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    • >系统建设
    • Crude Oil Pipeline Real-Time Security System

      2012, 21(3):1-4,19.

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      Abstract:In order to solve oil leakage and energy waste problems in current crude oil pipeline transmission, this paper proposes a B/S model based real-time security system for oil pipeline. The system realizes the pipeline data monitoring, pipeline leak detecting, energy-saving model and wax model. The design of the system, database and the main technology of the system are explained in detail in the paper. And with the friendly interface, stable communication, real-time monitoring, and high detection precision, this system really realizes automated monitoring and improves the level of automation of enterprise management.

    • Application of Software Configuration Management to the Development of Power Information Platform

      2012, 21(3):5-8,100.

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      Abstract:Software Configuration Management is useful to the management of whole development team. This paper introduces definition of software configuration management and tools of software configuration management. This paper also introduces version control process and change control process of the development of PI3000 platform. A tool of codes check out and check in based on XML is designed and implemented. Configuration management is becoming fast and exact using this tool. This tool is used with defect management system. The results of application show that this tool is useful to the work of configuration management in the development of PI3000 platform.

    • Lightweight Business Framework in IDP

      2012, 21(3):9-13.

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      Abstract:IDP (Integrated Data Platform) is an open, modular, standard-based platform. It provides a common platform which joins all the basic services and the above services together. The IDP2.0 system based on JBoss having encountered a lot of resources, poor performance, high maintenance costs problems in the application process. This paper presents a general design of lightweight framework for IDP, highlighted the design of DSP (Data-service Script Processor). The framework has a high-performance, easy maintenance, facilitate rapid development of business logic and so on.

    • Agile Design Based on Tabular Layouts of Article Characteristics

      2012, 21(3):14-19.

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      Abstract:As there are many drawbacks exist in the traditional design process,it's important to reduce the circle of the product design.The article relys on the SML,which describes standardization and regularization information of product.According to the method of product development and design system for MC,making the CAD system SolidWorks as application tool,pricple and core technology of variant design based on SML are analyzed.Throgh the second development,the product's variant design is implemented.Finally,an application example is given to verify the feasibility of method.Additionally,the procedure of agile design system is given.

    • Campus Card Application System Based on Data Warehouse

      2012, 21(3):20-23.

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      Abstract:More and more applications are supported by campus Card system. The campus card bring convenience and mass data at the same time. The data center must consider the solution of saving, managing and making use of the mass data. This paper gave a suggestion of Integrating and managing the data in campus card system based on data warehouse technology. The model was constructed and some key issues were investigated. It is a useful explore and practice for the development of campus card system.

    • China Information-Sharing Platform for Auto Insurance Based on Cloud Computing

      2012, 21(3):24-28.

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      Abstract:China Information-Sharing Platform for Auto Insurance has two functions which are insurance information sharing and business regulation. Currently, there are many challenges, such as multiply business models, growing business scales, fast changing business rules, and so on. Therefore, the platform requires a flexible technical architecture, new delivery model to meet these characteristics. The platform is designed and developed based-on cloud computing technology. The virtualization technology, components and tools are applied and high efficiency of infrastructure and development platform are achieved. The data expansion, function configuration and measurement, scalability technologies are applied to achieve good running of the platform in Multi-tenancy mode.

    • Uyghur Broadcast News Continues Speech Sensitive-Word Spotting System

      2012, 21(3):29-35,71.

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      Abstract:First, this paper introduces the design a corpus based on Uighur news of Xinjiang Broadcast Station. And then, Training the HMM for this corpus. In this step, introduces Word Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Vector Quantization, Codebook, HMM Training etc. Finally, use the corpus and training model implements HMM based Uyghur broadcast news continues speech Sensitive-word spotting and give the conclusion of the test.

    • Design of Grid Production Management Data Warehouse and Its Implementation

      2012, 21(3):36-41.

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      Abstract:In order to meet the business needs of decision analysis for production management. In this paper, a grid company conducted a needs analysis production management for the overall data warehouse design to develop ETL technology solutions for the data stored from source systems to a data warehouse, and finally make use of the display tools to query and analyze data so that achieve decision-making support, for production management decisions to provide a reliable basis, and also verify the data warehouse design.

    • Distributed Site Security Protection System

      2012, 21(3):42-45.

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      Abstract:In order to timely and efficient manner to prevent tampering hacking of web documents, and tampering of documents and timely repair to restore the page, a distributed " filter driver technology + event trigger technology + core embedded technology " the website security protection system.Events responsible for triggering automatic real-time monitoring, if the page is altered, by filtering the core drive technology and embedded technology has been tampered page deleted immediately, stop the Web service. Tamper with the traditional web products, the system can make a web of illegal tampering more agile rapid reaction, taking up less system resources. Compatible with other security products, the formation of the depth of protection system to maximize the protection of the safety of the protected sites.

    • Implementation of TM1 in Designing Sales Channel Report System

      2012, 21(3):46-50.

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      Abstract:Sales channel reports are applied widely in enterprise. There are common problems in generating these reports, such as hard in data acquisition, single on report format, data redundancy, low efficiency on data utilization and so on. To tackle these problems, a sales channel reports system are designed and implemented with IBM Cognos TM1 on the background of one real project. Design a whole data model via different data acquisition templates and combining with several kinds of data sources and data visualization are mainly researched, flexible report format and how to generate reports dynamically according to different conditions are provided. Verified by actual data of enterprise, the system is running steadily, reduces manpower and resources in the process of reports production, fully taps the potential of information of data itself, improves the utilization of data greatly.

    • >研究开发
    • Wu-Manber Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm Based on CUDA

      2012, 21(3):51-54,175.

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      Abstract:Multi-pattern matching is a basic problem in computer science and used in many fields, in some cases, also the most time-consuming. GPU has more parallel computing capabilities than the CPU. With the introduction of CUDA, GPU computing for general purpose parallel programming becomes easier. This paper proposes Wu-Manber multi-pattern matching algorithm based on the CUDA, and evaluating the implementations we have achieved speedups up to 10 faster than the sequential implementations.

    • Improved SPIHT Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Zcoding

      2012, 21(3):55-58.

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      Abstract:After the studying of remote image and wavelet decomposing coefficients, an improved algorithm is introduced based on SPIHT: The first-order low-frequency sub-band and high frequency sub-band are decomposed again and the four further decomposed sub-bands are coded respectively with different threshold; For the decomposed high-frequency sub-band, wavelet coefficients will not be coded and they will be given a fixed value when they are decoded. The improved algorithm deals with the wavelet coefficients in different sub-bands. The compression experiment of remote-image confirms the improved algorithm is effective.

    • Decoupling Smith Control for Two-input Two-output Process with Delay

      2012, 21(3):59-62.

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      Abstract:A design method of inverted decoupling control, based on Smith predictive control, is proposed for TITO time-delay process which is common in industrial application. By analyzing the decoupled model, the Smith predictive controller is developed that adopting the concept of internal model control. According to the research on the control model as FOPDT, the method of developing the controller and analysis of robust stability is completed. The decoupling control scheme not only can absolutely decouple the responses of system outputs but also guarantee the nominal performance and robustness. The simulation outcomes verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method.

    • Performance Analysis of a New Intermittent Mechanism

      2012, 21(3):63-66.

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      Abstract:Based on virtual prototyping technology and combined with MSC.ADAMS and Pro / ENGINEER software, this paper discussed a certain type of press Intermittent mechanism. Firstly, we created three-dimensional models In Pro / ENGINEER software. Then, we imported these three-dimensional models into the simulation software MSC.adams and carried out kinematics and dynamics simulation of The virtual prototype. Mainly, we finished the performance analysis of Face Cam, Conjugate cam and Output shaft. These analysis can provide an important role in the optimal design and analysis of the press Intermittent mechanism in the future. The results not only improve design efficiency, but also shorten the product design cycle, as well as, playing an important role in the actual project.

    • Acquiring the Shared Channel in the Non-Honest CR Networks

      2012, 21(3):67-71.

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      Abstract:As every node could work on different frequencies in cognitive radio networks, cognitive nodes must consult a shared channel with other ones to communicate before sending the data. The method of negotiating the shared channel in Ad hoc cognitive radio network is that cognitive nodes give the plaintext on using frequencies, in other words, neighbor nodes knows the all information about this node' frequencies. However, compromise nodes make good use of the information of using frequencies to attack cognitive nods. To solve the problem, this paper the method based on secure multi-party computation, firstly the question is modeled with Millionaires' Problem, secondly the protocol of shared channel securely is designed. The method not only compute the accurate shared channel without revealing the information of using frequencies and the support of trust third party, but also protect the attack with the shared spectrum information.

    • A New Algorithm and Application of Solving Maximum Matching Problem of Bipartite Graph

      2012, 21(3):72-75,28.

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      Abstract:This paper proposed an algorithm for maximum matching of Bipartite graph based on layered network model. Timetable Problems are solved by the new algorithm. A matching rule for layered networks is defined and proposed a concept of layered network first, and a layered network system is generated with the breadth first search strategy. Maximal matching is found according reversed network order. Experiments show that this algorithm can get accurate results and has a good performance with computational complexity in solving large-scale theoretical and practical maximum matching problems of bipartite graph.

    • Design and Implementation of Intelligent Lead-acid Battery Charger

      2012, 21(3):76-79.

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      Abstract:According to the problems of overheating, underheating, slower speed happened in the course of, the author designs the new lead-acid battery which take the atmega16 monolithic integrated circuit as the core intelligent battery charger. The paper has been based on sugeno the inference fuzzy PID control algorithm, the result is that it will raise the charge speed, reduces the battery loss, and will help realize lead-acid battery the charging-up intellectualized control.

    • A New Elevator Control System of Energy Feedback and Network Design

      2012, 21(3):80-82,180.

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      Abstract:The ordinary elevator drive can not back renewable energy shortcomings, designed a grid-connected inverter, the renewable energy into electrical energy back to the grid. The feedback system uses repetitive control of grid voltage feedforward control strategy. To verify the proposed algorithm. Structures and network-based inverter system TMS320F2812 experimental model results show that the system has high power factor, fast dynamic response, robust performance, anti-interference ability, etc., can be effectively regenerated braking energy back to the grid, achieve energy saving, application of good prospects.

    • Operational Effectiveness Evaluation for Formation Attacking Ground Targets

      2012, 21(3):83-86.

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      Abstract:According to the characteristics of the collaborative combat formation, appling to the analytical hierarchy process puts forward the formation of the overall operational effectiveness evaluation index system. The key of the researches are factors that influence the overall operational effectiveness formation, such as the penetration ability, attack ability, interoperability and command decision-making ability and establish the evaluation model. Then in-depth analysis of the influence conditions of each factor and calculate the standard layer in the weighting coefficient of various factors. Finally it is proved that the evaluation index system of rationality effectively by examples of demonstration. For the collaborative attacking formation of assessment operational effectiveness provides the effective theory basis.

    • Integrated Point Cloud Storage Structure Based on Octree and KDTree

      2012, 21(3):87-90.

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      Abstract:Based on analysis and comparison to existing point cloud storage structures, presents an integrated point cloud storage structure base on Octree and KDTree, describes its basic theory, work flow and index building method, at last a group of real data are employed to check and test the efficiency of Octree, KDTree and presented data structure, and the results shows that presented data structure has higher search efficiency and more suitable for point cloud data storage than the others.

    • Multi-Variable Control of Saturator in High Pressure Saturated Air Preparation System

      2012, 21(3):91-95.

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      Abstract:The outlet pressure, flow and temperature regulating system of saturator in pressure saturated air preparation is a three-input three-output coupled system. The partial decoupling control strategy is presented according to the characters. The expert control strategy with static decoupling is proposed in the pressure and flow regulating subsystem. The cascade fuzzy PID control strategy is proposed in the temperature regulating subsystem. The result of simulation proves good control effect of this control strategy.

    • Joint Optimization for Relay Location and Power Allocation Based on SER

      2012, 21(3):96-100.

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      Abstract:The influence of different relay location and power allocation on SER performance was analyzed for cooperative communication system with single AF relay. The optimum relay location of linear network topology was derived for both EPA and OPA method, which was aimed at minimizing SER of system. Analysis and simulation results show that, joint optimization for relay location and OPA scheme significantly outperforms the EPA case.

    • Wireless Sensor Networks Autonomous Decentralized Community Structure of Real-Time Online Extend Connection

      2012, 21(3):101-105.

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      Abstract:In a practical monitoring environment, for example, food factory monitoring system, sensor need relocations and reorganizations as production lines reorganization and starting of new production lines. It sometime take congestion in some area of the network for relocations. Proposed a two-tier autonomous decentralized community architecture for wireless sensor network to solve the problem. In the architecture routers make community to solve the problem of sharing information among community, dynamic changing environment sensor connection time for the network will decrease. Results show that this technologies can achieve online expansion.

    • Feature Selection Method in Chinese Spam Filtering

      2012, 21(3):106-110.

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      Abstract:The paper, aimmed at spam filter, at first separationing, preproccessing and building text vector for the obtained spam mails and legitimate mails, then proccessing vector dimensional reduction using four common key extraction methods, and based on this, presents a comprehensive key extraction algorithm, which takes front n key words of their intersection as a candidate word for classification test according to sort results of each assessment function. Finally, Simulation verifies the effection of “n” on the classification in the algorithm, thus verifying the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

    • Rankings Filtering Algorithm of Massive Data Based on Hadoop and its Application

      2012, 21(3):111-115,124.

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      Abstract:Rankings as a popular production in modern society has gone deeply into everyone's life. For the rankings on massive data, it costs large consumption of hardware resources and time though running under the distributed environment, even may not be produced sometimes. This paper improves the Bayesian algorithm and proposes a rankings filtering algorithm of massive data based on hadoop. We first fill the missing data by entropy theory for getting the complete data. Then, we compute the probability in the sales volume on the very day by the improved Bayesian algorithm. If the probability is smaller than threshold, the goods would be filtered not to attend the ranking computation. Simulation on four million sales from Taobao shows the effectiveness and excellent property of the proposed algorithm.

    • Modeling and Simulation of BLDCM in Electric Vehicle Based on Simulink

      2012, 21(3):116-119.

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      Abstract:Based on the mathematical model of Electric vehicle motor, the experiment platform is established by using a new modeling method of BLDCM control system, the voltage equation, the motion equation and the electromagnetic torque equation. PID control is used in the speed loop and hysteresis current track type of PWM is used in the current loop. Simulation and experimental results show that the control system has good dynamic and static performance, which shows the feasibility of the proposed method and provides an important basis for the design and control of motor control system.

    • Core Algorithm in Mining Group Storage Control System Based on Web Purchase

      2012, 21(3):120-124.

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      Abstract:The article on the base of the analysis of at present our country's mining group purchasing management and the storage control's malpractice status, proposing the vision of constructing web purchase platform in our country's mining group and implementing subsidiary unit production materials storage control by group corporation web purchase and construct storage control system; Designing the model structure of the mining group storage control system on web purchase; Proposing the core algorithm of subsidiary unit production material storage control and designing the algorithm principle, authenticating the storage control algorithm by example.

    • Design and Realization of the Improved Lock-free Double-Ended Queue

      2012, 21(3):125-129.

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      Abstract:High-performance real-time system has higher requirement for system performance, certainty and fault tolerance. Non-blocking synchronization meets the requirement in task synchronization, one of the methods of achieving non-blocking synchronization is to design lock-free data structure. This paper introduces the key technology for designing lock-free data structure algorithm, presents an improved lock-free double-ended queue algorithm by the analysis of the existing algorithm shortage, and introduces the experimental analysis and practical application of the algorithm. Experimental results show that the algorithm improves the execution speed for accessing double-ended queue, and avoids deadlocks, priority inversion and low fault tolerance caused by multitask synchronization.

    • >实用案例
    • New Method of Constant Pressure Water Supply System by Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency

      2012, 21(3):130-133.

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      Abstract:In view of the current most water-pump of the constant pressure water supply system running state single、and can not complete multiple pumps cycling work automatically, Thus to affect water-pumps used life and cause the problem which the resources are wasted, because of other water-pumps can not work for long time .This paper put forward to adopt LOGO! programmable controller which supports to use the graphical logical circuit to program, and according to the condition for increasing water-pumps and the condition for reducing water-pumps, the control functions of multi-pumps cycling automatically and switching pumps automatically in an assigned time are implemented. The Practical running result indicates that this method can effectively control the system, the system running has the stable reliability and perfect function.

    • Design and Realization of a Communication Adapter in the Workflow Management System

      2012, 21(3):134-138.

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      Abstract:This article is mainly about the problem of interoperability between the Workflow Management System and the legacy systems which have different architectures. The way of building a communication adapter in the Workflow Management System can solve the problem of interoperability between the two types of systems as mentioned above. In this article, we will introduce the overall structure of the communication adapter in details, and we also will talk about the communication adapter's basic functions and how to implement it. And finally, base on the Web Service, We implment and deploy the communication adapter actually, by packaging the functions of the Workflow Management System and the legacy system as the Web services to solve the problem of interoperability.

    • Design and Implementation of Data Transmitter Based on Data Exchange Platform

      2012, 21(3):139-142.

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      Abstract:To solve the data transmission problems of data exchange platform in the Liao River Basin water environment monitoring system, this paper designs and implements a simple and practical data transmission component, which simplely descripts the component to the message structure and message transmission of the specific implementation and focuses on reliable message transmission of the transport mechanis. Finally, log-based partial rollback strategy is proposed.

    • Abstract and Design of Task Management System Model Classes

      2012, 21(3):143-146.

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      Abstract:To solve the problems of low efficiency, weak maintenance in development of task management system, model classes of task management system are abstracted and designed in this paper. The design and implementation of the model classes with versatility and applicability are introduced in detail. The model classes are applied in the existing task management system, which has been verified, improved, and optimized. The method of model classes will reduce cost of developing similar systems. It is also helpful to the research and implementation of task management system platform.

    • Design and Implementation of an Octree-based Virtual Scene Manager

      2012, 21(3):147-150,45.

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      Abstract:In this paper, as a background of three-dimensional electronic map, we present a program to design and implement a three-dimensional scene manager, which can organize and manage the entire scene effectively, via optimized Octree. And then, on this basis, we reproduce the scene on the Android platform through native OpenGL ES graphics library. A new space division method, which is based on models' spatial features, will be presented later. After experiments, consequences confirm that this method can avoid unnecessary memory overhead to some extent, so it has the possibility of more conducive to application in embedded devices with the relatively limited resources.

    • >应用技术
    • Virtual Training Technique of TBM

      2012, 21(3):151-153,197.

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      Abstract:A virtual training system of tunnel boring machine (TBM) is developed based on virtual reality Interaction Technology. With mixed group LOD technology, the virtual prototype and virtual scene are constructed. Through the optimization of the model, the virtual scene is more realistic, the interactive operation is more frequently, and model load efficiency is increased more than 75%. Integrated experience database of construction and maintenance, the virtual system can provide the qualified and efficient train to TBM workers.

    • Digital Film Screening Forecast Based on Spatio-Temporal Correlation

      2012, 21(3):154-159.

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      Abstract:In order to improve the forecast accuracy of film screenings in each cinema in the mobile digital film projection, this paper proposes a new method combining nearest neighbor method and spatio-temporal sequence together based on the spatio-temporal correlation of cinema screenings. Firstly nearest neighbor method was used to find cinemas which correlated the predicted cinema closely. Secondly, spatio-temporal sequences used for a neural network were constructed to combine the spatio-temporal characteristics together, getting more accurate forecast model. Experiments compared the forecast result of this method with the tradition one, demonstrating its higher accuracy.

    • Classification of Medical Image Based on BP Neural Network

      2012, 21(3):160-162,212.

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      Abstract:A method of medical images classification based on LBP operator and BP neural network is proposed in this paper. The method uses direction texture spectrum descriptor to describe the texture features, making them as the samples input of neural network for training. Finally, the trained network is used to classify the medical images. Experimental results show it is effecitve for medical images classification.

    • Application of Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control to Press-Shoot Control System

      2012, 21(3):163-166.

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      Abstract:Die casting machine working in bad environments, with more interferences, making parameters take place great changes, affects the stability of system, in the traditional PID linear control when controlled object changed, the control characteristic changed immediately. According to this shortcoming,this paper using Adaptive fuzzy PID control technology, and by using the nonlinear characteristics of fuzzy control to compensate PID controller, thus to the good control of electrohydraulic proportional valve, making the system to achieve an optimal control state. Through the simulation results we can see that the adaptive fuzzy PID control method is feasible.

    • Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and the Application of Reliability Optimization

      2012, 21(3):167-170,223.

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      Abstract:Particle swarm optimization for search precision is low and the premature convergence of the defect, through the mixing algorithm is proposed and the harmony search algorithm based on chaotic thinking hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm. The algorithm uses the Tent map, the use of chaotic characteristics to improve the population diversity and particle traversal search, while using sound strategy for development of the solution space, the introduction of the Cauchy mutation, to help jump out of local trap particles using cloud model adaptive strategy to adjust the inertia weight. At last, the optimization algorithm is applied to reliability optimization design, simulation experiments show that the improved hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm is better than elementary particle swarm optimization algorithm to speed up the convergence rate, and easy to fall into local minimum points.

    • Application of Fuzzy Logic to E-Commerce Recommendation System of Commodity

      2012, 21(3):171-175.

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      Abstract:In e-commerce platform to provide targeted product recommendation mechanism to help users quickly and accurately find the merchandise is very important. Comprehensive Satisfaction is the focus of the product based on user satisfaction with different attributes of the commodity the weight recommended in the different properties of the satisfaction of all goods operations by the weighted measure of satisfaction.Comprehensive Satisfaction according to the sort of goods where goods are recommended to improve the accuracy of recommendation. Product satisfaction is a vague concept, this paper proposes the use of fuzzy logic to handle goods satisfaction methods, and proposed a set of recommendations based on product satisfaction mechanism. This paper introduces a commodity-based e-commerce product satisfaction recommendation system framework, which focuses on product attributes based on fuzzy logic approach and satisfaction with Comprehensive Satisfaction based on commodity products recommended by the rules, and gives a recommendation of goods Simulation instance.

    • Application of RTMFP to P2P Video Communication

      2012, 21(3):176-180.

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      Abstract:This dissertation analyzes and investigates the RTMFP (Real-Time Media Flow Protocol). Its principles and new features are elaborated. With comparison to the RTMP(Real-Time Media Protocol), its advantages in real-time communication field are also revealed. In addition, a peer-to-peer video communication application prototype based on ActionScript and Flash Media Server is implemented. Users can communicate with others through p2p networking. It provides a cheap and high-quality video communication solution with practicability and innovativeness.

    • Query Expansion Model Based on Semi-Supervised Learning

      2012, 21(3):181-184.

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      Abstract:Query expansion is a optimization method for “word mismatch” issues in information retrieval domain. By analyzing the shortcomings of existing methods, query expansion model based on semi-supervised learning is proposed, the model seems query expansion as a classification problem, and using transductvie support vector machine to train the samples. Experiments show that the recall and precision rates of search engine are further improved by this method.

    • The Design of Remote multi-elevator monitoring system based on Zigbee Technology + 3G Network

      2012, 21(3):185-189.

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      Abstract:The proposal which combined the Wireless networking technology of zigbee with the high rate of transmission of 3G network to achieve the system of more elevator remote monitoring is proposed in this paper. It focuses on the hardware design of Zigbee wireless networking technology of and the realization of the 3G network communication, which solved the problems in the multi-elevator remote monitoring system,such as the highcost of wiring,information transmission not free, issues-solving not timely and so on.

    • Application of Optimization Technology of the RAC Based on Partition Table

      2012, 21(3):190-192.

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      Abstract:Oracle RAC architecture is a new technology which began to be used from Oracle9i. It is a kind of high-availability technology,and also is the core technology of Oracle database support for grid computing environment. The performance of RAC mainly depends on the performance of Cache Fusion. Through analyzing the principle of Cache Fusion and the reasons of generated wait events, and taking the advantage of Partition technology to scatter data request of instance, it can reduce the pressure of Cache Fusion, and fully play the performance of the RAC.

    • Application of Quantum Genetic Algorithm to Coal Gangue Piles Explosive Monitoring

      2012, 21(3):193-197.

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      Abstract:According to the specific circumstances of gangue, a wireless sensor network system is designed combining with the characteristics of wireless sensor networks. It could effectively support the on-time gangue environment parameter detection. With the typical parameters, such temperature, the coal gangue combustion can be prevented effectively. At the same time based on wireless sensor network of energy limited, the quantum genetic algorithm for the network multi-objective optimization is designed. The simulation results show that the energy management is optimized and the network load is balanced.

    • >经验交流
    • Real-time Duplicate Software in DB2 Large Database

      2012, 21(3):198-201.

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      Abstract:This paper presents the process for research and implementation a real-time duplicate software in DB2 database. This software used the modular design, and has 5 major modules: Client, Server, Full synchronizing, Increase synchronizing, Load. While the software running, the 5 modules coherent on with another. The client call the server, and the server schedules all task. In the process of the implementation, we grap the database's log real-time to gain the change. This software doesn't use any DB2 database's backup interface, so it well done in the function and efficiency. The test environment is OS:LINUX, CPU:Core 2.4 GHz ,Memory: 2 GB. Under such a test environ-ment, this software worked well.

    • Item Recommendation Method Based on Tag, Rating and Preference Timeliness

      2012, 21(3):202-205,110.

      Abstract (1407) HTML (0) PDF 1000.09 K (3574) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The explosive growth of network information system makes the recommendation become a research hotspot. Existing recommendation systems used in the actual operation have respective defects. In web2.0 environment, tags, the item rating and the time of the user tagging the item contain important information suggesting the user's preference. This information is useful to improve the accuracy of the recommendation system. Drawing on collaborative filtering method, we suggest an item recommendation model which is considering tags, the item rating and timeliness of user's preference all together and discuss the architecture and prospect of this method.

    • Variables Screening Methods Based on the Optimization of RBF Neural Network

      2012, 21(3):206-208.

      Abstract (1486) HTML (0) PDF 442.65 K (3988) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Because of the Characteristics of RBF neural network structure is simple, output and initialized weights irrelevant, adaptive, less adjustable parameter etc. This paper proposes using the method of cross validation to find the optimal parameter value of SPREAD, constructs the optimal RBF neural network model and combines the algorithm of MIV to use for variables screening. Through the example test the validity of the model, also make the method has better ability of stability and applied.

    • Video Monitoring System Based on 3G Wireless Network

      2012, 21(3):209-212.

      Abstract (1795) HTML (0) PDF 459.61 K (3928) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:A remote video monitoring system is designed and realized on basis of 3G wireless network and embedded technology in this paper. This system chooses S3C6410 as the kernel controller, captures video with Opencv, encodes and decodes the video by X264 which is an open source software for video encoding and compression based on H.264 algorithm, and transfers the compressed videos through 3G wireless network. The experimental results show that this system can fulfill wireless video monitoring well with great advantages such as high video compressibility and good fluency of monitoring picture.

    • Design and Realization of Serial Communication Assistant on Symbian S60 v5 Operating System Platform

      2012, 21(3):213-215.

      Abstract (1836) HTML (0) PDF 896.19 K (2945) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:For the purpose of debugging serial communication device on the project site conveniently, a serial, communication assistant software based on symbian S60 v5 operating platform has been developed. Besides basic serial communication debug function, debug data can be sent by short message service in order to analyze and debug remotely.

    • Design of Graphical User Interface for E-Paper Book Based on Qt

      2012, 21(3):216-219,90.

      Abstract (2168) HTML (0) PDF 1.32 M (3749) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In order that users can read E-books more intuitively and comfotablely, the E-paper Book emerged for E-books' wide applications in daily life. In this paper, design of graphical user interface of E-paper Book is implemented based on Linux operating system, with Qt graphical user interface development tools. Then, text documents can be showed on the electronic paper. The program implements the creation of the main window and some dialog boxes, and the switching and the interaction between the main window and the dialog boxes. Then, text documents decoding and paging of the different encoding methods are implemented in the process of loading text documents.

    • Face Recognition Based on OpenCV

      2012, 21(3):220-223.

      Abstract (2561) HTML (0) PDF 607.80 K (8734) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:By using QT to develop the user interface and by calling the OpenCV image processing library to process the captured images, we develop a face recognition system in linux platform With face detection, identification and simple expression recognition function.

    • Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Cannon Arrangement for Tubing Conveyed Perforation Problem

      2012, 21(3):224-227.

      Abstract (1469) HTML (0) PDF 416.65 K (2526) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:To solve the optimization requirement of shorting total joint length among perforators in cannon arrangement for tubing conveyed perforation problem, the mathematical model of optimization problem was build, search space was abstract to graphic explanation, then ant colony algorithm was applied to this problem. In this paper, greedy algorithm was applied in local searching, the pseudo-random proportional rule was adopted, computational formula of Pheromones Increment was improved. The results show that the solution which ant colony algorithm produces is better than the one which backtracking algorithm produce.

    • Implementation of Trigonometric Function by SCADE Suite

      2012, 21(3):228-231.

      Abstract (1662) HTML (0) PDF 482.74 K (3934) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In this paper, implementing trigonometric function with Taylor by SCADE Suite. Simultaneously, finishing modling, simulation, and comparing. For the arithmetic of iteration, programmer is familiar with the means of manual-coding, but it is a new technology for modling. By this paper, researching this technology in a practical project and giving a conclusion.

    • Improved Minutiae Extraction Algorithm Based on Binary Fingerprint Image

      2012, 21(3):232-236,159.

      Abstract (1643) HTML (0) PDF 1002.09 K (2460) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Inutiae extraction on binary fingerprint images is studied deeply in this article. For used minutiae extraction algorithm, there exist some false minutiaes and omitted minutiaes. A new improved minutiae extraction algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. The algorithm divides image segment, extracts minutiaes with direction and merge image segment. Through lots of experiments, the algorithm has been proved to a better minutiae extraction algorithm which can significantly reduce false minutiaes and omitted minutiaes in the extracting process.

    • Application of Metadata Standardization in Sharing of Educational Resource Database

      2012, 21(3):237-239,189.

      Abstract (1957) HTML (0) PDF 977.65 K (2624) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The construction of our educational resource database is short of unifed planning, which results in some problems such as repeat construction and inconsistent formal. Resource in the distance education system cannot propagate efficiently. To improve utilizing rate of network educational resource and share the data of different database with different structure, the paper designed a model of educational resource metadata management platform and put forward a scheme about metadata standardization technology of educational resource database based on XML and study a method of date exchange based on formwork. This scheme can change other structure data to XML by complying with metadata of educational resource and implementing directives and, which can achieve the sharing and exchange of data in different educational resource database.

    • Matching Algorithm Between Data Item and Data Element During Data Integration

      2012, 21(3):240-243,231.

      Abstract (2012) HTML (0) PDF 511.29 K (3647) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In recent years, with the establishment of data element standard, data element plays important role during data integration in many enterprises. Data element may standardize dataitems of databases, reports and documents. It may help mapping between data sources. Analyzing the compositions of data element and putting forward a kind of matching algorithm between dataitem and data element. The matching algorithm is based on levenshtein distance and fused the thought of longest common subsequence, weight and backward focus. It realizes similarity calculation between dataitem and data element of data element dictionary. It uses the permutation and combination principle to optimize matching speed. The experiments have proved that the matching algorithm was right through using the standard dataitems of China Petroleum and Chemical data element dictionary as experimental data.

    • >产品应用
    • ARM+FPGA System Based on Windows CE

      2012, 21(3):244-247.

      Abstract (1789) HTML (0) PDF 482.19 K (3118) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The embedded platform based on ARM and FPGA of real-time controlling is an important method to intelligent and handy instruments. The kernel of the system design is to manage and control FPGA by ARM processor. The operate principle of data bus and GPIO is analyzed, and then changing data by data bus, changing state for FPGA is designed. The designs simplify the interface circuit. The drivers' principle and program technique is researched. The simplification programs of data bus and GPIO are designed to economized system resource. The application multi-data collection system with ARM+FPGA system is provided.

    • Multi-Functional Streamline Size of LED Dot Matrix System Based on the PSoC

      2012, 21(3):248-251,95.

      Abstract (1401) HTML (0) PDF 889.74 K (2947) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper introduces the traditional using single chip microcomputer control LED and displays design methods based on PSoC technology with the LED display design different methods. It expounds the PSoC technology in the design of LED dot matrix and displays system advantages. It takes PSoC series CY8C27443 chips as the core of LED dot matrix display system for example and Describes PSoC Multi-functional concise type size of LED dot matrix system hardware configuration and software design and PSoC function of the specific design method. Because of the CY8C27443 chip internal resources are much rich so the design of LED dot matrix system than 51MCU circuit is not only simple and stable performance but also easy in the software design. Therefore, this system can save the developing cycle and cost.

    • Illuminance Meter Design with Multiple Functions

      2012, 21(3):252-255.

      Abstract (2022) HTML (0) PDF 417.14 K (3326) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:A multiple function illuminance meter was developed based on BH1750, a digital ambient light sensor. Besides illuminance, the meter can measure temperature and humidity, even conduct wireless communication each other. Low voltage and low power Micro-controller STC12LE5A60S2 was used as processing unit, radio transceiver IA4420 with strong anti disturbance capacity and the simplest application circuit was used as communication element, SHT11 was used as sensor element, besides BH1750. A data Tx/Rx method through nIRQ pin of IA4420 was presented, which do Tx/Rx according to content of status register in interrupt service routine. Illuminance contrast measurement between commercial illuminance meters was done and results were given.

    • Temperature Measurement System Based on Pt Resistance and Thermocouple

      2012, 21(3):256-259,247.

      Abstract (1812) HTML (0) PDF 1001.85 K (4787) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper introduced a temperature measurement system based on Pt Resistance and thermocouple, a detailed analysis of the measurement principle and measurement error. The system uses AD7792 chip as the acquisition, be able to use a variety of Pt Resistance and thermocouple temperature measurements to achieve, and measure the results of real-time display on the OLED. Experimental results show that the system is high accuracy, versatility, reproducibility and easy operation.

    • >专论·综述
    • Authentication and Authorization Technique Based on OAuth2.0

      2012, 21(3):260-264.

      Abstract (5964) HTML (0) PDF 328.42 K (41305) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The essential problem of open platform is the validation and authorization of users. Nowadays, OAuth is the international authorization method. Its characteristic is that users could apply to visit their protected resources without the need to enter their names and passwords in the third application. The latest version of OAuth is OAuth2.0 and its operation of validation and authorization are simpler and safer. This paper investigates the principle of OAuth2.0, analyzes the procedure of Refresh Token and offers a design proposal of OAuth2.0 server and specific application examples.

    • Overall Architecture Design of Mobile SNS Platform

      2012, 21(3):265-269.

      Abstract (1803) HTML (0) PDF 745.35 K (3408) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Mobile Social Network Service has been broadly researched on nowadays, however few people tries to explain the essence of MSNS, which leads to no common architecture for MSNS system. To solve above problems, the basic features of mobile social network service are in detailanalysised in this paper, the network architecture is proposed to support mobile SNS, overall architecture of mobile SNS platform is proposed.

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