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    • >系统建设
    • Design and Application of AOP Framework for Vending Machine Money Management System

      2012, 21(5):1-7,25.

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      Abstract:Considering the complex relationship between the various components of software components, not clear responsibilities, this paper introduces aspect-oriented programming technology and proposes a kind of reusable and hierarchical aspect-oriented software implementation framework—R-AoSAS (Real-time Aspect-oriented Software Architecture Style) for the facing of vending machine real-time system in software development. This framework can effectively separate functional components and non-functional components. In order to bind or combine functional components and non-functional components, this framework can call aspectual Join Point as their interface. When applying R-AoSAS to software development, we may use time-management model and task-scheduling model supplied by the core control layer of R-AoSAS, to meet non-functional requirements such as timing, task creation and task scheduling, thus improving quality and reusability of software. In order to validate the functions of R-AoSAS, this paper introduces this framework to the design of the money management system. This application of the system has fully reflected the prospect of application.

    • Multi-Agent System Simulation Platform

      2012, 21(5):8-11.

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      Abstract:Agent and Multi-Agent (MAS) system has gradually become mature, and has been widely used in system modeling, agile manufacturing, network monitoring and many other fields. In order to facilitate the development of MAS, a variety of Agent oriented infrastructure platform have been built, e.g. JADE which have been used widely. However, it is difficult to extend and customize the customer-centric application based on these platforms, which have been an obstacle for us to apply agent technology in practice. Therefore, this paper will summarize some common patterns (including autonomous mechanism, communication mechanism, collaboration mechanism, coordination mechanism )to support the development of the MAS system through, the design and implementation of Maze, which is a multi-Agent system simulation platform. Based on these patterns, users can develop the customized application based on agent technology conveniently. In addition, the vivid presentation of the platform can help beginners understand, various characteristics of Agent (such as autonomy, social, and pre-mobility, etc.) compare the performance of different coordination algorithms. Therefore, it is also a good entry-learning tool for studying the agent technology.

    • Photograph Sharing Scheme with Digital Photo Frame Based on TD_SCDMA

      2012, 21(5):12-16.

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      Abstract:With the popularity of digital cameras, digital photos increase exponentially. Except a small part of the digital photos will be washed into paper photos, most of the digital photos will be stored in electronic storage devices. Digital photo frame, which is ideal for storage and display digital photos, is booming in recent years. This paper analyzes the development status and business needs of digital photo frames, and proposes a photo sharing scheme based on TD_SCDMA for the traditional digital photo frames updating and sharing photo. When the digital photo frame accesses to the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, with the unified service platform for digital photo frame, it is able to sharing pictures between phones, computers and digital photo frames seamlessly.

    • Information Circulation Mode for Agricultural Products Information System Based on IDEF Modeling

      2012, 21(5):17-20.

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      Abstract:An efficient information circulation mode of agricultural products information system can provide high quality information services, Agricultural produce information system can be effectively developed and utilized. This paper research the advantages of IDEF modeling method, and its application in agricultural information transfer patterns and information analysis research, put forward a kind of system dynamic and efficient information of agricultural products circulation patterns, and the patterns of information flow capacity are analyzed, In order to agricultural produce information system development train of thought.

    • Hybrid Power System about Wind and Electricity Based on PLC

      2012, 21(5):21-25.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the problem about the utilization of wind resources in industrial production in the past was insufficiently, we designed the wind hybrid systems based on PLC, and it opened up a new space of the development of the wind power. Based on wind turbine, the system drive the air compressor with the supplement of electric motors, storing the compressed air to air storage tank, which has an inner drive served as the cylinder of the executing agency and operating steadily as demanding, to realize the energy savings finally. PLC is the core, machinery is base, pneumatic system output energy in this system, and typical test results obtained through the system test. There are lots of advantages in this system, such as good safety, lower cost, easy to maintain, no noise and pollution. It can be popularized widely, and it also adapt to the demand of energy conservation and emission reduction, what’s more, it has a good market prospect.

    • Component Information System Based on Integration of.NET and XDE

      2012, 21(5):26-31.

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      Abstract:At present, the information system has been widely used in various fields, along with the constantly changing of the application environment and the needs of the user, developed products with a high intensity of portable and scalable function are required to respond to that. In accordance with the drawbacks of traditional information systems development methods, this paper mainly puts forward the. NET platform development framework based on hierarchical component. In the integrated platform of Rational XDE and. NET, with the function of Synchronous development, the components can be designed with the operations of modeling, extraction, and encapsulation. Also, taking student management information system of vocational colleges as a development example, this paper describes the main steps of the development approach of part of modules and analyzes their advantages. The example verifies that the system with the development methods described has a portable and scalable function.

    • CAx Integrated System for Mechanical Parts Based on Web

      2012, 21(5):32-36,67.

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      Abstract:Thinking of low information level in SMEs put forward a new idea to integrate CAx system online. Taking “feature modeling” and “object-oriented” thinking developed a Web-based prototype system. First, it describes the integration of Model information and XML data model, using tree structure to organize CAx data, via VRML to display parts online and implement interaction dynamic. Finally, it develops a prototype system. Through test, it finds that the function of platform and the system is powerful and integration is good. The platform can basically meet the requirements of SMEs in information.

    • Elder Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

      2012, 21(5):37-41,62.

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      Abstract:A monitoring system based on wireless sensor network is designed in order to solve the problem of elder monitoring. This project has designed a wearable ECG monitoring module to collect the real-time data of ECG signal, and uses the Embedded Zero tree Wavelet ECG compression algorithm to compress the ECG data. It builds a distributed wireless sensor network, and uses the three points location algorithm to achieve the positioning tasks of the elders. Then the system sends the physiological data and the location message to the software on monitoring center to analyze, display and record. The routing line is selected through analyzing the calculated results. The experimental results show that this system performances excellently in ECG tests and positioning tasks of the elders. Therefore, it contributes to the monitoring of elder, and meets the demand of aging.

    • Receive and De-Multiplex of CMMB Data Based on Embedded System

      2012, 21(5):42-45.

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      Abstract:In this paper, a reception program of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting data is presented. And the multiplex frame data is analyzed. The system uses Samsung S3C6410 microprocessor as the core to build hardware platform. The software platform is based on embedded Linux operation system and CMMB receiver module adopts the chip IF206. The design solutions of hardware and software system are described. Receive and de-multiplex the data of CMMB are realized finally.

    • Hospital Patients Real-Time Monitoring System Based on WSN

      2012, 21(5):46-49.

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      Abstract:With the development of networking technology and wide application of medical wisdom has gradually been accepted and look forward to this based on WSN(wireless networking and sensor)technology to build a hospital patient monitoring systems, completed a major hardware circuit design and software architecture, providing a major algorithms can achieve real-time grasp the patient’s medical life parameters indicators, the patient’s response to emergencies.

    • >研究开发
    • Automatic Model Selection Based on Intelligent Agent

      2012, 21(5):50-54.

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      Abstract:It is necessary for the intelligent Decision Support System(DSS) to automatic select models, but there is less the available arithmetic. The paper provides a method that solved the automatic model selection problem by intelligent Agent. The method uses BDI Agent’s belief to describe the question, and uses the rulers of belief to desire to select the model type. Then the model selected Agent communicates with the model-Agent by the contract net protocol to select the model structure. The experiment result shows that the method can solve the automatic model selection preferably.

    • Short Message Filtering and Matching Algorithm Based on Eigenvalues

      2012, 21(5):55-62.

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      Abstract:SMS marketing is growing at a fast rate in the past few years. As this business is widely used, the requirement for the filtering and matching function of the short message is becoming increasingly higher. Having considering some characteristics of SMS advertising, we present an algorithm for effective text filtering and matching in this article. More specifically, the algorithm is briefly described as followed: firstly, text is filtered based on its eigenvalue and secondly using bit-vector method and Levenshtein Distance algorithm to match two candidate short messages thereby realizing the efficiency of mass short message filtering and matching function. This paper describes the details on calculation of text eigenvalue and presents the analysis on the effectiveness and correctness of this algorithm.

    • Improved Multipath Routing Protocol in Ad-Hoc Network

      2012, 21(5):63-67.

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      Abstract:Research on Adhoc network routing is mainly to find a connected routing from the source to destination points. It often ignores the network QoS demand. If the data traffic exceed the network to be able to withstand the maximum, ad-hoc networks will not guarantee the flow of data transmission quality. Therefore, this paper proposes a improved QoS- AOMDV routing protocol in AOMDV routing. It adds certain restriction condition that consists of bandwidth, delay, hops and priority, which make routing node must meet QoS quirements when the phase of routing initation and routing maintenance. The simulation results show that the multi-path routing protocol can guarantee the quality of service of communication.

    • RFT-Based Automation Testing Framework

      2012, 21(5):68-70,16.

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      Abstract:In order to improve the process of automated software testing and the efficiency of the test automation, this paper designed and implemented a reusable data-driven software automation test framework which is based on RFT tool. The framework separated from the test cases and data, and implement the framework can reduce the expenses for designing and maintenance costs of the test cases, improve reusability of the test cases, greatly improve process of automated software testing and the efficiency of the test automation, and ensure the quality of the software.

    • Threshold Signature Scheme with Traceability and Resisting Conspiracy Attack

      2012, 21(5):71-76,81.

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      Abstract:The threshold signature schemes with better security cannot only detect any member’s cheat behavior, provide anonymity and traceability simultaneously, but also resist conspiracy attack and every forgery attack. Through analysis for cryptography and algorithm design, it is discussed firstly of a method of the implementation of anonymity and traceability of threshold signature, then a partial signature verifiable (t, n) threshold signature scheme is proposed with anonymity and traceability simultaneously, resisting conspiracy attack and other forgery attacks. Based on the discrete logarithm difficulty and inverse bilinear pairing operation difficulty, certify has been given on security of the scheme in detail.

    • Automating the Generation of Test Sequences from B Formal Specification

      2012, 21(5):77-81.

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      Abstract:Formal specification, based on critical mathematics, not only make the process of software development more effective and precise, but also contain a great deal of information that can be as the original reliable basis for the generation of test sequences. The work reported here base on the standard B notation, splitting the operation to the equal effect predications and then generate state transition diagram according to path coverage criterion, and also solving the indeterminism of state transition. Generating the test sequences according to the test criterion on the state diagram, which can prove an effective test, has also been presented.

    • A Low Complexity Channel Estimation Algorithm for LTE Uplink

      2012, 21(5):82-85,90.

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      Abstract:This paper proposed a channel estimation algorithm for 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) uplink. In order to reduce the loss of channel energy in the noise suppression process, the proposed algorithm detected the energy for the time-domain result of the Least Square (LS) algorithm by the method of searching from the middle to both sides. Simulation shows that, comparing to the LS algorithm, the traditional DFT based channel estimation algorithm, the Linear Minimum Mean Square Error (LMMSE) algorithm and negative-exponential LMMSE algorithm, the proposed algorithm has good performances and is prone to implement, which has strong practicability.

    • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Self Adapting Inertia Weight

      2012, 21(5):86-90.

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      Abstract:In the process of solving all kinds of optimization problems, local searching and global searching performance of swarm optimization algorithm play an important role. In particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, the inertia weight has a certain effect on convergence and stability. Inspired by the effect of inertia weight on convergence of PSO, a new modified strategy for inertia weight is proposed based on fitness value. Comparative experiments of benchmark functions indicate that this new strategy could make the particles various to get the strong ability to keep from plunging local optimum and improve the astringency speed in the end of searching. Experiment results show that it is effective for prematurity and improve the ability of convergence.

    • Range-free Synthesized Localization Algorithm Based on WSN

      2012, 21(5):91-95.

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      Abstract:This paper applies a new modified Synthesized algorithm based on the ill-natured nodes which produced by the primary DV-Hop nodes localization algorithms and the weakness of accumulated error brought by the multi-level jumps. It is that Centroid and DV-Hop Localization Synthesized. The algorithm helps to lower the hardware overhead so as to fix an accurate position. Improve the algorithm of positioning error rate after the positioning before than improved significantly less error rate, showed the positioning error rate increased with anchor the number of node is decreased. It checks the errors of the node localization by simulation verification through the MATLAB software, which also proves that the algorithm itself is stable and reliable, easily to carry out. Improved positioning accuracy reduces the energy congumption level, achieves the expected goal.

    • Optimization of Inverted File Index Caching Mechanism

      2012, 21(5):96-99,117.

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      Abstract:In order to improve the whole performance of search service system effectively, it proposes a method of caching mechanism optimization based on inverted file index in this paper. The specific studying process is as follows. Firstly, the system structure and data loading of inverted file caching are analyzed, and then discuss the impact of loading data to inverted file caching and cache replacement algorithm; finally, the cache optimization of inverted file is studied through designing simulation experiment. The result shows that the method of caching mechanism optimization based on inverted file index can reduce disk system I/O access times significantly, and also improve the bandwidth utilization of disk system.

    • >实用案例
    • City DLG Fundamental Geographic Information Database Building Method

      2012, 21(5):100-104.

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      Abstract:In this paper, FME software platform for the conversion to digital city map, for example, the first of the DLG data analysis, and the corresponding pre-processing work to do, and then design the corresponding CAD data to GIS data conversion layer, and follow the attribute relationships design principles, to establish properties of each model's spatial database table. Finally, through the design of conversion programs to create conversion flow charts, design conversion process and add the appropriate transform function, and ultimately build a CAD-DWG data to GIS lossless conversion of the GDB data model. This total conversion model to build eight, respectively, elevation point conversion model, the control point conversion model, the water conversion model, residential conversion model, traffic conversion model, vegetation conversion model, the feature sub-layer switching model, there is an auxiliary class then the edge of the framing table conversion model, the successful conversion of the two data. The results show that the experimental realization of the basic DWG CAD data to GIS for the GDB data attribute information of spatial information and fast, lossless conversion, the conversion results are basically no attribute information is lost, the map data sharing provides a viable solution.

    • Research of Vending Machine Media System and Implementation of Self-recharge in IC Card

      2012, 21(5):105-108.

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      Abstract:At prsent, there are still some shortages of vending machines, multimedia transmission does not have the high-definition video processing, IC card can not be self-rechage. Therefore, researching and design a new vending machine based on the ARM11 processor with high-definition video prcessing and playing, remote control and self-recharge IC card as one system of the features----vending machine media system. The article details the framework and structure of the system and the key technologies of implementation self-recharge IC card funtion, and give the conclusions by testing the system.

    • Design and Development of Economic Indicators Forecasting System Based on.NET Framework

      2012, 21(5):109-112.

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      Abstract:With the rapid development of decision-making support, quantitative predictions in economic work is becoming more and more important. An economic indicators forecasting system based on.NET framework is proposed. The component technology is used to achieve a variety of forecasting methods, and a common?prediction model?library is built. A most suitable prediction model is selected for a certain index data through model preferred mechanism. The system works well on forecasting the rural per capita net income of Chengdu.

    • Design and Realization of Fault Tolerate of Network Examination System

      2012, 21(5):113-117.

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      Abstract:Neither error nor interrupt was allowed in natural examination, to insure the exam be fair-minded and timely. While in the practical application of exam system, there were fault of data and interrupt of process, due to several problems on function or security, so how to ensure the normal circulation of exam system effectively becomes an important research topic recently. In this paper, based on client / server (C / S) test system, started with security, through the technologies of fault tolerate in main and spare servers、double servers push-and-pull communication、mongline manage and invalid check in client, the management of fault tolerate in exam system was designed and realized, which can enhance the reliability and usability of examination system.

    • Research and Application of Quality Management Module in MES

      2012, 21(5):118-121,157.

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      Abstract:According to the present situation and bad quality management?in the process of manufacturing for the workshop.Base on the research of the manufacturing execution system we constructed the structure and function model of quality management module and some critical techniques was also researched. At last, the system has been applied in a company, realized the quality control subsystem to utilize in MES.

    • Designing the Embedded Linux GUI on Framebuffer

      2012, 21(5):122-125.

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      Abstract:This paper mainly researches on how to design a Graphic User Interface in embedded Linux operating system. The GUI is based on Framebuffer in Linux 2.6 kernel and is built in C programming language, its functions include displaying vector graphics, displaying bitmaps, displaying commonly used characters, displaying windows and responsing messsages. This paper shows the whole process of implementation of the GUI mentioned above.

    • Application System Running Status Supervision Design and Development

      2012, 21(5):126-129.

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      Abstract:Through the energy demand analysis and correlation technique's analysis, proposed “take the application system as the main body supervision technical design mentality”, and uses WMI, Windows the API technology, the data bank technology, through constructs the distributional movement monitoring pattern, has realized the supervisory system to the application system running status comprehensive monitoring. After the Computer room actual movement, gained the real monitoring data, and may direct-viewing use in the application system operational problems the solution and the forecast judgment.

    • >应用技术
    • Application of Meta-Search Engine to Oil-field Information Distributed Search

      2012, 21(5):130-133.

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      Abstract:The current large-scale centralized enterprise search engines face with a series of challenges. Such as the scale expansion, fast data update and user needs specialization and diversification. Thus, to establish an efficient, high-quality distributed search engine architecture in the area of oil-field and to realize data sharing based on ensuring does not destroy their existing enterprise search engine is becoming more and more important. In this paper, through analyzing the current situation of the search engines in oil-fields enterprise, and combining with meta-search engine technology, we proposed a reasonable solution about building distributed search engine architecture in the area of oil-field. To solve the existing problems of distributed search engine in application queries of the oil-field, this article mainly uses three technologies, such as interface specifications, query scheduling and ordering strategy.

    • Software Reliability Evaluation of UML-Based Application

      2012, 21(5):134-139.

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      Abstract:As the scale of the software is increasing in the open environment, the structure and architecture of the software is becoming more and more complex and diversified. Using the traditional state-based software reliability evaluation method, the complexity of reliability analysis will be highly increased due to the state space explosion. Besides, traditional reliability evaluation method couldn’t describe system with typical complex structures very well. So, this paper presents an improved state-based reliability evaluation method. It utilizes the user case diagram to divide system and utilizes the sequence diagram to describe the architecture of the subsystems. Both diagrams are used as the input for the software reliability analysis method. This method utilizes a bottom-up way approach to evaluate the software reliability, which adapts to the evaluation of large scale systems with complex structures.

    • Construction Method of Domain Ontology and Its Practice in Photo Management

      2012, 21(5):140-144,104.

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      Abstract:Since 1990s, ontology has been applied to many domains gradually. Construction method of domain ontology has become a very hot research topic. On the basis of analyzes and summarizes the existing experience of ontology construction, this paper proposes a domain ontology construction method. The methodology is in accordance with human’s thoughts, and it owns strong operability and expansibility. Moreover, it uses the method and constructs photo domain ontology. The experiments show that the proposed approach is very scientific, effective and promising.

    • On-Line Monitoring Comparative Study of the Insulator Based on Acoustic Emission

      2012, 21(5):145-148.

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      Abstract:In order to deeply understand the applications of acoustic emission technology in the insulator on-line monitoring, based on the full understanding of acoustic emission testing technology principle, using the acoustic emission technology makes a comparative study of ceramic insulators and composite insulators uncleanness discharge. The experimental results show that although the experimental voltage of the two kinds of insulators exists high and low difference, the acoustic signals of filthy discharge basically have the same characteristics under the different degrees and experimental voltage, further proofed that the acoustic emission technology in polluted insulator discharging is feasible. In addition, in the polluted experiment extracts the actual characteristic quantities of acoustic emission signal, using the fuzzy reasoning method to process the actual data, the results show that the fuzzy reasoning can correctly judgment the strength of the uncleanness discharge and its threat level to insulator.

    • Constant Power Control of Boom-Type Roadheader Cutting Motor Based on GAs Fuzzy Control

      2012, 21(5):149-152.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the problems of dramatic changes for loads, high energy consumption and low efficiency when a boom-type roadheader cut coal and rock in random distribution, using genetic algorithm is used to control fuzzily the boom swing speed to achieve constant power control of the cutting motor, a simulation model of the boom horizontal swing system was established, and simulation of the model was done with Matlab. Results show that the speed fluctuation of the system is reduced by 25.9%, the power overshoot of cutting motor is decreased by 5.0%, adjustment time is decreased by 0.1s compared with the traditional one, which indicates that the system has faster response, higher accuracy, as well as good control characteristics, it can automatically adjust the swing speed of roadheader according to different coal and rock, reduce the power loss of the machine and improve the working efficiency.

    • Construction of Virtual Campus Based on VRP and the Key Technologies

      2012, 21(5):153-157.

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      Abstract:The virtual campus is the concrete application of the virtual reality technology in the digitized campus. Through the virtual campus, people can visit and plan the scene of real campus on the computer. By combination of 3D and virtual reality, the study achieved the reaming of the virtual campus of the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and the interior of some construction based on the 3ds Max and Virtual-Reality Platform and discussed the key technology. In the future, the study will in real sense lay the foundation for building the ground-and-underground 3D simulation.

    • Dual Stack Application of Education Network P2P Website

      2012, 21(5):158-161.

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      Abstract:As a novel network technology, P2P connects the clients in the network artfully and accelerates the data communication between clients. Clients could share their resources with limited network bandwidth efficiently. With the popularization of IPv6 address, more and more network clients would use IPv6 address while original P2P applications could not support IPv6 users effectively. Users with IPv4 address and users with IPv6 address could not communicate effectively. Based on a practical P2P website, this paper investigates how to extend IPv4 website to dual stack application.

    • Application of Visual Simulation to Workshop System Planning

      2012, 21(5):162-165.

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      Abstract:The current situation of study on the visual simulation studies in the workshop planning is analyzed. The comparative advantages of visual simulation are pointed out. The ProModel and its modeling steps are described. The workshop-planning problem is simulated. The simulation results and the further improvement are provided.

    • Virtual Scene Vviewpoint and Dynamic Objects of Interactive Control

      2012, 21(5):166-168.

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      Abstract:This paper presents that testing technology of dynamic object position and viewpoint in order to achieve the virtual scene dynamic objects of ordered movement. Establishing viewpoint and dynamic between objects trajectory vector and dynamic objects, an orderly movement of dynamic objects in virtual scene can be got in terms of the interactive way that relative position of two tracks vector calculation gives dynamic objects different interaction methods. This paper shows the method of the specific algorithm.

    • Dialect Identification Based on PCA and LDA

      2012, 21(5):169-171,179.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the low dialect identification rate because PCA doesn’t effectively use the sample classification information, a method of feature extraction using PCA and LDA is employed. In this paper, PCA is used to effectively reduce the dimensions of Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Minnanese, and then LDA is adopted to extract feature vectors from the dimension-reduced space as the input vectors with BP neural network to recognize. The Simulation results demonstrate that the average dialect identification rate based on PCA and LDA can be up to 85%.

    • Application of Design Pattern to Communication Interface Design

      2012, 21(5):172-175,108.

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      Abstract:With all kinds of communication interface in system, this paper constructs two models named Unified Intertace and Data Arrived Inform based on design pattern. These models make the interface of the data domain independence of the functional domain. The interface can be used in dynamic configuration and redundance. Taking the jamming system in ECM as an example, explain the thought, and the way of usage, and key code of the two models.

    • Timeout Problem of Page in Report Quality Control System from Water Resources

      2012, 21(5):176-179.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the timeout problem induced by the original report quality control system when dealing with large amount of data, the article proposes to use a combination of technology. Ajax and thread are used together to solve the weak point of overdue page which is caused by the long time backstage operation. The role of the Ajax and thread in the system is also analyzed in this article.

    • >经验交流
    • WiMAX Wireless Network Performance Test

      2012, 21(5):180-183.

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      Abstract:The paper introduces implementation of WiMAX wireless network performance test. The system takes the based control unit as core of test platform, makes test scheme with test case, test parameter, test method, to implement TPUT test. This test is highly efficient, simple and accurate. It has wide development and application prospect.

    • Automatic Detecting Field in Sport Video

      2012, 21(5):184-188.

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      Abstract:In the virtual advertisement system, we use several simple and effective algorithm to solve the field detection problem in the sport video. Firstly, through a method based on color space histogram, we automatically detect the main area venues. Secondly, through Top-hat transform and the improved otsu algorithm to detect area edge. Finally, the Hough line detection and the least squares fitting method of combining accurate detection of all lines. Through A large number of experiments show that this method has a good effect on badminton field, tennis field and table tennis field. The results can be used for camera calibration and venues reconstruction.

    • Proactive Defense Against HTTP Flood Attacks Based on Watching Web Log

      2012, 21(5):189-191.

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      Abstract:HTTP flood attacks mimicking normal access behavior are difficult to discovered, it consumes web server’s resources and brings hidden danger on information security, a method of proactive defense against HTTP floods is provided. Rewrite URL to record CookieId and SessionId of HTTP requests into Web log; analysis Web log at regular time, identify user according CookieId and SessionId, indentify puppet computers using request time characteristic; process HTTP requests in advance to keep out the requests from the puppet computers. This method is low cost and easy to implement, practice proved its validity.

    • Analysis on the Data Storage of Android Application

      2012, 21(5):192-194.

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      Abstract:Aiming to the inevitable problems of data storage in application development process, the paper analysed Android and its data storage methods, and elaborated SQLite database on Android. Taking the phonebook as an example, the paper gave out the specific development process as well as the simulation results. Finally, this paper presented the further solutions to share SQLite database.

    • BP Neural Network Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

      2012, 21(5):195-197,183.

      Abstract (2283) HTML (0) PDF 1.11 M (4569) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The traditional BP neural network algorithm has some bugs such that it is easy to fall into local minimum and the slow convergence speed. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm, which based on foraging behavior of honeybee swarms, is a new heuristic bionic algorithm and a typical kind of swarm intelligence algorithm. It is a global optimum algorithm with many advantages such as simple, convenient and strong robust. In this paper, a new BP neural network based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm was proposed to optimize the weight and threshold value of BP neural network. The result shows that the new algorithm improves the precision and expedites the convergence rate.

    • Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Solving TSP

      2012, 21(5):198-200,208.

      Abstract (1620) HTML (0) PDF 1.12 M (3287) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Aiming at solving the problem of falling into local optimization easily and slow convergence, this paper proposes a method that adopts a bi-level searching decision based on adjacent matrix in choosing diverting path to improve ant colony algorithm and solve TSP problem. The experiment results show that the new algorithm has better performance.

    • Chaotic System Identification Based on BP Neural Network of Two Order Particle Swarm Optimization

      2012, 21(5):201-204.

      Abstract (1864) HTML (0) PDF 646.65 K (2500) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Aiming to the shortage of BP neural network in training algorithm, the problem of neural network learning can be seen as a function optimization problem and the neural network model based on two order particle swarm optimization is proposed. Then, chaotic system is identified by BP trained with two-order PSO and the efficiency of BP trained with two-order PSO is compared with those of BP and RBF based on the identification of chaotic system. The experimental results show that BP trained with two-order PSO is better than BP and RBF used in chaotic system identification.

    • Least Squares Support Vector Machine Based on Exponentially Weighted Feature

      2012, 21(5):205-208.

      Abstract (1891) HTML (0) PDF 613.34 K (3220) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:According to the basic principle of support vector regression algorithm, for the difference of features` correlative degree to the regression, the affect of parameters to the performance of forecast and taking into account the significance of weighted feature after normalization, least squares support vector regression machine (LS-SVR) based on weighted feature is proposed in this paper, in which, least squares support vector regression algorithm is used to reduce the number of parameters and exponentially weighted feature is used to improve prediction accuracy, the weighting coefficients are determined by the grey correlation degree approach. In the meantime, the effectiveness of the algorithm is demonstrated in forecasting the actual stock price. The experimental results show that it is superior to classical support vector machine and can significantly improve the predictive ability.

    • A Static Function Calls Relationship Chart Building Methods of Java

      2012, 21(5):209-212.

      Abstract (2280) HTML (0) PDF 642.99 K (7678) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In program understanding the research of function relationship occupies a very important position. A function often represents a specific performance or problem solving realization. The constructing of function invocation figure is very helpful to the understanding of program. This paper uses Java as research object, introduces several construction methods of function’s call graphics and compares with their inferiority and proposed in this foundation a function call figure building methods

    • 2D Game Animation Technology Based on SoC

      2012, 21(5):213-215,212.

      Abstract (3808) HTML (0) PDF 1.18 M (3066) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:According to the characteristic of SoC(System on Chip) platform, this paper analyzes the present problem of realization of 2D game animation for embeded system. Using special data structure to divide picture into blocks, combining hardware characteristic and using μCOS-II operating system to solve problem of resource occupation, updating and rendering, then make the game picture fluent in terms of no affects on system overall performance.

    • Security Signature Scheme of Threshold and Blindness

      2012, 21(5):216-218.

      Abstract (1816) HTML (0) PDF 566.93 K (2931) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The threshold signature is popular in electronic signature. This paper presents an efficient secure threshold signature scheme on threshold, which uses bilinear paring, threshold identity, and threshold blinding signature to solve deficiency about client performance. Analysis shows that the scheme is easy to realize and the safety of system is high. The scheme can satisfy the demand of electronic signature.

    • >产品应用
    • Interactive Forms by Adobe Base on SAP

      2012, 21(5):219-221,204.

      Abstract (1647) HTML (0) PDF 1.21 M (4219) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Adobe’s partnership with SAP, in the SAP NetWeaver platforms into that form, no doubt has brought a huge advantage to both sides. First, the paper introduces the cooperation between SAP and Adobe’s background and perspective planning, and the advantages of interactive form of. Next, it studies the interactive form of principles and patterns. Finally, it illustrates a specific implementation of interactive application form.

    • Uboot Analysis and Transplantation Based on S3C2440

      2012, 21(5):222-225,229.

      Abstract (1629) HTML (0) PDF 1.24 M (5305) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:According to the structure and function of the Uboot, and the analysis of starting codes. This paper firstly proposed a transplant program based on s3c2440 high-capacity Nand Flash and Nor Flash. Then, through a multi-step migration, it improved the various functional modules. Eventually, it loaded the kernel and NFS file systems successfully, by the Uboot, given more Details of the Uboot transplantation.

    • Design of Intelligent Detector for Multicore Cables in Locomotive-running Monitor

      2012, 21(5):226-229.

      Abstract (1525) HTML (0) PDF 708.85 K (3203) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Aiming at insulation resistance and make-break measurement of 32 core cable for operation monitor of the locomotive, using SCM control technique to control the ordering action of relay matrix, it realizes the automatic switching and measuring of core wire. In order to lower the power-waste and improve the system stability and measuring accuracy, we make use of the automatic controlling and switching of high-low pressure on voltage source, and automatically select the according sampling resistance which has a basis on the range of insulation resistance value.

    • >Survey
    • Survey of Research Progress on Clustering Search Engine

      2012, 21(5):230-235.

      Abstract (1557) HTML (0) PDF 666.11 K (4048) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Based on summarizing the research results of clustering search engine and ontology technology by scholars at home and abroad, the efforts are made to attempt to sort of research hot issues and difficult problems in this field to pave certain research foundation for the follow-up research in the future. Through respectively summarization of the owned research documents about definition of clustering search engine, status quo of research, ontology technology as well as semantic clustering search in the context of Chinese based on ontology, the overall framework for clustering search engine dispatching strategies for member engine based on ontology are proposed, and the expectation for future research based on aforementioned result is proposed.

    • >专题·综述
    • Depth Analysis Method of Internet Scientific Information

      2012, 21(5):236-239,249.

      Abstract (1470) HTML (0) PDF 1.15 M (2740) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:To professional polymerization the internet technology information and realize public data sharing, and to create knowledge-benefit environment through internet S&T information trend analyzing, has become a subject that scientific management and knowledge innovation must face. So, based on analyzing the scientific workers’demand for public information search in S&T area, draw lessons from industry search mode, design and apply vertical search engine technology polymerizes internet technology information resources, constructs S&T information resources database and network public data sharing platform. It also explores and discusses, through the establishment of S&T information network situation analysis, contributing to the knowledge innovation.

    • >Survey
    • Review of AdaBoost and Its Improvement

      2012, 21(5):240-244.

      Abstract (2306) HTML (0) PDF 610.98 K (10631) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The AdaBoost algorithm is one of the most effective methods in area of Face Detection. Since this algorithm has been proposed, many indepth research and analysis and improvement was provided by researchers. This paper reviewed AdaBoost algorithm and its improvement. Beginning with AdaBoost algorithm, we focus on analyzing the adavantages and disadvantages of AdaBoost algorithm. After this, we made systematic analysis and presentation on these improvements, including simple classification. Finally, we conclude with several promising directions for future research.

    • >专题·综述
    • Progress in Object Tracking Algorithms

      2012, 21(5):245-249.

      Abstract (1704) HTML (0) PDF 636.93 K (3716) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Object tracking has long been one of the central research problems in computer vision, which provides important information to understand video content. Firstly, international research status of object tracking is introduced. Then especially, the categories of object tracking methods and various algorithms in the process of development are emphatically analyzed. The key techniques are compared and addressed, and some major problems and possible solutions are also summarized.

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