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    • >专论·综述
    • Mobile Software Application Testing Exploring

      2013, 22(1):1-4.

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      Abstract:With the rise of two popular mobile development platforms, Apple iOS and Google Android, more and more mobile applications come to people's life. With help of the platforms and its development tools, mobile applications could be implemented easily and quickly. Mobile Internet brings Internet to people's daily life; mobile applications become the most important carrier. As mobile device has much specificity, such as user operations, way of network connection, smaller storage, different screen sizes and mobility, mobile application's GUI and Workflow is very different from traditional software running on computer. User experience of mobile applications is much more important. On the basis of analyzing the difference between mobile applications and traditional software on computer, this article will explore how to do software testing for mobile software applications. Besides, this article will further analyze new challenges for software testing brought by mobile application projects and provide solutions.

    • >Survey
    • Survey of Methods for Partitioning Video into Shots in Video

      2013, 22(1):5-7,69.

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      Abstract:Partitioning a video sequence into shots or detecting shot change is one of the key techniques in video indexing. This article summarizes some commonly used methods for partitioning video into shots which are pixel level-based methods, histogram methods, X2 histogram methods, X2 block histogram methods, edge silhouttee rat of changing mathods, and detailedly introduces various algorithms of frames difference value calculation, and introduces the advantages and disadvantages of them, and the results of these algorithms are compared through the experiments, the advantages and disadvantages of Five algorithm at the experiments are very well reflected.

    • >专论·综述
    • PETRI Modeling Analysis in the Network Public Opinion Evolvement Regularity

      2013, 22(1):8-12.

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      Abstract:This paper introduces the PETRI net analysis methods and evolution Internet public opinion events of various factors,analyzing and discussing the evolution regularity Internet public opinion, and public opinion as a form flow analyzes. It proposed the concept of public opinion flow control model. On this basis, it dynamic introduced the associated variable in the network cluster nodes and study the general rules of public opinion between cluster organization associated networkbased mobile. It proposed regulatory network cluster and other opinion between nodes with "public opinion associated with process model". Verification from study of journalism and psychology at phenomenon of learning from each other, then confirmed the reasonableness of model proposed and established. This model can be summed up by public opinion evolution guidance related system design and public opinion guidance and control, provide intelligent support for related industries.

    • Search Technology of P2P Network Research

      2013, 22(1):13-15,47.

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      Abstract:With the rapid development of P2P technology, the P2P Search that is the key technology of P2P applica- tions has become the focus of researches. The P2P search technology its structure and it differs from each other under different network architectures. The research development of P2P was introduced in this paper, and further different search algorithms explored the development and direction of the P2P Search technology.

    • >系统建设
    • Internet Securities of Information Monitoring System

      2013, 22(1):16-20.

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      Abstract:Currently, the technology of Internet information monitoring mostly uses for political and business fields. In view of this, this paper proposes a system for the Internet information monitoring in the securities field, achieve for monitoring of Internet securities information. Systems can monitor the information sources of Internet securities information dynamicly based on different strategies of securities information. Combining with the domain ontology of securities, it can collect the information related to securities information. The system also can distinguish long and short securities' information. This paper proposes its related work and architecture, specifies its major functions and key technologies.

    • Indoor Environmental Monitoring System with Distributed Wireless Network

      2013, 22(1):21-24,12.

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      Abstract:Real time monitoring for the air quality indoor is critical to the residing safety, by distributed multipoint monitoring, the family environment can be grasped to prevent the indoor pollution, and avoid the danger of the toxic gas. An air pollution monitoring system based on the wireless network is developed in this paper. The energy management is optimized by several methods designed in this paper. The system is designed for the monitoring of formaldehyde, VOC and CO gases in different room, which can also be used for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters.

    • Seismic Data Processing Parallel Shared Storage System Based on SNFS

      2013, 22(1):25-29.

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      Abstract:In view of the traditional parallel storage system in deep water offshore seismic data processing applications shortcomings, this paper designs and deploys a new parallel shared storage system based on SNFS. On the analysis of function and performance test, the results show that the system has the superiority, and it can meet the actual application demand of petroleum geophysical exploration. Finally, it puts forward the optimization suggestions and methods of the storage system.

    • Software Automatic Test System

      2013, 22(1):30-33.

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      Abstract:Due to the high reliability demand in the high density aerospace tracking and control mission, system test of mission software is high repeatability, great workload, low testing efficiency and reliability. Through analyzing the system testing condition and testing demand, a software automatic test system based on black-box testing is designed. This article introduces the automatic test system including system structure, main function modules, testing platform disposition and testing workflow. Several key technologies are expounded such as test case management, test data automatic generation, test process control, test result evaluation and test report automatic creation. This test system can effectually reduce the manual repeat workload, improve the automatization of system testing, and enhance the system testing efficiency and quality.

    • Preliminary Realization of Visual FEM Analysis on Near-Field Wave Motion

      2013, 22(1):34-38,102.

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      Abstract:Decoupled numerical simulation technique of near-field wave motion can truly reflect characters of ground motion propagation in infinite domain, and becomes one of important methods. It is difficult to construct complex geotechnical profile and it is slowly and complicated to show the result for function of existing main program is correspondingly simple, which is quite inconvenient used in scientific research and practical engineering. As a result, Based on VB6.0(Visual Basic 6.0) language designing GUI and programming of mixed language, an idea on taking advantage of existing software, such as ANSYS, Surfer and Fortran program, to explore a visual system, including, firstly, VB shell function controlling Fortran executable file to create simplify model and ANSYS8.0 building complicated irregular engineering geological model by prepared batch file at the preprocess part. then, enhanced the main Fortran program with dynamic array storage and release, breaking and resetting freely, multiplicate actions analysis in coupling field, and calculating the model with unequal height in left and right etc. lastly, In the post-process, The system is combined with Surfer8.0 with no sew by ActiveX automation agreement, 3D romance figures come true, and customized 2D figure is carried out in VB language. 2D numerical model of retaining wall-soil system with a railway is studied when both a train passed by and earthquake happened, the case study shows that more powerful function, friendly interface, fastness and convenience, can be realized. The procedure gives an example of developing new software with the advantages of different programs on distinct development flat. And a technical path is proposed for more application of wave motion FEM in complicated geological engineering.

    • Web Promotion and Application of PDM Based on C/S Framework

      2013, 22(1):39-43.

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      Abstract:To solve the actual problem of the distribute collaborative design between the enterprises, Web application of PDM software system based on C/S framework is studied. A four-layer framework model of PDM system based on Web is analyzed, focusing on the difficult points such as the heterogeneity of application software、information transmission and so on in the process of Web application of PDM software based on C/S framework, according to the four-layer framework model and WCF communication platform, universal PDM system application is designed and built with PDM software based on C/S framework. Meanwhile, PDM database is accessed by ADO.NET, and according to the sectional-type data access in the way of querying the table structure and primary key information by table name, the sectional-type Web transmission of mass PDM data based on C/S framework is achieved.

    • Technical Analysis of the Internet of Things Applied to Traceability System for Agricultural Products

      2013, 22(1):44-47.

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      Abstract:Because the market of Agricultural Products is not standardized, counterfeit agricultural products continuously appear, the establishment of traceability system for agricultural products has high significance to promote agricultural production and increase farmers' income. The traceability of agricultural products involves some aspects of the production, logistics, storage, wholesale and retail. How to coordinate each link is necessary condition to realize the traceability for agricultural products. In recent years, extensive attention has been paid to the Internet of Things which has practical application in industry informatization and urban safety defense. In this paper, the Internet of Things technology applied to the traceability system for agricultural products is discussed. Through the analysis of technology and network architecture of the Internet of Things, it shows the Internet of Things technology that facilitates information exchange among the links of the traceability system for agricultural products, and implements the traceability service for agricultural products. Finally, the application examples are given to show the application prospect of the Internet of Things in agricultural products field.

    • Sleep Environment Intelligent Control System

      2013, 22(1):48-50.

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      Abstract:Many people dream of having a good sleeping environment indoor. In this paper, combining with the sleep medicine knowledge and automatic control theory, we propose a sleep environment intelligent control system design scheme, which uses the single chip processor as the controlling core and integrates various household electrical appliances. In this design, we will introduce the overall plan of the system, the control strategy, software design and implementation. The actual test shows that practical value of the system is high, it not only can effectively improve sleep environment also can help the research related to the sleep medicine.

    • Parking Management System Based on RFID and Configuration Software

      2013, 22(1):51-53.

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      Abstract:This paper introduces a way to achieve unattended, remote monitoring, smart parking management system. It applies RFID technology, automatic control technology, computer technology and configuration software to the parking lot management, to achieve vehicle access control, remote monitoring of the modern parking management. Signal of monitoring equipment, import and export of vehicles parking access control system communicate with the central management computer via RS-485 Bus. Use the remote monitoring screen designed by configuration software for remote monitoring of parking spaces and scheduling.

    • Graduation Project Management System Based on Workflow

      2013, 22(1):54-57.

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      Abstract:The graduation project management system based on workflow can not only make the system procedure clear but also solve the disorganization of system access control and the difficulcy in satisfing the flexible management. This paper firstly describes the internal structure of the system based on workflow, and then put forward a newly tasks, roles and departments based access control model which effectively solve the problem of user-role authorization in university-college two level management system, and lastly designs a flow template which can enhance the management information system flexibility.

    • P2P Network Resources Retrieval System Based on XML

      2013, 22(1):58-61,82.

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      Abstract:By combining the advantages of P2P network technology and XML technology in mining the heterogeneous data distributed on the web, this paper built an efficient P2P network resources retrieval System. And it was implemented with the open source toolkit Lucene. The core function of this system is stretched on android platform of the mobile client. The design and solution of this system has its significant reference to solve the information sharing of hetero-geneous resources on the web.

    • Campus Online Course Selection System

      2013, 22(1):62-69.

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      Abstract:The online selection system is designed to enable students to conduct classes through the Internet anytime, anywhere, for the Senate, teachers and students in the needs analysis, the system comprises three modules: Module classes students, teachers management module, the Senate Management Module. One of the three modules of this paper, a detailed analysis, presented its design ideas, methods, database development, systems and applications, and other relevant information, and matching the corresponding function to achieve interface. The system is a typical management information system (MIS), including the development of its database background to the establishment and maintenance, and front-end application development aspects. With regard to the former, it requires to establish data consistency and integrity of strong, good for data security. For the latter, it requires application fully functional, easy to use and so on.

    • >软件技术·算法
    • Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Recommendation Algorithm for Patents

      2013, 22(1):70-73.

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      Abstract:For the demand of scientific and technological researchers engaged in innovative activities which need frequently retrieving patents from database, and the intelligent degree of the current patent databases is not enough high for retrieving, this paper proposed an intelligent recommendation algorithm and introduced the development of the corresponding software. Inputted with the retrieval words, the algorithm outputs the results including not only patents which the retrieval system provides but also a group of recommended patents. The algorithm first explores the correlation among the patents, and then calculates the correlation degree among them, finally sorts all the recommended patents according to the correlation degree in order to form an orderly recommended patents set. Experimental results illustrates that there indeed exits correlation between the recommended patents and the retrieval word.

    • Design and Test Method for the Reliability of Embedded System Software

      2013, 22(1):74-78.

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      Abstract:Protected sleeping task's cache against illegal calling from currently running task by designing and initiating the MPU in ARM s3c2410. Effectively enhanced the reliability of embedded system software. Then carried on the static analysis, complexity analysis, and graphical analysis for code in the project using the LDRA Testbed, figured out each of the test results, accurately assessed the reliability of the system we designed, and provided suggestions to optimize it.

    • Virtual Reality Model of Bedroom Based on VRML

      2013, 22(1):79-82.

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      Abstract:Virtual Reality is a kind of integrated technologies, which gathers computer technology, sensing and measure, emulating and micro-electronics. The target of Virtual Reality is to denote information by the artificially synthesized experience, which makes man's feeling same as what can be taken from the network. Virtual Reality Modeling Language which is called as the Second Web is a standard for the Virtual Reality scene description and can be used to construct an interactive three-dimension-multimedia virtual world in Internet. Based on VRML, this paper realizes a Virtual Reality model of bedroom, including the design of a series of virtual objects. The model focuses on the application of the texture and material technology in order to improve the third dimension of virtual objects on the basis of the traditional modeling method, and finally gets a satisfying result.

    • RFID Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on the Space Division of Virtual Grid

      2013, 22(1):83-86,133.

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      Abstract:First of all, this paper analyzed the basic principle of the nearest neighbor algorithm. However, a large amount of unnecessary calculation occurred when regarding all the reference tags as the choice of the nearest neighbors. At the same time, the interference was bigger in the indoor environment, and then readers far from the tags read the inaccurate signal strength value. This paper proposed a new RFID indoor positioning algorithm, which used the space division of virtual grid and selected nearest neighbors dynamically to locate. The simulation results show that the position precision and the stability of the improved algorithm without the increase of reference tags are much better compared with the nearest neighbor algorithm.

    • Research and Application of Proc File System

      2013, 22(1):87-90.

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      Abstract:In the current driver debugging process when access to certain register values, most of us output the value to the log file to see; In embedded Linux application development, parent process detect sub-process's state using the way child process initiatively send message to the parent process. Through analysis the registration, install, management of the proc file system can optimize the above problems, and put forward using proc file system to debugging of the driver and monitoring sub-state which have a great significance to speed up the debug of driver and improve the stability of the application.

    • Application of IPSO to Rice Wine Fermentation Temperature Control

      2013, 22(1):91-94,90.

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      Abstract:The control system for rice wine fermentation is an unstable system with time-varying and nonlinearity. Temperature is a very important parameter in rice wine fermentation control. For rice wine fermentation temperature characteristics, a PID temperature control system is designed based on particle swarm algorithm (IPSO) with Position Weighted and adaptive inertial weight. The improved PSO algorithm with Position Weighted, which can reduce the blindness in the search process to overcome the defect that basic PSO algorithm is easy to fall into local minima is proposed. And adaptive inertial weight can balance the global and local search ability of the particles. It uses the IPSO to optimize the standard test functions and analyzes the test results, and finds the test results are better than before. This paper uses LabVIEW and the MATLAB mix programming method to simulate and compare. The result shows the control strategy has a fast dynamic response, slight overshoot and strong robust, and with good usability.

    • Binary Image Processing Algorithm Based on Projection Operator

      2013, 22(1):95-97,161.

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      Abstract:The binary image processing is an important tache in the field of image content analysis, which will significantly affect the results of the image processing. In the paper, a new binary image processing algorithm based on projection operator is purposed to deal with the old documents. The rational threshold of binary image is gained through the design and application of projection operator to the gray level image. The border and stain of document can also be automatically detected by the design and application of projection operator to the binary image. It is proved that the binary image process algorithm based on projection operator is a practical and high-efficient method which can decrease time complexity and space complexity greatly.

    • Compound Control of Hybrid Active Power Filter with Series Resonance Injection

      2013, 22(1):98-102.

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      Abstract:The traditional hysteresis current control switch frequency is not fixed, wide range of output spectrum, filter more difficult, based on active power filter with series resonance injection (SRIHAPF). In the traditional hysteresis control, and on the basis of introducing proportion integral control algorithm resonance, this paper puts forward a compound control algorithm as the filter of the current tracking control algorithm. To avoid the traditional hysteresis control switch frequency is not fixed and proportion integral achieve system stable resonance delay long weakness. The proposed algorithm has high accuracy and good tracking performance. The simulation and experimental results prove that the compound control algorithm can improve the current tracking performance of the filter and harmonic compensation effect.

    • Application of Stored Procedures to Defense against SQL Injection Attacks in Online Examination System

      2013, 22(1):103-106.

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      Abstract:This paper describes the use of stored procedures to improve the security of online examination system. We discuss SQL injection attacks , the method of defense using the stored procedures , and some stored procedures of the online examination system,such as randomly generated papers. Use of stored procedures effectually secures against SQL injection attacks, improves the system security.

    • Optimization of RSSI Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

      2013, 22(1):107-110,151.

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      Abstract:The researches show that there are various questions in the coal mine, such as the long-narrow underground roadway, significant the signal multipath effect, poor communication conditions, and so on. Underground wireless sensor is sensitive to the environment which will lead large error to the node location. On the basis of traditional RSSI algorithm, this paper proposed a trilateral weighted centroid location algorithm with a given attenuation calibration factor. Firstly, the measured attenuation value of RSSI is compensated to approximate the actual between the nodes. Secondly, the weighted centroid coordinates of estimates are calculated to be node coordinates after obtaining the estimates of unknown nodes by taking any three of the calibration distance. Simulation results demonstrate that, in the same experimental environment, the proposed RSSI algorithm performs smaller location error than the traditional, improves the adaptability to environment and positioning accuracy, and provides the basis for underground wireless sensor network node location.

    • Particle Filter-Based Track-before-Detective for Weak Target

      2013, 22(1):111-115,125.

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      Abstract:In this paper, a multiple model particle filter algorithm is presented for the moving weak target in the low SNR environment. Because of the particle's degeneracy, the detection probability and tracking accuracy of the particle filter based track-before-detective will descend in the case of the signal of the target gets weaker, the target is maneuvering or the signal amplitude fluctuation is strong. With this improved algorithm based on the particle filter, add the new particles before each cycle, and the distribution of new particles is determined by the average method and the estimation results of latest moment. Theoretical result and numerical compulation of the partical filter-based TBD algorithm is given in this paper. The simulation experiment illustrates the improved particle filter-based TBD algorithm can detect the weak target with a low SNR.

    • D2 Distribution and 3D Model Similarity Assessment Algorithm

      2013, 22(1):116-120.

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      Abstract:This paper proposes and implements a 3D CAD model similarity assessment algorithm based the D2 distribution, and based on the life examples, this paper take the histogram algorithm and similarity assessment algorithm as the key toget model → histogram calculation → from the evaluation → similarity assessment of the main clues to technical presentations → algorithms → optimized for the specific details of the assessment. And finally we get the similarity and assessment.

    • Analysis of .NET Framework Symmetric Algorithm and Its General Implementation

      2013, 22(1):121-125.

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      Abstract:When the .NET Framework platform developed software systems,it generally used a particular algorithm to achieve the encryption of sensitive information.This affects the scalability and maintainability of software.To this end,studied the inheritance hierarchy for the .NET Framework symmetric algorithm class,analysed its process of the encryption and decryption, proposed a assumption of general symmetric algorithm encryption class,and made a feasibility analysis.Then introduced the composition of the general symmetric algorithm encryption class, explained the design ideas of the various members,and gave the complete code achieved through VB.NET.Finally used an example to show that this class is very convenient and its designing ideas can be extended to other encryption algorithms.

    • Design and Implementation of Video Monitoring System Based on Android

      2013, 22(1):126-128.

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      Abstract:Video coding technology is the key of wireless video monitoring technology. This paper presents a system that it based on the video compression Andorid platform optimization design of the code.It Introduce the Android system and its application development. Moreover, this paper expounds the traditional H. 264 coding modes selection thought, and the authors describe the modes selection optimization method. Use Android platform combined with DSP chip realize H. 264 coding,Through contrast test, optimizing code in the fidelity and, to some extent, improve the speed of the algorithm.

    • Method of Information Content Evaluating Semantic Similarity on HowNet

      2013, 22(1):129-133.

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      Abstract:Evaluating Semantic similarity is widely used in areas range from Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Science to Artificial Intelligence. This paper means to the merely use of HowNet to evaluate Information Content as the semantic similarity of two terms or word senses. While the conventional ways of measuring the IC of word senses must depend on both an ontology like WordNet and a large corpus, the experiment proves that the semantic similarity measured in this method is easier to calculate and more closely with human judgments, as HowNet has an elaborate way to represent descriptive object.

    • Design of Embedded Control Configuration Software Based on XML File Organization

      2013, 22(1):134-137,156.

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      Abstract:The control configuration software with the abilities of storage, managing all monitor records and alarm suffered from the limited memory that cannot storage large number of records. A new design scheme of embedded control configuration monitoring software using XML as a data center format, independence on the operating system and with the apparent hierarchy of the software was developed based on the analysis of the XML document parsing and accessing. The design framework involved the organization of XML file, the design of database of PC monitoring configuration control platform, the configuration control and the realization of the packets transmitting and receiving. A large number of experiments showed that the scheme was feasible and effective.

    • >研究开发
    • Application of Google Earth to the Forest Nutrient Cycling Research

      2013, 22(1):138-142.

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      Abstract:Forest Nutrient cycling is an important parameter in the forest eco-system anglicizing. The application of Google Earth in forest nutrient cycling research has great significance. This paper expounds the main principle and key technique of Google Earth, analyses focused on KML and Google Earth API, design the Data Processing and system Architecture. Finally, implement a Forest Nutrient Cycling Research system based on Google Earth in LongLi, GuiZhou province.

    • Method of Inspection of Antibiotic Residues on Seafood Based on Computer Vision

      2013, 22(1):143-147.

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      Abstract:According to the traditional method of inspection antibiotic residues on seafood, it exists Labor-intensive and highly Repetitive, this article researched and established the automatic inspection system of antibiotic residues based on computer vision. The system include the image of inhibition zone's adaptive de-noise and background correction, quadratic bacteriostatic ring fitting based on multiresolution, the compute method of antibiotic residues which meets the national standards. The antibiotic residues inspection of seafood tetracyclines show that the method in this article has the advantages like high speed, high accuracy and easy to operate etc. We developed the system is enough to satisfy the demand of partial antibiotic residues' inspection. Theory and experimental results have shown the system's advantages and effectiveness.

    • Improving the Color Images Fusion Method Based on Wavelet Fusion

      2013, 22(1):148-151.

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      Abstract:Due to the reality of different focus, temperature localization, etc, there produce all sorts of local fuzzy pictures. For dealing with this kind of problem, Grayscale image fusion technology has been quite mature, but in color images area it has all kinds of shortage. In order to deal with the problem that the traditional wavelet transform fusion method used in color image fusion will produce the color difference, this paper put forward based on the wavelet analysis and R, G, B three color channel binding type fusion method strategy.

    • Color Image Retrieval Approach Using Color and SW-nonsubsampled Contourlet Texture Analysis

      2013, 22(1):152-156.

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      Abstract:In this paper, a new color image retrieval method based on color and texture is proposed, Firstly, in order to obtain the information of spatial distribution, images are partitioned into 5 sub-images and then the color feature is extracted from RGB model and HSV model. Secondly, each image is decomposed by stationary wavelet-nonsubsampled contourlet transform (SW-NSCT) and the mean value and standard deviation of each sub-band's coefficient are computed as the texture features. The similarities of images are computed by the Euclidean's distance with weight. Experiments indicate that this algorithm can improve the searching precision effectively.

    • Vulnerability of the Border Router BGP Protocol

      2013, 22(1):157-161.

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      Abstract:This paper has deeply studied the vulnerability of the BGP protocol running in the backbone routers, laid special stress on analysing the CXPST Attacks algorithm, and introduced the improved shock path selection strategies, theoretically proved that the improved shock path selected strategy better. Experimental tests show that the BGP protocol attacked with the designed algorithm is more effective than that of CXPST algorithm, which can result in the backbone routers running with BGP dropping down in less time.

    • Application of Web Incremental Maintenance Based on XML Materialized View to the Experiment Task Data Interface Synchronization

      2013, 22(1):162-166.

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      Abstract:XML data interface in the experiment task, on the one hand,not only improves the efficiency in the web data inquiry and analysis, on the other hand has also brought us the problem of the high cost of the system resource from the the maintenance of the XML materialized views. To resolve this problem, XML materialized views web incremental maintenance methods applied, through prototype system design, system deployment, synchronization mechanism,can effectively achieve the data interface synchronization of experiment tasks. The results show that, web incremental maintainenance based on XML materialized view effectively realizes the command display system data interface consistency in the condition of not affect experiment task data processing and transmission of real-time and reliability conditions.

    • Intelligent Fuzzy Excitation Control System for AC Excited Generators

      2013, 22(1):167-172,177.

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      Abstract:In the thorough analysis and research on the basis of the generator Ac Excitation, fully integrated the advantages of fuzzy control does not depend on the object model, rapid and so on. Put forward a kind of fuzzy controller with intelligent novel decoupled excitation control strategy for AC Excited Generator. Application of fuzzy control theory to establish the corresponding excitation control model and the design of the intelligent fuzzy excitation controller on the base of double PWM Converter. Through the simulation analysis, verified the intelligent fuzzy excitation controller can improve the system performance.Intelligent fuzzy control method is correct and effective.

    • Detect and Control Method of Three-phase Three-Wire Unified Power Quality Conditioner

      2013, 22(1):173-177.

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      Abstract:This paper describes the three-phase three-wire system of unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) topology, and combines UPQC compensation thought, using dq0 transformation method based on instantaneous reactive power theory to detect voltage and current compensation signal. The paper simulates it, validates the superiority of the detection method. At last, it studies its control strategy, through the UPQC system simulation validating the correctness of detect and control method.

    • Reactive Power Compensation Device Based on Phase-Controlled Switching Technology

      2013, 22(1):178-181,195.

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      Abstract:In order to reduce inrush current and over-voltage which caused by random switch capacitors during reactive power compensation in coal mine power network,this paper designs a kind of reactive power compensation device based on promising "soft switch" technology that is phase-controlled switching technology, takes long life, low cost vacuum contactors with permanent magnetic actuator as switching ,this actuator has little action time dispersion than traditional spring actuator and electromagnetic actuator, in order to meet action time high degree of consistency, this paper compensates vacuum contactors action time dispersion, uses modular ideas to design reactive power compensation system structure diagram,together with the appropriate control strategy, completion the capacitor bank switching at a predetermined phase.finally this system makes experiment test in certain mine coal 6KV power network,experiment results show that phase-controlled switching technology of reactive power compensation effect is unmatched by traditional others methods, practice proved that this system has a certain value.

    • Research and Realization of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery on Quantity Value Dissemination Business Management System

      2013, 22(1):182-184.

      Abstract (1133) HTML (0) PDF 481.73 K (2801) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Along with the IT technical development application in quantity value dissemination system, data security of NIM MIS is the key factor in quantity value dissemination. In this paper, based on the demand of NIM MIS data backup and disaster recovery programs, combined with the actual situation of business, point of a different solution. By this way, we could realization data backup and quickly recovery, the quantity value dissemination could safety develop.

    • High Performance Inverse Transform And Quantization Architecture for H.264

      2013, 22(1):185-188.

      Abstract (1170) HTML (0) PDF 454.62 K (2194) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper analyzes the algorithm of Inverse Transform and Quantization(ITIQ) in H.264 and proposes a high performance architecture. A reconfigurable one dimensional IDCT (Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform) architecture of Inverse Transform is proposed; A 4-IQ-parallel architecture of Inverse Quantization is adopted, area-consuming MODULO and DIVISION operation of Inverse Quantization are implemented by LUTs instead of direct computation. Unified clock gating scheme and pipeline technology are also used in the design. The results show that the design increases the system throughput and drops the power consumption and meets the real-time decoding of 1080i stream.

    • Design of Internet Remote Monitoring Terminal Based on ARM+Linux

      2013, 22(1):189-191,199.

      Abstract (1243) HTML (0) PDF 831.69 K (2842) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Based on acknowledge of the Internet of things, this article builds the Linux system on the ARM9 platform with researches of industry application needs and the key technologies of the intelligent monitoring terminal. Combined with the corresponding drive and service, it integrates with the video signal and analog monitoring information, and uses B/S architecture to implement the system, and puts forward a complete design of the intelligent monitoring terminal and corresponding network system.

    • Distance Method to Calculate the Principal Component of Linguistic Features

      2013, 22(1):192-195.

      Abstract (1082) HTML (0) PDF 576.57 K (2055) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The quantity of linguistic features component determines the component-linguistic feature influence degree. Considering influence degree as the distance, this paper establishes a math model to calculate the principal component by judging the distance.

    • Research and Implementation of Phonetic Retrieval Methods in Web Systems

      2013, 22(1):196-199.

      Abstract (1259) HTML (0) PDF 585.32 K (2779) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:At present, most of the management information system is the B/S mode, so users can access and manipulate data in the network terminal. Standardized coding provides a convenient for the data statistics and query operations in database management. A novel fuzzy matching method was proposed, which uses Pingyin to fuzzily match the retrieved data from database. The method was used in the employment information gathering page, and the data was filtered twice. It would improve the web searching efficency and accuracy when there were massive data yet to be checked. The system was accomplished and deployed in our school, and had made good achievements.

    • Adaptive Path Planning of the UAV Based on Genetic Algorithm

      2013, 22(1):200-203.

      Abstract (1537) HTML (0) PDF 506.72 K (3314) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:According to the characteristics of genetic algorithm and the Dynamic Sparse A* Search (Dynamic Sparse A* Search, DASA) algorithm, this paper puts forward a combinational optimal algorithm fulfilling adaptive path planning in flying environment with unknown threat. Before flight, the ground station adopt genetic algorithm which possess the powerful ability of global search to realize Universal Search, we proceed programme from the starting point to the target point to generate the global optimal or suboptimal feasible reference airline. When the UAV is executing fly missions, DASA algorithm is used for on line route re planning based on the reference flight line as the benchmark. The simulation results show that compared with the genetic algorithm, the combined algorithm cannot only produce an approximate optimal solution, but also meet the requirements of real-time online application.

    • Threshold Signature Scheme Without a Trusted Party Resisting Conspiracy Attack

      2013, 22(1):204-207,184.

      Abstract (1332) HTML (0) PDF 687.52 K (2561) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In the existing threshold signature schemes, conspiracy attack is still a difficult problem to solved. To overcome the security weaknesses of Wang Bin's work and Wang Xin's work, a new scheme was proposed. In order to resist conspiracy attack, it utilized three ways: using model without a trusted part, it can eliminate authority cheating thoroughly and the security level was higher; adding random number and time stamp, it can prevent the attacker to recover the signer member's secret parameters and also to prevent the attack of disrupting protocol; using zero-knowledge proof verifiable method to confirm that the signer member had right secret parameters, so it can prevent the attacker to forge signature directly. The results show that this scheme is correct, and it can not only resist forgery attack and conspiracy attack, but also provide anonymity and traceability simultaneously.

    • Research and Design of Data De-duplication Architecture Based on Cloud Storage

      2013, 22(1):208-211.

      Abstract (1711) HTML (0) PDF 533.13 K (2777) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:With the development of cloud computing, the cloud storage technology gets a large variety of different types of network storage devices together to work collaboratively by clustering applications, virtualization, Distributed File System, alleviating the pressure of old data center storage. Besides, Data De-duplication is a technology that reduces storage space and lowers the network transmission. And it is going to be adaptable for cloud storage system one day. The combination of these two technologies will bring real benefits to IT storage industry. The paper has designed a de-duplication architecture based on cloud storage, proposed a scheme which runs at the client with In-line manner to eliminate duplicated data in chunk level, and then put those data into cloud. Under this architecture, HDFS stores the mass data while HBase stores hash value of data block.

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