training set.

    • Hyper User Preference Access in Personalized Recommendation System

      2010, 19(10):203-206.

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      Abstract:For the sparse data of user preferences in personalized recommendation system, a new hybrid user preference access is presented. The accurate foundation, considers the user residence time, mouse clicks, and page scrolling time, receiving implicict ratings. The user preference matrix is constructed with implicit and explicit rating, providing a data base for a recommended algorithm. Experiments proves that the hyper user preferences access is feasible and effective.

    • Mobile Agent Security Measures and Implementation

      2010, 19(10):207-210.

      Abstract (1106) HTML (0) PDF 706.19 K (2333) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:With the widespread application of mobile agents, mobile agent system’s security is a prominent problem to be solved, and mobile agent’s security question is critical. This paper proposes a mobile agent security architecture based on cryptography and computer network security. At the same time, the practical methods and suggested ways can be used in other new security measures. The purpose is for these measures do not only ensure the security of mobile agent communication and mobile agent execution environment, but at the same time ensure that this securidy system can be applied more widely to more mobile agents.

    • A Privacy Protocol for Pervasive Computing

      2010, 19(10):211-213.

      Abstract (1164) HTML (0) PDF 495.46 K (2542) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In this paper, a secure protocol to protect user privacy is improved. In this protocol the users does not directly communicate with the service provider, instead, the user connects through the service discoverers to complete their needs. Through analysis of the security system in the protocol, it becomes clear that this protocol protects users’ privacy, and prevents users from being tracked at the same time. The protocol reduces the computational complexity of the original protocol, and it is more suitable for ubiquitous computing. The protocol may very well protect users’ privacy, and can also prevent replayed attack.

    • An Approach for Auto-Update Distributional System

      2010, 19(10):214-216.

      Abstract (1122) HTML (0) PDF 585.48 K (2776) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Available technology has been used on a program that contains an automatic upgrade feature called PowerBuilder version control. This paper presents the upgraded program, since it is based on Web Service, it is suitable for a distributional system developed under the framework of automatic upgrades. At present, the automatic update feature has been used in bookstores as a dependable and logistical information management platform.

    • An Algorithm Based on Circle Geometric Characteristic for Iris Boundaries Location

      2010, 19(10):217-220.

      Abstract (1348) HTML (0) PDF 691.16 K (2907) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Iris location is a basal procession in an iris recognition system. The speed and accuracy of the iris location decide the performance of the iris recognition system. In order to speedup the rate of iris location, this paper introduces a fast location algorithm for pupil detecting based on the geometrical characteristics of a circle. By using the coupling relationship between the inner and outer edges of the iris image,a calculus method is used to greatly reduce the search range to locate outer boundaries. Experiments show that the algorithm is fast,accurate and robust compared with other classical methods.

    • Analysis and Improvement of AODV Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Network

      2010, 19(10):221-224.

      Abstract (1238) HTML (0) PDF 674.27 K (2838) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:AODV protocol is a typical reactive routing protocol in Ad Hoc network.This protocol applies only to the two-way transmission channel. Also, the routing table only maintains one route to the specified destination node; here improving the AODV protocol is necessary. This article makes a definite improvement for the AODV protocol used in certain occasions. Through simulated experiments, it has been proven that the new AODV protocol can improve the network’s input and effectively reduce the network latency.

    • A New Algorithm of Node-Matching for Vector Map

      2010, 19(10):225-227.

      Abstract (1414) HTML (0) PDF 680.93 K (3718) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Considering the typical irregularities in vector road map layer, this application is used to determine the relationship among the various connecting roads, extend the straight-line segment, and replace the straight-line segment. The standardization of the original road layer node matching algorithm is presented. Through application of the algorithm presented, the standardization of road map layer of MapInfo is achieved in the VB6.0 development environment with MapX control. The experimental results show that the algorithm can be applied to the topology complexity road.

    • Algorithm Design of a Role-Based Privilege Management Schema

      2010, 19(10):228-232.

      Abstract (1307) HTML (0) PDF 737.53 K (2405) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Nowadays, Role-based Privilege Management has been generally applied in the Management Information System. Using MIS can give different operation interfaces with different identification user logins which thus makes the system easy to use and improves its robustness. On the basis of one provincial project the author helds, several key algorithms around 4 parts are designed, which include privilege-menu processing , data preparation for updating role, web page presentation logic, and client-user complicated login control. Result of practical usage shows that they perform well.

    • A Web Service Discovery Strategy Based on Cycle Matching

      2010, 19(10):233-236.

      Abstract (1069) HTML (0) PDF 817.02 K (2419) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:With the rapid development and extensive application of the Internet, Internet users have become increasingly demanding for services. At the same time, developers have also become increasingly demanding on code reuse and loose coupling of application services. Web services provide a solution to these problems. The traditional matching of Web services mainly based on keyword, lacks support for semantic. Thus, it has a less efficiency when used on Web service discovery. In this paper, semantic concept is first used to express the descriptive content of Web services. For the ambiguity between the concepts, a cycle matching method is then presented to calculate the similarity between the concepts, and to ultimately determine the similarity between requested service and advertising service. Finally, the proposed policy is proved to be feasible and effective via experiments.

    • Automatic Extraction of Internet Video Summary

      2010, 19(10):237-241.

      Abstract (1226) HTML (0) PDF 804.65 K (2800) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper presents key techniques of acquining playing pages and extracting video summaries on playing pages. Automatic identification of playing pages makes the use of three determined elements. Extraction of a video summary in a playing page is done by removing background noises, random noises, and residual noises.

    • Analysis and Improvement of Earliest-Delivery Routing Algorithm Based on DTN

      2010, 19(10):242-245.

      Abstract (1452) HTML (0) PDF 770.73 K (2787) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper focuses on one of DTN’s deterministic routing algorithms—ED (Earliest-Delivery) and makes an analysis of its calculation of the delay cost function. To select the accurate time of routing decision-making and optimize the calculation of delay cost, a link connection state table is employed. On this basis, the transmission delay and rules of node-link connection are taken into account. Experimental results show that the improved ED can effectively reduce the delay and improve routing success rate.

    • Data Replication Algorithm Based on Stable Neighbors in Mobile Ad Hoc

      2010, 19(10):246-249.

      Abstract (1290) HTML (0) PDF 859.65 K (2263) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In mobile ad hoc networks, the links among nodes are unstable due to the characteristics of node movement and limited energy, which leads to the poor rate of successful data access and the imbalance in the energy consumption among nodes. The paper discusses the stable neighbors of a node, the access frequency of a node's weight, and the node's surplus energy used in allocating the replicas. Simulation experimental results show that the algorithm improves the rate of successful data access and balances the power consumption among nodes.

    • Interactive Methods of Web3D Pages on VRML

      2010, 19(10):250-252.

      Abstract (1158) HTML (0) PDF 795.11 K (2825) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:TVRML has the weakness of haring a single inferactive method and complex control program. To solve this problem, this paper researches interactive methods between Web pages and virtual scenes, and then advances an interactive method by using API and a network programming language. The application of this program indicates the method will condense the development time, cut down route times dprogramming, and improve efficiency.

    • Research and Implementation of Controlling P2SP Download Traffic of the Campus Network Based on ACL

      2010, 19(10):253-256.

      Abstract (1254) HTML (0) PDF 1006.14 K (3040) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:P2P is used frequently in campus network technology. The application of this technology takes up a large number of bandwidth in a campus network. 80% of resources are occupied by 20% of users, which results in a bottleneck of a campus network bandwidth. According to the principle of P2SP technique and the characteristics of a campus networks design and use, this paper proposes concrete approaches to limit the number of P2SP resource server users based on ACL,which is used to control the net traffic.

    • Document Online Browsing Tools Based on RTMP

      2010, 19(10):257-260.

      Abstract (1332) HTML (0) PDF 600.05 K (3773) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper proposes an online co-browsing scheme based on RTMP. With this scheme, users can browse through all kinds of documents on web, and documents can be synchronized to share with others. First, all kinds of documents are converted to Flash online, and then client Flash files are used to call Flash files that the document has converted to on online browse. A web client can also be used to control document pagea up, down, drag, and zoom. With Red5 media server, based RTMP, the“shareobject” can be used to browse in sync with others. Critical issues in systems are document conversion, document transfers, and Co-Browsing. This system enbunres document online browsing and adds synchronized browsing to increase work efficiency.

    • Creating LAN Application Environment Union with Provisioning Services and XenApp

      2010, 19(10):261-263.

      Abstract (1145) HTML (0) PDF 463.34 K (3091) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Citrix Corp's Provisioning Services software, based on the technology of application streaming, can allow the client, using PXE technology, dbtain the server operating system minoring files stored by Vdisk disk and diskless booting. XenAppsoftware, based on the technology of application virtualization, is also leased by Citrix Company. Though this software, a client can access a thin procedure provided by the server. The created LAN application environment both mutual union, may not only save the software and hardware cost, but also allow for the management of LAN environment to become easier to use and safe. In addition, applications run on the client can be specified, and the accessing server is not restricted to the internal LAN.

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