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    • Intelligent System for Pesticide Residues Fast Detection

      2012, 21(7):1-4.

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      Abstract:Considering that the problem of the big volume of pesticide residues detection and poor sensitivity, and the slow detection speed, we design a type of intelligent system for pesticide residues rapid detection named “light conversion-chemiluminescence”. This paper mainly describes the realization on the structure of the system, function, software and hardware. The pesticide residue concentrations into light intensity, and then converted to voltage, via the microprocessor A/D conversion to realize the detection and display. Compared wit the GC and liquid chromatography detection technology common used, the system can detect common type and solubility of pesticide, and it’s a intelligent, clean and effective detection.

    • Oil-Field Drilling Virtual Simulation System

      2012, 21(7):5-8,17.

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      Abstract:Based on computer simulation technology, parametric oil-field drilling virtual simulation system is created.The motion of virtual equipments is controlled by parameters to simulate the drilling processes realistically. The development framework of virtual simulation system based on numerical simulation technology and visual simulation technology is proposed. The mathematical models of hoisting system and rotating system are analyzed and formed to control the motion of virtual equipments. Furthermore, real-time deformable simulation of a rope passing through several pulleys is achieved. Finally, to realize the interaction of the system, initializing of the system parameters, displaying and controlling of the drilling process parameters in real-time are achieved.

    • Web Literature Collection System

      2012, 21(7):9-12,37.

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      Abstract:In order to take advantage of the rich literature resources on the WEB, this paper designed a professional web literature collection system WLES. The WLES integrates Web crawling and Web cleaning technology. The machine learning method is introduced to the study of Web cleaning. Machine learning on the training data can get a clean model, and then use the model to implement web cleaning. Experiments show: WLES in web crawling and web page cleaning has an excellent performance, to meet the needs of the user's literature collection.

    • Information Integration on Intelligent Building Based on Web Service

      2012, 21(7):13-17.

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      Abstract:This paper addresses the OPC XML Web service technology application to building intelligent field, and puts forward a framework based on the Web Service which integrates Intelligent building information system. This framework to simplify the interoperability between different intelligence subsystem and applications, across the Internet and operation platform, improves the level of the intelligent building comprehensive management.

    • Intelligent Design and Development of PDC Drill

      2012, 21(7):18-21.

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      Abstract:PDC drill design of high-quality three-dimensional model requires a wealth of expertise and skills in three-dimensional design tools, and it is a highly intelligent and complex process. This paper presents the basic model of drills combined with expert design knowledge to form a PDC drill intelligent design system. The system selects basic model of drills according to stratum properties, and then specifies various blade curve constrained by drill criteria. At last, the system optimizes drill parameters to build up three-dimensional model through expert knowledge base. PDC drill of intelligent design system combines expert design knowledge and the drill design criteria, with intelligent, simple operation and high accuracy features.

    • Automatic Question-Answering System Based on Distributed Technology

      2012, 21(7):22-25,64.

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      Abstract:As an important component of distance education, automatic question-answering system allows users to ask questions in natural language, it can return a concise and accurate answers.Based on Hadoop framework, using an improved edited distance algorithm to calculate the similarity of Chinese sentences can make the system more efficient and more intelligent .

    • Shenyang Tourist Information Retrieval System

      2012, 21(7):26-31.

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      Abstract:The design is initially established in Shenyang City, tourist information inquiry system. Visual Basic 6.0 and using geographic information system components MapObjects, MapObjects and VB focuses on the integrated development, the establishment of geographic information systems approach. Main achievement of the map display, compile, query, map browsing Eagle Eye, a simple analysis and other functions. The main technical subsystems for the tourist to choose, travel and other query subsystem to integrated information query system for Shenyang City's public transportation, tourism a bad environment, travel queries, etc. to provide information services.

    • Performance Testing of Finance Integration Application Platform

      2012, 21(7):32-37.

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      Abstract:The Performance testing is the process of collecting performance indexes of all system aspects through simulating load in real conditions to evaluate system endurance and stability under normal operating conditions, and to analyze system performance and bottlenecks. Using LoadRunner testing tools, this paper introduced detailed process and methods of performance test, through performance index and performance testing methods. According to the County Level Finance Integration Application Platform features, this article designed simulated real business scenarios, obtained performance index using pressure testing and load testing, analyzed performance bottleneck through web page diagnostics and graphs for correlation, and brought improving methods.

    • Bohai Oil Field Professional Software Usage Information Intelligent Analysis System

      2012, 21(7):38-42.

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      Abstract:In recent years, the oil and gas production of the Bohai oil field continues to grow, and the research tasks increase ceaselessly, researchers spend more time on using various kinds of petroleum softwares. Because there are many softwares and they have a large number of modules, so we must strengthen the software management, and ensure the purchase and distribution of software module rational, so that we can meet the needs of scientific research works. Thus we developed the professional software usage information intelligent analysis system. This system can automatically gather and count module usage information, and provide convenient and efficient search function with B/S mode. The system also provides the necessary decision information for enterprise manager and system administrator. And we have successfully extended the system to each branch of CNOOC Limited and have achieved good results. This paper introduces system structure and how to design and realize the system.

    • Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile Geospatial Information Data Collection

      2012, 21(7):43-46.

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      Abstract:The traditional spatial data acquisition mode and collection platform architecture restrict the development of geo-spatial information services, mobile geospatial information data collection acts as an engaging solution. Through the use of Service Oriented Technology in Mobile GIS data collection, architecture is created and it can deploy and manage easily. The use of Web Service establishes a variety of geographic information services. Relying on Mobile GIS platform a series of map data browsing and querying functions are achieved. The established system is running in a good condition, and it is scalable, user-friendly and easy to operate. The system can be applied to a variety of similar professional, and the research provides strong data support for the outgrowing of geo-based services.

    • Video Server on Blackfin

      2012, 21(7):47-51.

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      Abstract:As the rapid development of network communication and multimedia technology, demand of embedded video surveillance devices is also increasing. This paper provides an embedded video server solution, which uses a high robustness and high compression algorithm-H.264, to encode video source and transplants the open-source Live555 as streaming media module which is responsible for receiving external RTSP connection request, packing sound and video data in a RTP way, as well as sending them. In the end, lots of tests have been done by using standard streaming media client VLC, which prove a timely, fluent and better picture/sound quality.

    • Modular Design System for Vacuum Coating Machine Based on Knowledge Engineering

      2012, 21(7):52-55.

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      Abstract:This paper proposes a modular design method of Vacuum Coating Machine based on expert systems and case base. It builds a modular design system of Vacuum Coating Machine based on knowledge engineering. This paper discusses expert systems based on data base and CBR, and discusses Knowledge structure, the modular design method and the method of CBR. It searches for the most suitable type and configuration according to the basic design parameter, designs restriction and regulation. After calculation, it looks for type from expert systems, and then get the configuration from case base, then generates design specifications and BOM. This design solves the calculation and data sharing during problems on the vacuum coating machine design with CAD technology. And it realizes that structural design, process design, product data management integration.

    • Optimal Model Redundant Task Scheduling for Cloud Computing

      2012, 21(7):56-59.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the problem of low reliability of Cloud Computing Platform for its own dynamic and heterogeneous, a reliable Cloud Computing model based on redundant scheduling is proposed. For the pay-as-need features of Cloud Computing, an optimal model redundant task scheduling for Cloud Computing based on the given cost of services is established to maximize the reliability of Cloud Computing. Finally, Genetic Algorithms is used to solve the problem of optimal redundancy allocation.

    • Efficiency Research Based on Worm Gear and Simulation of Control System

      2012, 21(7):60-64.

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      Abstract:This paper designs a test bench of performance test based on the worm gear, through a series experiments and measure the transmission efficiency of worm gear accurately. Based on this, this paper establishes the control system mathematical modeling to simulate the control system. The actual experiments shows that the precision meet the requirements, and the system is stable and reliable.

    • Study of the Uses’ Interests Based on the Internet Browsing History

      2012, 21(7):65-68,109.

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      Abstract:This paper analyses the users’ group interests by mining the internet browsing history. To count the visiting information of the interests’ categories, visiting time and the number of users, get the regularity of conclusion. Then, it has put forward an improved HAC (hierarchical agglomerative clustering) and k-means algorithm to cluster the users by their interests, to mine the users’ access mode. Finally, it has proved the stability of users’ dominant interests. That means the users’ most important interests are stable as the time increases.

    • Time and Space Mining Algorithm for Correlation Analysis of Energy Consumption Warning

      2012, 21(7):69-73,105.

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      Abstract:This paper proposes a structured item-sets time and space algorithm, which is used to find warning association rules between energy consumption monitoring points, according to the time characteristic and spatial characteristics of overall energy consumption in industrial enterprises, and the new algorithm can solve many difficulties that tradition mining algorithm encountered. The new algorithm has been improved on the basis of the classical Apriori algorithm. Introducing the time dimension and space dimension, a new algorithm can dig more associated knowledge during different time periods and in different spatial layers. Through establishing minimum energy monitoring unit and adopting time-sharing and hierarchical data mining strategy, the new algorithm avoids producing excessive candidate sets. The improved algorithm has been applied in energy data analysis of production process of a large industrial enterprise in the domestic and achieved satisfying practical results.

    • Analysis of TD-SCDMA Downlink Interference with WCDMA Uplink

      2012, 21(7):74-77,227.

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      Abstract:The principle of the interference between TD-SCDMA uplink and WCDMA downlink was analyzed, and then build system simulation model based on Monte Carlo. Adaptive variable step power control algorithm was used into the simulation. By simulation, traditional fixed step algorithm was compared with adaptive variable step power control algorithm, the coexistence interference of TD-SCDMA uplink and WCDMA downlink was simulated for speech users only in a macro-to-macro cells scenario considering 1920MHz frequency. The result shows that a higher SINR value is achieved by adaptive variable step power control algorithm if the total transmission power is invariant, so it could reduce the system interference. According to the simulation results, different parameters settings are presented about the coexistence influence between TD-SCDMA and WCDMA system, and ACIR value are provided about system coexistence. It provides valuable reference for the research of hybrid network planning and optimizing.

    • Electronic Products of Communication Supply Chain Modeling and Risk Simulation

      2012, 21(7):78-82.

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      Abstract:According to the characteristics of the electronic products of communication supply chain, six risk factors which own high probability through the operation of supply chain system were put forward in this paper. For the core production plan order as driving force to the supplier of the brand operation business in the supply chain, establish a Petri net model of electronic products of communication supply chain with the well dynamic realizability. By setting simulation parameters flexibly, the states and changes during supply chain operation were obtained and risk predictions were made. The simulation results could provide support basis for the subsequent decision-making strategy.

    • Semantic Query Expansion Based on Domain Ontology

      2012, 21(7):83-89.

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      Abstract:In the field of information retrieval, the match between resources and query words determines retrieval quality. The search results using current query methods exist too much irrelevant information and cannot satisfy customer needs. Considering the defects of traditional information retrieval and current feature of semantic query expansion, an improved ontology-based semantic query expansion method based on the analysis of various query expansion algorithms and related research has been proposed. The method constructs and expands the user search tree according to the query message basing on the ontology model and concept similarity computation. The experiment results show that the method can get better query results comparing to other query expansion method.

    • Elevator Group Control Scheduling Based on Destination Reservation and Multi-agent Coordination

      2012, 21(7):90-94,55.

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      Abstract:To deal with the uncertainty of the elevator traffic flow and the destination of passengers, overcome the computing bottleneck existed in collective EGCS, an elevator group control scheduling method is proposed based on destination registration and multi-agent coordination. The EGCS was firstly designed and the multi-objective evaluation function of destination registration was demonstrated. Then, the online update of elevator traffic pattern recognition based on fuzzy logic was proposed, to update different traffic modes corresponding to the weights of the control objectives in real-time. At last, the elevator car and group controller can be mapped to different agents. The distributed elevator group control scheduling is to implement a multi-objective optimization by various agents, with a coordination of minimum average waiting time (AWT), average riding time (ART), congestion degree (CD) and energy consumption EC).

    • Framework Meta-model for Service Component Architecture and Study of Implementation Extension

      2012, 21(7):95-100.

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      Abstract:Software framework brings lots of conveniences for software reuse in specific domains. But with the development of business systems, traditional component-based software framework has become increasingly incompetent to meet the developmental requirements of business systems development. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a new bright software architecture with great flexibility and scalability to support the developmental requirements of business systems. But in the absence of specific guidances or specification, developing SOA application is very difficult task. Service Component Architecture (SCA) is the best one of all SOA development approachs. So study and research of SCA approach will be very useful for rapidly developing SOA-based applications. In this paper, the basic concepts of SCA will be introducted, and the SCA basic structure will be analyzed. Following these results, the SCA framework meta-model and a study result of implementation extension will be given. Then a specific example is given.

    • Coal Mine Safety Evaluation Model Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm

      2012, 21(7):101-105.

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      Abstract:The coal mine safety evaluation involves many uncertain information. It is difficult to ensure the accuracy and reliability of finall consequence using traditional evaluation method. Therefore it uses RBF neural net to design the coal mine safety evaluation model, according to the practical situation of our country’s coal mine. Through the accident tree analysis(FTA)and event tree analysis(ETA), this paper summarized coal mine accident risk factors and influenced of mine production safety factors. Meanwhile in order to overcome the neural net easy to fall into the local minimum, neural net model of the right value (threshold) is optimized using quantum genetic algorithm. The method is used in fuxin mining company of a subordinate mine. Results show that the model can accurately evaluate coal mine safety in production, for coal mine safety evaluation provided a new way, having important significance for coal mine safety in production.

    • Key Management of Data Exchange Management System

      2012, 21(7):106-109.

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      Abstract:To solve the problem of data transmission and sharing of Liaohe River water environment, to better supervise and manage the water environment, it is necessary to design implementation data exchange management system. Key management system is for a domain model of data exchange management system security communication services. This paper studied the data exchange management system key management systems of different types of key generation, key storage, key dispersion, key transmission and key problems such as the key generation and use of process key.

    • QoE Measurement System for Data Services on Intelligent Terminals

      2012, 21(7):110-113,231.

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      Abstract:In order to explore the QoE measurements of data services for intelligent terminals, we analyzed QoE research frontiers of data services, which features to delay, jitter and information loss. Then we established a three-dimensional QoE classification model for data business. By analyzing the impact of terminal performance on QoE, we innovatively integrated terminal parameters with network and services factors to present a new QoE measurement model for data services.

    • Resource Allocation of OFDM Systems Based on Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

      2012, 21(7):114-118.

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      Abstract:A new versatile optimization called enhanced particle swarm algorithm is presented. The algorithm with global optimization ability combined channel allocation and bit power allocation together, and realized the bit-power allocation of muti-user adaptive OFDM system in power-line channel environment. The matlab simulation results in typical low voltage power lines communication channel environment show that the proposed algorithm is feasible and effective. It is suitable for multi-user adaptive OFDM communication environment. Using this new algorithm, the operation time of the system can be saved and the transmission power can be reduced. The algorithm is also very easy to operate. It will be used for more extensive optimization problems.

    • Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control for Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor System

      2012, 21(7):119-122.

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      Abstract:Based on the traditional PID control system, direct at motor starting problem like overshoot, dynamic stability slower and low accuracy, adopted PID control technology combining with the fuzzy control system named fuzzy adaptive PID control for three-phase asynchronous motor speed control system, and then carry on the system research and compare with the traditional PID control system. conduct of simulation at the time that motor from starting to steady state, the simulation results show that compared with the PID control system independent, the fuzzy adaptive PID control system of performance is better.

    • Implementation of the Hospital Group’s Enterprise Master Patient Index EMPI Integration Profile

      2012, 21(7):123-126.

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      Abstract:Based on the IHE PIX integration profile, the paper studied the online Patient identity quick matching method and the offline auxiliary adjustment method, designed and implemented the hospital Group's Enterprise Master Patient Index service, and acquired the actual verification finally.

    • Simulation Platform for Intelligent Electricity Consumption Terminal

      2012, 21(7):127-130.

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      Abstract:By utilizing Microsoft Visual C++6.0 and Cygwin technology, a research and simulation platform system based on embedded Linux for intelligent electricity consumption terminal is designed and developed. After running on a PC, this system is a complete simulationof the smart terminal unit. In VC++6.0 development environment, by using VC++6.0 controls and Cygwin technology, and aiding by hardware tools, the design of this system is implemented. This system realizes the function of debugging Linux code intuitively in Windows system, and can communicate with peripheral hardware modules. Carrier wave concentrators exploited successfully using this system have already been operated in scene. Practices and developments shows that, by using this development system, the development efficiency and the quality of embedded application software can be improved greatly and the project development cycles can also be reduced significantly.

    • Design and Implementation of an Information Gathering Server Suite

      2012, 21(7):131-134,190.

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      Abstract:To solve the problem about gathering equipment activity information in the military drilling, a software suite, in which the information gathering server is central, is designed and implemented, referring to the instant message systems. The suite adopts a content customizable information model and a set of length variable information messages, implements functions such as information gathering, information downloading, and web-based server monitoring. It can uniformly handle various types of equipment activity information, allows monitoring the gathering server through Web, and meets the requirement for information gathering of concerned drilling information systems.

    • Enterprise Online Annual Inspection System

      2012, 21(7):135-138,159.

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      Abstract:Aiming at the demands of construction and application of Enterprise Online Annual Inspection System, solutions based on J2EE platform and layered-design methodology is presented along with the detailed design and implementation process with a well-rounded application development framework set of SSH(Struts+Spring+Hibernate), including presentation layer, business layer and data persistence layer, then the brief introduction of the application security design is given based on PKI as well as the configuration of application server. The application of SSH framework architecture based on J2EE improves the development efficiency and enhances the liability and maintainability, therefore acquires favorable effect in the system’s development and application.

    • Research and Application of Components Repository

      2012, 21(7):139-142.

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      Abstract:To solve the problem of application and administration of components, this paper puts forward a solution to the components repository. Firstly, the paper studied overall structure and logic structure, gave whole analysis to the components repository. Secondly, it introduced disposition of the components repository. Lastly, this paper studied the application of components repository in components using components release, components management and repository establishment. To the uses of components repository, it will give different permissions according to the different roles to manage the components in the components repository. Using the components management in the components repository, it can improve the efficiency of software development effectively, reuse the components more reasonably, and improve the reuse rate. Practices show that the components repository can solve the problem of administration to the components, and give strong support to the software development.

    • Enterprise Interior Synergistic Mechanism Based on Individual Work Platform

      2012, 21(7):143-146.

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      Abstract:In order to individual work platform as the foundation, the use of integration and exchange service management platform seamless joint monopoly, marketing and logistics information in the system, through the data sharing to achieve full area monopoly market manager, customer manager and clerk information exchange through individual work platform; task coordination, timely access to market information, to improve the quality of service and retail businesses effective against all kinds of illegal cases, finally realizes the retail customer satisfaction.

    • New-Type High Precision Water-Level Sensor Performance Test System

      2012, 21(7):147-150.

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      Abstract:This paper introduces a new-type resonant water-level sensor performance test system. The ultimate aim of this system is to obtain the characteristic curve of tested sensor, and engineer can use the curve to judge whether the performance of the tested sensor has reached the pre-established standard. This system takes the ADμC812 as main controller, and its hardware circuit consists of pressure value of water-level measurement circuit, frequency measurement circuit, switching circuit of gas chamber. The central idea of this system is that it adopts a new-type frequency measurement method and numerical processing method to obtain the characteristic curve of tested sensor, which eliminate the shortcomings of low precision, high error characteristics of traditional sensor tested system ,and greatly improved the system’s accuracy and reliability.

    • Digital Confucius Ceremony Based on Motion Capture

      2012, 21(7):151-154,82.

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      Abstract:The traditional way to recover the ceremony event is via video recording, with limited views in 2d form. There is obvious weakness in re-edit ability and reusability in such way. To solve this problem, the authors present a way by capturing the ceremony performer’s motion capture data, and retargeting the data to a digital character, which is modeled in Maya, characterized in Motion Builder and real-time rendered in UDK. This method proved to be a new digital way to represent the essence of Confucius ceremony.

    • Application of Data Mapping Technology to the ETL Process

      2012, 21(7):155-159.

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      Abstract:In order to enable the ETL system to effective achieve any data conversion between heterogeneous databases, we need a common meta-model for support the data conversion metadata customization. Through the analysis of the application of data mapping technical in the data conversion, research has been focused on the abstract study of data mapping, and defined the detailed classification of data mapping, and the form of data conversion metadata based on data mapping, build the meta-model which support to the custom data transformation metadata. The technology has been applied well in large-scale data migration of China's oil data centers.

    • Assembly Variant Design Based on Parameterization

      2012, 21(7):160-163.

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      Abstract:To meet requirements on product, a new assembly variant design methodology based on parameterization was proposed. The principle of assembly variant design based on parameterization was researched. The parametric model of part was established. The parameter of part was analyzed. A new product information model was established according to the mating relationship type among constituent parts of assembly. Taking SolidWorks as a 3D environment and VC++ as a development tool, a variant design system was developed for assembly, variant design of assembly was realized. Finally, an example of garbage crusher is given to verify the feasibility of the method.

    • Granularity Adaptive Consistency Maintenance Scheme Based on Semantic Caching

      2012, 21(7):164-167.

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      Abstract:Cache is used to improve performance in object-relational mapping. Data consistency maintenance between cache and server is the key factor of system reliability. In this paper, a granularity adaptive consistency maintenance scheme that is initiated by middle layer is proposed. This scheme considers several data attributes including storage granularity, updating frequency and size. After combining the number of cache items, it uses TTL and on-demand request respectively. Experimental results show that the proposed policy can effectively reduce network overhead and load. Data efficiency can also be guaranteed.

    • License Plate Character Recognition Method Based on Wavelet Moment and Principal Component Analysis

      2012, 21(7):168-171.

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      Abstract:With the development of Internet of Things, Vehicle Networking is increasingly getting widespread application, thus the higher requirements for accurate identification of the license plate; and the key of character recognition is the feature extracting and selection. The paper propose a method of feature extracting and selection based on wavelet moment and principal component analysis. At first, the character feature is extracted through wavelet moment. Then, selecting the feature through principal component analysis. Finally, eigenvectors are used as the input of BP neural network to complete character recognition. In the method, the global features and local features of image are catched, and has strong anti-jamming capability. The experiment shows that the method can achieve better recognition performance.

    • Application of Wavelet Theory to Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing

      2012, 21(7):172-176.

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      Abstract:This paper studies the performance of wavelet transform denoising, and the algorithm of Cyclic autocorrelation analysis. Based on theoretical analysis, it makes Cyclic Autocorrelation function analysis of the measured multiple signals based on wavelet threshold denoising. From the results of simulation, it is effective in extracting bearing fault characteristic frequency and suppress interference from other frequency components by the cyclic autocorrelation function amplitude spectrum. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the method.

    • Text Sentiment Classification Based on Ensemble Learning

      2012, 21(7):177-181,248.

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      Abstract:With the development of Web 2.0, more and more users are happy to share their opinions and experiences on the internet. Subsequently, it is increasingly difficult for people to collect and process the huge information from the network. Therefore, text sentiment classification based on the computer is proposed to tackle this problem. And one of the most important research directions is to enhance the classification accuracy for text sentiment classification. In addition, ensemble learning is an effective approach to enhance the classification accuracy and has shown better performance than base classifiers in many fields. Based on these considerations, text sentiment classification based on ensemble learning is proposed to enhance the performance of classifiers. Experimental results reveal that three ensemble methods, i.e., Bagging, Boosting and Random Subspace, enhance the classification accuracy of different base classifiers. Compared with Bagging and Boosting, Random Subspace gets more significant improvement of the classification accuracy. All these results demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of application of ensemble learning in text sentiment classification.

    • Application of Fuzzy Clustering Ant Colony to Information Data Discriminant

      2012, 21(7):182-185.

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      Abstract:With the rapid development of information technology, the commercial enterprises as well as scientific research institutions or government departments, in the past few years, have accumulated lots of different information datas. In view of the complex information data, only the database query retrieval mechanism and statistics method can not meet people’ needs. This paper puts forward an improved fuzzy clustering method, which can put the information data into the accurately, intelligence and clear expert knowledge. Finally, the paper compares it with the traditional method and highlights its advantages.

    • Cognitive Model Based on Bayesian Inference and PFNET Theory

      2012, 21(7):186-190.

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      Abstract:Aiming at the limitation of generating cognitive model from fixed cognitive structure, this paper proposes that in the learning process of fixed cognitive elements and not fixed cognitive structure using bayesian inference method and PFNET theory to generate “the optimal Ki set of nodes” and “the optimal Ki cognitive link” according to the learner requirement from the sample information of previous learners, and get the B-P cognitive model; explaining the generation principle of B-P cognitive model and verifying the effectiveness and feasibility of the model by example.

    • Intelligent Dispatching of Public Transit Vehicles Using Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

      2012, 21(7):191-195.

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      Abstract:For the premature convergence and low efficiency optimization of the existing public transit vehicle dispatching algorithm, this paper puts forward a quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm with weight adaptive adjustments to construct optimal dispatching model aiming at the minimum cost and the shortest passenger s' mean waiting time. Firstly, the concept of focusing distance changing rate was introduced in this algorithm and inertial weighting factor was formulated as a function of focusing distance rate so as to provide the algorithm with effective dynamic adaptability. Meanwhile, a method of effective judgment of premature and stagnation is embedded in the algorithm. The optimization results show that this algorithm can effectively solve public transit vehicle dispatching problems.

    • Design of Single-Chip Multi-Duties Program Based on Event Driving

      2012, 21(7):196-199.

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      Abstract:Developing embedded system using single-chip microprocessor, we are often faced with dealing with multi- duties at the same time. In order to implement multi-duties in sing-chip system of fewer resource, a new method of program design based on event driving is put forward. This method is simple, which can be applied for most single-chip application system with timer interruption, making some complex programming simple, logical control with real-time.

    • Improved Speech Enhancement Algorithm Based on Noncausal a Priori SNR Estimation

      2012, 21(7):200-202,176.

      Abstract (1672) HTML (0) PDF 937.70 K (3527) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:To improve the effect of MMSE-LSA speech enhancement algorithm at low signal-to-noise ratio(SNR), this paper proposes an improved MMSE-LSA algorithm, which uses noncausal estimation for a priori SNR, and introduces a knowledge of speech absence probability so as to modify gain function from MMSE-LSA. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is better than traditional MMSE-LSA algorithm in residual noise suppression and SNR improvement.

    • Effective Defense Method for Wormhole Attack

      2012, 21(7):203-207,122.

      Abstract (2090) HTML (0) PDF 1.04 M (3184) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The information about node location of wireless sensor network plays an important role to the application of network, however, it’s limited of sensor network resources, therefore, this paper puts forward a kind of effective defense method to the wormhole attack of DV-Hop, which is directed to the short comings of that the safety performance of DV-Hop algorithm poor, and the location process easily attacked by the destructive worm hole and so on. The method is that introducing EPWDV-Hop algorithm which is an effective detection defense algorithm against the wormhole attack into the DV-Hop algorithm. According to the simulation test of Matlab software, it shows that the modified algorithm can not only improve the precision of location, but also is very good to prevent the wormhole attack in algorithm.

    • SAP ERP Heterogeneous System Platform Migration Method

      2012, 21(7):208-211.

      Abstract (3619) HTML (0) PDF 526.06 K (16742) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This article analyzes and compares several methods for migrating SAP ERP system to different platform. In accordance with enterprise environment, a detailed migration solution is designed and implemented. Monitoring report shows that the performance of the new system increases more than 50%.

    • C Language Stimulated Interest in Exploring Teaching

      2012, 21(7):212-214,243.

      Abstract (1761) HTML (0) PDF 821.18 K (3195) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:C language is flexible in syntax and has many rules. It is boring and difficult to learn. To change this situation, it is necessary to train and motivate the students’ interest and enthusiasm. In years of teaching practice, the author conducted a number of attempts and explorations.

    • Feature Selection Method Based on Improved Scatter Degree

      2012, 21(7):215-218.

      Abstract (1826) HTML (0) PDF 612.28 K (2934) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Dimension reduction is important in machine learning. The two methods of dimension reduction are feature extraction and feature selection. Scatter degree is one of the feature selection methods which attribute a degree of scattering for each feature. Features are selected that have higher scatter degree. In this paper, classification error has been reduced by considering other aspects in computing scatter degree. Experiments on UCI dataset show that improved scatter degree have a good performance on feature selection.

    • Strategy and Optimization of 3G Network Quality of Service

      2012, 21(7):219-221.

      Abstract (1675) HTML (0) PDF 476.28 K (3317) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The paper analyzed the control mode of 3G network quality of service. It proposed the method of differentiated data stream bandwidth allocation strategy solution, data stream optimization based on DiffServ mode, flow monitoring and Optimization algorithm based on MQI. The experiment shows that the method can reduce packet loss rate, guarantee communication network QoS.

    • Computing Fractal Dimension of the WorldView-1 Panchromatic Vegetation Image

      2012, 21(7):222-224.

      Abstract (2081) HTML (0) PDF 927.13 K (3326) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The WorldView-1 satellite can provide panchromatic image with a dramatic improvement in spatial resolution, among these the feature extraction of vegetation image has an important application in identification and classification. Taking the advantage of fractal theory in image identification and combining the character of WorldView-1 panchromatic vegetation image, the fractal dimension of WorldView-1 panchromatic vegetation image is caculated by applying the Hausdorff algorithm, Box counting algorithm, Euclidean distance map algorithm and Blanket algorithm. The result indicates the Blantket algorithm was the most stable when compared with the other three algorithm and is suitable for computing the fractal dimension of the WorldView-1 panchromatic vegetation image.

    • Key Technologies on Serial Driver in Windows CE

      2012, 21(7):225-227.

      Abstract (1604) HTML (0) PDF 458.16 K (3519) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Serial port is a common interface in Windows CE embedded operating system, Driver program of serial port is the bridge to link operating system and hardware. It adopts the scheme of, driver program of serial port,which combines the layered driver with stream driver. More description of key technologies on driver program is given, including register configuration, interrupt processing, implementation of function in MDD and PDD layer. The intention of this paper is to offer design method to driver program of embedded equipment in Windows CE.

    • Finding Enterprise Network Behavior Through the Context of Graph Visual Mining

      2012, 21(7):228-231.

      Abstract (1623) HTML (0) PDF 571.75 K (2804) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In the enterprise distributed network system, it is becoming increasingly challenging to accurately and dynamically identify who is doing what. The current network management system mainly relies on the identity of the users reasoning. This method cannot precisely mine, find and manage the network behavior in the large scale of the network because of the rough scale of collected data. This paper discovers the content and the dynamic process for network management of host, users and applications, which provides an important help to network context visual mining.

    • Generating Rapidly Word Report Based on C#

      2012, 21(7):232-235.

      Abstract (2699) HTML (0) PDF 473.75 K (5819) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:When developing an information system, filling in data information at the specific position of word documents to automatically generate documents’ reports has played an important part in Office Automation System. This paper analyzes the traditional Word object model, which has disadvantages of generating mass of table data slowly. In conjunction with the good supporting characteristics of Microsoft Office Word 2003 for XML, and by way of the interconversion of Word document and XML document, this paper proposes that converting Data table into XML of specified format by utilization of StringTemplate can realize the fast derivation of mass table Data.

    • Pointer Mechanism and Source Files Association’s Visualization in C++

      2012, 21(7):236-239,253.

      Abstract (1655) HTML (0) PDF 855.03 K (3018) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Source code as object for research in this paper, mechanism of pointer and relation of association about pointer type object (variable) within multiple source files is studied. Based on the extraction of message and packing up the results, automatically visualize the elation about source files and mechanism of pointer in C plusplus. The storage mechanism on extraction and an algorithm of automatically disposing the include-relation on files are proposed. As a supplement, an algorithm of manual adjustment for meta-graph is introduced. The actual analysis results on codes show that the research is conducive to support for program analysis and understanding of source code.

    • Parallel Genetic Programming Method and its Application Based on BSP

      2012, 21(7):240-243.

      Abstract (1493) HTML (0) PDF 553.37 K (2791) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Parallel computing model can improve the performance of genetic programming and the actual speedup can be obtained. By analyzing the principle of Genetic Programming and Block Synchronous paralleled programming model, the relevant subjects discussed in the paper is a coarse-grained parallel model, and then the speedup of this model with different numbers of processor is also presented. At the end, instance drawn from practice is given for illustration.

    • Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Algorithm on Autogenerating Test Paper

      2012, 21(7):244-248.

      Abstract (1975) HTML (0) PDF 475.41 K (2845) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper puts forward an adaptive mutation of the quantum particle swarm optimization (AMQPSO) algorithm in order to improve the efficiency of autogenerating test paper. Firstly, a method of effective premature and stagnation judgement is embedded in the algorithm. Once premature signs are retrieved, the algorithm mutates particles to jump out of the local optimum particle according to the structure mutation. Secondly, the algorithm constructs a mathematical model of autogenerating test paper in steps based on Item Response Theory to reduce redundancy and improve the efficiency of autogenerating. Simulation results showed that compared with the genetic algorithm, the proposed algorithm is of better performance in both success rate and quality of autogenerating test paper.

    • Improvement of Distributed Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

      2012, 21(7):249-253.

      Abstract (1460) HTML (0) PDF 520.34 K (2931) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Energy-heterogeneous is unavoidable for wireless sensor networks when communicating. An improved novel clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks is proposed to adapt for energy-heterogeneous environments, and to solve the problem of imbalance in energy load for whole network. In the algorithm, the relative estimation factor of nodes’ current energy level which can make higher energy nodes become cluster heads easier. When communicating between different clusters it will chose single hop or multi hop according to the communication costs. Lower energy clusters will not retransmission other clusters’ data to balance the energy load. The result of simulation shows that the algorithm has been improved greatly and the energy load for whole network is more balanced.

    • Design of UHF RFID Reader System Based on PR9000

      2012, 21(7):254-257.

      Abstract (1570) HTML (0) PDF 632.94 K (4521) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This paper introduces a UHF RFID reader chip PR9000, and the chip component. In particular, it analyzes its principle of work and the collision algorithm and gives specific examples of application circuits and software processes. Finally, the experimental testing parameters has a certain reference value. The costs are relatively low, so it can provide a low-cost development platform for the needs of the use and designer of UHF reader technical staff.

    • >Survey
    • Review on Automatic Image Semantic Annotation Techniques

      2012, 21(7):258-261,257.

      Abstract (1955) HTML (0) PDF 672.20 K (5146) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:With the rapid development of the content-based image retrieval technology, automatic semantic annotation has become the challenging task in this field. A wide variety of methods have been proposed during the past decades. The classficiation, key technology, problems and the further study of semantic annotation were discussed in detail in the paper. It is valuable for the researchers who devote to the research in this field.

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