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    • Survey of Developments of MapReduce Parallel Computing Technology

      2014, 23(4):1-6,11.

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      Abstract:With the rapid development of recent years, some improved framework of MapReduce parallel programming model appeared. They are correction and recoding against lack of MRv1. This paper describes and analyzes this research achievements, including iterative computing framework as represented by HaLoop, real-time computing framework as represented by Twitter Storm, graph computing framework as represented by Apache Hama, computing resources negotiation platform as represented by Apache YARN. These special systems play a vital role in BigData fields.

    • A Flexible Approval Process Model

      2014, 23(4):7-11.

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      Abstract:In order to satisfy the requirement of more flexible approval process which is demanded in most information systems, this paper extracted some features in common and established a universal approval process model that supports functions including rollback, skip and alteration. Mechanism of the model works as the following: through separating the templates and processing instances it makes the model available when alterations occur; through jointing the templates and processing instances, it is able to display the trajectory and circulation trend of the process; through configuration of constituent elements, it is able to meet individualized approval needs for different businesses, which means a kind of flexibility. Finally, the author presented an example of project approval in Scientific Research Management Information System to demonstrate that the model is flexible.

    • Research on Tactical Networks Topology Testbed

      2014, 23(4):12-16.

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      Abstract:In order to discuss the potential application of tactical internet testbed in ad hoc tactical network construction, and provide references to domestic correlative research, this disquisition presents the origin, connotation and main research field of tactical network topology experiments, particularly expounds the signification of tactical network topology testbed, and then introduces two typical testbeds and their applied domain, which is plug-and-play testbed and maritime interdiction operation testbed. On the basis of the research above, the tactical network topology testbed service architecture is analyzed. Finally this paper concludes the contents and research efforts of tactical network research project which is presented by several investigation groups.

    • Link Quality Evaluation Technology Based on the Direction of Antenna Array

      2014, 23(4):17-22,28.

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      Abstract:This paper puts forword a link quality evaluation technology based on the direction of antenna array. Link quality evaluation technology includes the initial link quality evaluation and continuous link quality evaluation. In the stage of a new node joining the net, initial link quality evaluation detects the RSSI value of the physical based on wireless Mesh network antenna array, and calculates the average RSSI, builds RSSI matrix. Then adopts a good quality channel according to the RSSI matrix values to build the link. Continuous link quality evaluation can monitor the change trend of RSSI continually, evaluates and adjusts the link modulation rate according to the packet error rate of the selected channel. The experiment results indicates that the initial link quality evaluation and continuous link quality evaluation can apperceive the change of all link quality, and adjust to the suitable modulation rate. Link quality evaluation technology can raise the utilization ratio of the bandwidth of the wireless network within a certain scope.

    • Construction Strategies Aimed at Integrated VPN

      2014, 23(4):23-28.

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      Abstract:Enterprise network constructed through VPN technology has many problems including scalability, device address confliction, difficulty in realizing mutual access control. As to the problems, the paper proposes the idea of constructing an integrated VPN which integrate the effective solutions in order to solve different problems on the basis of making analysis on the reasons for these problems. The idea also solves the problem of tunnel scalability by MPLS and gets the solution to address confliction and access control by BGP. In addition, In order to evaluate the performance of this design method, it applies the idea to construct actual VPN in enterprise network. Practice result has proved this method is superior to VPN technology in scalability, device address conflict, access control, and VPN technology.

    • Network Security Virtual Laboratory

      2014, 23(4):29-33,38.

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      Abstract:Traditional laboratory limited by time, space and other factors, further more, laboratory construction will be costly. Simulation and virtual techniques bring new opportunities to traditional teaching. This paper compare different implementations of virtual technology firstly, useing VRML technology to design virtual laboratory scene, using 3DMAX to drawn experiment equipments, using JavaBean components and flash technology to simulate the intercorrelation between human and computer., putting forward a three Layers framework of virtual laboratory system platform. Students can experiment online by web browser, which can simulate devices really.

    • Research and Application of Rich Media Technology in the Mobile Radio Social

      2014, 23(4):34-38.

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      Abstract:The advent of 3G network and popularity of intelligent phones has brought about great changes in mobile media applications. Through the study of rich media technology, the paper aims at discussing the application of rich media on iOS social platform---Shenyang mobile phone radio system. We use audio queue services and thread queue services and caching policy to optimize the transmission and presentation mechanisms of the rich media resource. At present, the mobile phone radio system has passed testing and launched on the app store. As experiments and practice show, the design scheme can meet the user's mobile social needs in terms of performance and user experience.

    • Realization of a Data Sharing System

      2014, 23(4):39-43,76.

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      Abstract:This paper intends to study and build data sharing platform for a requirement of medical information data. We defined the database warehouse subject due to the requirement of the user. Then adopt data acquisition mainly, data extraction and OLAP. We realize a data transfer mechanism through MQ technology. The specific implementation mainly consist of utilization of some open source softwaresand finally established a data sharing platform with advanced architecture.

    • Resource Monitoring System Based on OpenStack

      2014, 23(4):44-47,16.

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      Abstract:Resource monitoring is an important way to improve the reliability of cloud platforms. In this paper, we design and implement a comprehensive, intelligent, efficient resource monitoring system based on the OpenStack cloud platform features and complete the overall architecture design and function of each module division of this system, and then we give the case of monitoring methods, data storage model and other specific implementations. Finally, the test results show the effectiveness of resource monitoring system.

    • Mobile Terminal Weather Information Service System Based on SinaAppEngine

      2014, 23(4):48-51,83.

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      Abstract:Weather information as important information about people's daily life was irreplaceable.Mobile terminal weather information service system is a kind of cloud-terminal application system which uses Java technology in Android platform.The system visits open weather API of SinaAppEngine,and calls the service of SinaAppEngine,then gets and displays the weather data on the mobile terminal finally.The system has some characteristics such as rapidness response,accurate weather data.The paper briefly introduces the technology background, system design, system implementation of mobile terminal weather information service system.

    • Law Consultation System Based on Lucene and LSA

      2014, 23(4):52-56.

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      Abstract:The designation of this law consultation system, not only considers the situation of the legal profession and based on Chinese Question-Answering System as prototype, but also use searching technology Lucene.net which is a open source project that can preform on many kind of types file. This article also uses ICTCLAS and applies it to the Lucene that makes up for Lucene's lack of word segmentation and mutual information technology to make the law word to be priority search. This paper proposes a method to calculate similarity between question and sentence based on Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). This method represents the question and sentence with space vector model, under the help of latent semantic analysis theory, and constructs a semantic space, which gets rids of the correlativity between word. And then similarity calculation between question and sentence is implemented in this semantic space. Experiments show that this system has the precision of the operation of the inquiry accuracy and less computation time.

    • Application of Full-Text Search of Oracle Text in Documents Management

      2014, 23(4):57-60.

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      Abstract:Based on the full-text search of Oracle Text, this article first created key words table according to the logical database, the search efficiency was improved used by creating index for the table; and then a documents management system for multi-type files was developed on the platform of Visual C++6 with C/S structure technology to manage official documents efficiently.

    • Tianjin Branch Production Business Analysis System Construction and Application

      2014, 23(4):61-64.

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      Abstract:This article does research for the system function structure of the enterprise based on the existing enterprises with multiple information systems. Our work uses business analysis platform for the deep value of data mining. The economic activity analysis materials automatically, the production and business operation situation analysis and decision making, leadership, the processing of raw materials and inventory, production and sales, maintenance of equipment and material management function interface. The system has been running on the line, with a demonstration effect.

    • Vehicle Management Information System Based on SSH Framework

      2014, 23(4):65-69.

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      Abstract:The enterprise vehicle management information system has special characters compared to traditional management information system. For example, the process is uncertain according to different car apply request and the user privilege is different. SSH framework is used to design a flexible architecture. The design and implementation of car apply process and it's approve process are illustrated. To achieve the goal of flexible and pluggable approve process, design pattern of strategy and factory are combined. To achieve security, user privilege module is designed.

    • Massive-data Storage Technology in Power Grid Services

      2014, 23(4):70-76.

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      Abstract:With the increasing of massive-data in Power Grid services, which used the centralized database or unified database of large-scale Power Grid storage technology is difficult to meet the demand of each service and management. Firstly, the paper focuses on analysis of data type and characteristics in the Power Grid services, integrated the State Grid current structure of old equipment and communication networks, then based on that, we propose a distributed storage solutions that applied to Power Grid Services, and also design the data access control; finally, we carry on an initial validation and comparative analysis.

    • ZRT Automated Management System

      2014, 23(4):77-83.

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      Abstract:It designed and implemented an automated-Management System to prepare pre-opening systems before trading in this paper. We designed the workflow based on colored timed Petri nets, established the database based on SQLLITE, finished TCP/IP communications, user login, user management, log queries, time-slice settings, automated execution time settings, automated configuration item settings, manual configuration item settings, result view, view real-time system operation and other functions. Experimental results show that the system can reduce wrong manual operations and greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

    • Video Monitoring System Based on Improved H.264

      2014, 23(4):84-90.

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      Abstract:The rapid development of embedded technology promotes innovation in the field of video capturing, making video surveillance system towards smaller, smarter, more embedded and longer-distance fashion. A video acquisition server is established with ARM board based on S3C6410 processor and Linux served as hardware and software system respectively. Together with a PC client, remotely and real-time displaying video, a long-distance video surveillance system is set up. By control of USB camera through video data acquisition interface, V4L2, the system can acquire images. The encoded image data is sent to clients through Internet sockets. The image is displayed on the client after the accepted image has been already decoded and converted to RGB format. Two methods, dynamic search window and search points-grouping, have been proposed to solve two short points of motion estimation algorithm in H.264. The experimental result shows compared to the original algorithm, the improved algorithm can greatly decrease encoding time and motion estimation time, while maintain the image quality and encoding bitrate. The system designed here can get continued images, implementing video monitoring remotely.

    • Access Control Technology Based on Multiple Matrix

      2014, 23(4):91-96,56.

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      Abstract:In the enterprise web application system, the access powers of user are used to be assigned on the basis of the function module of system in traditional methods. First, we used to assign the power of every module to different roles, and then these roles were assigned to some particular users. This access control technology based on roles lacks flexibility and cannot make to measure; it makes it very inconvenient for the user who has multiple roles in web application system. Furthermore, it will bring extra work in system expansion due to interaction effect of authority manage and business function. To improve the above- mentioned defect, this thesis puts forward methods of developing web system by integrating frameworks of Struts2, Spring3 and Hibernate4. It validates the log-in and permission of access for every request by the permission-interceptor. In this way, the web system can control user access powers in fine grain and Enhance the flexibility and expandability of system.

    • DBMS Audit Based on Network Listener

      2014, 23(4):97-101.

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      Abstract:At present, widely used DBMS in our country, which has generally exist some problems. Because of regul- atory failure, opaque internal operations, the lag of security measures, We can not guarantee that our database is secure. Although DBMS has provided audit services that also have many problems, such as most DBMS has different audit log format and difficult to maintain, low capability when audit server used long-term. So this paper presents a database audit method based on network monitoring technology. We can use it to collect database operations command by analyzing the monitoring data.It works without changing the existing network structure and effecting network performance, and it can effectively record external invasion or internal irregularities to provide evidence to legal responsibility. This appro- ach overcomes the shortcomings of traditional audit techniques.

    • Clothing Mass Customization System Geared to the Needs of MES

      2014, 23(4):102-106,120.

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      Abstract:The development of informatization, made mass customization enter clothing manufacture area. In the implement of the clothing mass customization system, the problem should be encounter that how to organize and manage on different clothing produce at same production line. In the research of clothing mass customization system, a good solution is found that is to build an enterprise produce resources knowledge base geared to the needs of MES, and use it to manage collinear production of different clothing.

    • Optimization of the Moving Target Detection Algorithm in Video Images

      2014, 23(4):107-111.

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      Abstract:The optimization of the moving target detection in complex environment which based on the Soldiers Shooting Confrontation System is proposed in this article. The algorithmis discussed from two aspects, the efficiency and the accuracy effected by the interference. To improve the efficiency of the algorithm, the large images from the video stream are first down-scaled,so that the location of the moving targets can be quickly determined.After that,the targets will be accurately analyzed in the original images according to their positions. In addition, the effect of the camera shaking and light changing can be eliminated by blending the current image with the background. Combining with background subtraction, background update can effectively improve the accuracy of the algorithm.

    • User Agent Compled with 28181 General

      2014, 23(4):112-115,130.

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      Abstract:The standard of GB/T 28181 puts forward new requirements to the video security monitoring network system. This standard also provides specific process for SIP interaction and new expansion.The user agent is an important part of SIP equipment, SIP client and other entities. The user agent's main task is not only to meet the standard SIP processes, but also to serve as UAC to initiate a call and receive a call then respond it. The research and design of user agent has important influence on whether or not the video security monitoring network system is in line with the GB/T 28181 standard and system performances. This paper designs a standard and efficient user agent, which includes: the overall structure, key ideas of this design and how to construct SIP client based on user agent. In this paper, the design of user agent has many advantages,such as:highly modular, low coupling and high efficiency.The video security monitoring network system can easily and quickly build the appropriate SIP entity.

    • Zoning Based on Corner Detection

      2014, 23(4):116-120.

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      Abstract:This paper studies the global or local search algorithm detection, and an improved corner detection algorithm is proposed for the case of low algorithm efficiency. The algorithm uses the similar pyramid calculation principle to construct multilayer images, it also uses multi-scale Harris operator to search hierarchically and extract image feature corner. Fusion calculations are taken by the feature corner of layered images and subregional images to look for the target feature points. The algorithm mainly considers the regional relations of images between different levels and single image in corner detection. And it uses the changing parameters of pixels around the feature points to achieve the positioning of goals. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm improves the positioning speed and reduces the probability of false positioning.

    • Algorithms for Biological Sequence K-mer Frequency Counting Problem

      2014, 23(4):121-124,158.

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      Abstract:K-mer counting of biological sequence is a fundamental and very important problem in biological information processing. This paper focuses on counting k-mers at each position of multiple sequences within aligned mode. We present a new backward traverse k-mer counting algorithm called BTKC. BTKC algorithm takes full advantage of the k+1-mer's statistic information to obtain k-mer's statistic information quickly. Thus, it's no need to traverse the whole sequences when counting each single k-mer. Both the algorithm's time complexity and experiment results show that BTKC gets an obvious improvement compared with forward traverse k-mer counting algorithm FTKC, and its time complexity was found not to be realted with the range of k-mer length.

    • Comprehensive Post Evaluation Model for the Productive Capacity Construction Project of Oilfield Based on the Improved AHP and SVR

      2014, 23(4):125-130.

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      Abstract:According to the characteristics of post evaluation for the productive capacity construction project of oilfield and the actual situation of Jilin Oilfield, our work detailed analyzed the evaluation index, the relationship and the impact to the Comprehensive Post Evaluation of the post evaluation for the productive capacity construction project of oilfield. This paper proposed the comprehensive post evaluation model based on the improved AHP and SVR. We used the improved AHP to determine the weights of the evaluation index. We evaluated it through the SVR, to improve the classification accuracy and precision of the results. This model not only to make up for the defects of the subjective estimation weights, but taking into account the effect, evaluating scientifically and objectively, the experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of the method.

    • Extraction and Application of Piping Information Oriented to Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Assembly Process Planning System

      2014, 23(4):131-134.

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      Abstract:Computer-Aided Assembly Process Planning Based on Three-Dimensional Model (3DCAAPP) System is increasingly being favored by enterprise information. This paper focuses on extracting assembly information oriented to the Piping system which is commonly used in aerospace and shipping and other industries by secondary development technology of each three-dimensional CAD software and using it to feature modeling in 3DCAAPP.

    • BP Forecast Model Based on Improved PSO Algorithm

      2014, 23(4):135-137,143.

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      Abstract:A BP prediction model which based on improved PSO algorithm is proposed in this essay, in this algorithm, I modify the way to calculate the inertia weight, and use the improved PSO algorithm instead of the gradient descent algorithm, Make this changes it will not fall into local minimum. And use this way to forecast the weather, through the experiment result I find that the improved algorithm has high efficiency, and it also improve the prediction accuracy.

    • Localization Algorithm for Nodes in Underwater Sensor Network Based on Average Hop Distance

      2014, 23(4):138-143.

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      Abstract:By analysing DV-Hop localization algorithm, for the larger error of average hop distance in the DV-Hop localization algorithm, we proposed a kind of localization algorithm for nodes in underwater sensor network based on average hop distance. The algorithm improves calculation average hop distance. First, the anchor node uses the boundary anchor nodes and its one-hop neighbors of anchor node to calculate average hop distance. Second,the unknown node receives broadcasting package including average hop distance from each anchor node, and then according to the hop-numbers to each anchor node with weight calculates the final average hop distance. Simulation results show that after two improvement the algorithm is superior to the traditional DV-Hop localization algorithm, and improves the location accuracy.

    • Application of KAZE Algorithm in Human Face Image Matching

      2014, 23(4):144-148.

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      Abstract:The face images matching algorithm based on KAZE is to do nonlinear diffusion filtering by the additive operator splitting algorithm. In this way, the problem of blurred boundaries and detail missing can be solved. A stable nonlinear scale space is constructed by using arbitrary step to search the Hessian local maximum value point after different scales normalizing to detect feature points. By using M-SURE to describe the feature points, the feature vectors are constructed. The KAZE and SIFT feature are used to do face images matching under VS2010 and Opencv. By changing the blur level, angle of rotation, scale, change of brightness, a further simulation experiment can be conducted aiming at KAZE, SIFT, SURF in Matlab. The research result proves that the KAZE has better performance even if under the condition of Gaussian Blur, angle rotating, scale transformation and intensity roughness.

    • Lattice Reduction Aided Layered Detection Algorithm in Downlink LTE System

      2014, 23(4):149-153.

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      Abstract:LTE system needs a good algorithm of signal detection in the receiver to detect the emissive signal as correct as possible because of its core technology MIMO. In order to improve the performance of signal detection in complex environment and reduce the linear amplification of noise process, this letter adopted lattice-reduction pretreatment algorithm, which based on the decomposition of the channel matrix. However, these detection algorithms have large SNR gap compared with optimal ML algorithm. In this paper, we based on the lattice reduction technologies and ideas of ML and V-BLAST detection algorithm, proposed a lattice reduction aided layered detection algorithm.The simulation results show that, improved algorithm can significantly improve the ber performance in the downlink LTE system. The detection performance approximate ML algorithm.

    • Color Correction Algorithm for Four-band Tree Image Based on RGB Color Space

      2014, 23(4):154-158.

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      Abstract:A color correction algorithm for four-band (the RGB bands and an additional near-infrared spectrum) tree image based on RGB color space is proposed to correct the images which influenced by near-infrared spectrum. Firstly, based on the difference of R band and G band in the image, obtaining the best binarization threshold of four-band image through the experiment. Second, using the median filter and mathematical morphology to de-noise the binary images, and extracting the area which severely polluted by the near-infrared spectrum. At last, correcting images in different areas with different method, eliminating near-infrared pollutions in the image. The experimental results show that, the algorithm has good correction effect for the images which include plants.

    • Web Vulnerability Scanning Software

      2014, 23(4):159-163.

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      Abstract:The paper introduces the current severe situation of the Web security, and brings up the necessity to design Web vulnerability scanning software. Then it analyzes Web crawler, construction of website structure tree, and detection methods of SQL injection, XSS, integer overflow and URL redirection, which provides a guarantee for developing the system successfully. The paper also describes the software architecture and the design of modules. The final testing results prove that the software is able to detect the common types of vulnerabilities rapidly and comprehensively. The software has been published.

    • Comparative Timing Synchronization Method for Distributed MIMO-OFDM Systems

      2014, 23(4):164-167,213.

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      Abstract:Multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing MIMO-OFDM technology is the core of the next generation(4G) of communication technology. MIMO-OFDM has the advantages of high spectrum efficiency, strong anti-interference capability and large Channel capacity. Distributed MIMO-OFDM system can produce time delay and frequency offset. It is also very sensitive to the timing and frequency offset. So, the study of distributed MIMO-OFDM synchronization algorithm is more practical significance. The article made a comprehensive analysis and summary from the sequence structure and the performance of these three current kinds of distributed MIMO-OFDM timing synchronization algorithm, and through the MATLAB simulation comparison. It acquires to use CAZAC sequence as subcarrier data reverse conjugate timing algorithm has outstanding performance.

    • Warehouse Delivery Configuration Method Based on Inventory and Online Production

      2014, 23(4):168-172.

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      Abstract:A new warehouse delivery configuration method is proposed for the delivery configuration optimization problem of component parts of complex product of different orders in discrete processing and assembly enterprises. It takes on time delivery and minimum loss of order as the evaluation criterion. It is based on the current production status to find out the longest remaining production line in the processing and assembly process. The priority level of deployment is determined by inventory status and the importance of the order. In conclusion corresponding optimal delivery configurations are developed by the mode of delivery in whole order and the mode of delivery in several times.

    • Application of Grey Particle Swarm Algorithm with Mutation in Forecasting of Power Load

      2014, 23(4):173-177.

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      Abstract:Due to the electric power load is the basis of development of electric power system, our work intents to improve predicting accuracy of electric power load is beneficial to the development of electric power system. This paper by using the good performance of particle swarm algorithm to optimize the parameters and the advantage of grey prediction method for forecasting uncertainty factors affecting the system puts forward the grey mutation particle swarm combination forecasting model to predict urban public transit volume, improved the electric power load accuracy. Also through the examples analyzed prediction accuracy and effectiveness of the combination forecast model. The results show that the accuracy of the combination forecast model is better than that a single gray of forecasting model and other prediction algorithms, this model can well predict urban public transit volume which provides a reliable scientific data for the decision and development of electric power system.

    • Towards Energy Efficient Query Optimization

      2014, 23(4):178-182.

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      Abstract:With the growing demand for data management, it is a great challenge to reduce and throttle the energy consumption in data centers. DBMS is a vital software in data center to deal with volumes of data, thus, energy efficient query processing and optimization is one of the critical issues to be solved. We proposed a novel cost model to estimate energy consumption of a query plan, and we investigated the effects of different optimization goals on query optimization under different hardware configurations. Experiements demonstrated that the results of performance- oriented and energy-oriented query optimization are same under the traditional hardware configuration, while the results turned out to be different under the new hardware configuration, which indicates that it is practical to improve the energy efficiency of database systems.

    • Overview about Core Business System Construction of Finance Corporations

      2014, 23(4):183-188.

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      Abstract:Core Business System of finance corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "CBS") refers to the information system of the finance corporation's main business, which gradually plays an important role in businiess processing. Because of the scarcity of literature, the author complete this article on the basis of practical experience. In this article, we focus on hardware architecture, software technology and business application associated with CBS. The existing and viable frameworks are discussed to provides an overview of finance corporation's CBS in China. At the last part, we briefly give some conclusions and suggestions about the construction of CBS in practice.

    • SIP-Based Signaling Security Gateway Security Module

      2014, 23(4):189-192.

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      Abstract:GB/T 28181 standards formulate information transmission, switching,control technology requirements of security video surveillance network system, as an application server, the signaling security gateway is responsible for receiving or forwarding the SIP signaling between domains, adding identification and authentication. This paper analyzes the basic functional requirements of signaling security gateway, proposes design of security module. It achieves authentication, confidentiality and integrity of information by encrypting, decrypting the forwarding signaling and digital signature. This design has better performance and stability through the actual running.

    • Performance Optimization of Android Database SQLite

      2014, 23(4):193-196.

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      Abstract:SQLite is an important database engine on Android platform. It has features of zero-configuration, supporting transactions and excellent portability. And it is responsible for multiple formats of data storage. With the expansion and complexity of the user data, there is higher demand upon the SQLite performance which may affect the performance of the application program and the user experience. This paper analyzes the transaction mechanism and the index structure of SQLite. By means of turning on transaction manually and creating B-tree index properly, it greatly reduces the time needed to insert and query data from Android SQLite, which improves SQLite performance ultimately.

    • Research and Application of the MQTT Protocol on the Android Platform

      2014, 23(4):197-200,196.

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      Abstract:MQTT is a lightweight protocol based on publish/subscribe messaging transport. It provides a new way for message push on Android. For the demand of message push protocol on Android, analyzed the structure of MQTT and the format of its message, and compared with other message push solutions on the Android platform. Then, designed and implemented an instant messaging application based on the MQTT protocol. Has finished many functions such as login/register, send instant message, manage friends and so on. Finally, the test result indicated that this application is satisfy the basic functionality and requirements of the instant messaging applications.

    • FPGA System of Point-to-Point Transmission Based on PCIE

      2014, 23(4):201-204.

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      Abstract:This paper analyzes the limitations of point-to-point data transmission interconnected parallel bus in the current smart substation system. PCI Express high-speed serial interface technology has been proposed to achieve point-to-point Ethernet data transmission. The design applies the architecture of Spartan-6 XC6SLX45T FPGA, and takes full advantage of FPGA parallel data processing features and extensive IP resource, to achieve a high-bandwidth and high reliability of multi-channel Ethernet point-to-point data transmission. It is greatly enhances the smart substation system performance.

    • Data Manipulation Controller of Enterprise Service Bus

      2014, 23(4):205-208.

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      Abstract:This research which is based on the Enterprise service bus considers from multiple databases support, data operation request scheduling, data operation security, database access optimization four sides. On this basis, we analysis and research the mechinsm of conmunication between the interal modules of the Enterprise service bus and the database, abstract a data access control layer, namely ESB data manipulation controller. Data manipulation controller improves the security of data manipulation by limiting the data manipulation of ESB within a small range of instructions. In addition, data manipulation controller's multi-database support gives product realization of ESB system more flexibility.

    • Implementation of the LED Control on STM32 Based on μC/OS-Ⅱ

      2014, 23(4):209-213.

      Abstract (1584) HTML (0) PDF 1.02 M (3560) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:The paper analyses the kernel architecture of embedded real-time osμC/OS-Ⅱ and researches the architecture of STM32 based on CoreTex-M3 kernel.The engineer of LED flashing interval is designed to complete on the STM32 platform which ported the source ofμC/OS-Ⅱ. The feasibility of this method is verified by experiment. MeanwhileμC/OS-Ⅱ in dealing with strong real-time performance, multitasking system necessity and advantage is displayed. This application not only provides the basis for design of complex task, but also of practical and guiding significance to the secondary development of the software.

    • Research of Performance Optimization in the Life Cycle of Information System

      2014, 23(4):214-217.

      Abstract (1512) HTML (0) PDF 1.06 M (2790) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:With the advancement of informationization in our society, the Information system of function and performance required more and more. System performance optimization was dependent on information system analysis and design, system development, system operation and maintenance, system updates four stages. During information system design and development of numerous enterprises, the system function was concerned but the system optimization was few concerned. The system optimization only was focused on system operation and maintenance stage. This causes the system to be "fire-fighting" optimization, only suppress the symptoms not the illness or cause the system to optimize the cost was huge, and even the system cannot be optimized, and the system was forced to retired early. This article on how to optimize the performance of the whole life cycle of information system were discussed, some strategies were put forward to optimize the performance of each stage, and combining the practical application in detail.

    • User Scheduling Criteria Based on SLNR in MIMO System

      2014, 23(4):218-220,188.

      Abstract (1722) HTML (0) PDF 1.25 M (2790) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In multi-user MIMO system based on the SLNR (signal-to-leakage-and-noise) of the pre-coding scheme taking the problems of noise and signal leakage into account, not only improve the system performance but also reduce the complexity of the system. However, the base station is required to service at the same time the number of data streams is not greater than the number of transmit antennas. Therefore, when the number of users is large, the need for the user scheduling. While the user scheduling pre-coding algorithm based on SLNR only need to know the channel information of other users, and reasonable choice of the user, proven, the system can get good performance.

    • Making Teaching Streaming Media Video System Based on MediaSite

      2014, 23(4):221-223.

      Abstract (1400) HTML (0) PDF 746.42 K (3102) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Due to the school in the recording, the production, dissemination and the difficulties in the management of teachers' classroom teaching video, this paper puts forward a set of teaching based on MediaSite streaming video production system. The article designs the MediaSite products based on teaching network platform of video streaming media system, proposes video tracking based on infrared technology and video technology of automatic focus. This system can largely simplify the teachers' classroom teaching a lot of works on the video production and management. It is convenient for students studying in class. The system can promote the informatization level of the school, too.

    • Application of Non Contact CPU Card in the Environmental Pollution

      2014, 23(4):224-227,204.

      Abstract (1407) HTML (0) PDF 1.26 M (2379) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In order to guarantee the environmental protection pollution discharge important data alternately, the memory security as well as the backstage system with the front end total quantity measurement equipment data transmission security, this article unifies the existing pollution discharge permit system, proposed must contacts the country dense SM1 algorithm the non-contact CPU card to take the information carrier in environmental protection pollution discharge application pattern, and has carried on the analysis to at present in the Zhejiang Province environmental protection domain application concrete case.

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