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    • Survey of Cache Techniques for Multicore Architecture

      2015, 24(1):1-8.

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      Abstract:With the developing of multi-core techniques, concurrent processing and big-data operation are becoming more and more popular. Facing the complexity of program behavior and the large amount of input data, the cache system needs to explore more optimization opportunities. Improving the utizlization, efficiency and throughput of cache system is always the hotspot of architectural researches. This survey analyzes the inner details of cache techniques and concludes the important issues on multi-core cache optimization, like latency problem, capacity problem and sharing problem. Furthermore, this paper introduces some typical solutions for these issues, as well as the new techniques and new optimization aspects in recent researches. Finally, a description of possible developing directions is presented at the end of this survey.

    • Survey of Spatial Clustering Algorithm with Obstacle Constrains

      2015, 24(1):9-13.

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      Abstract:Classical algorithms of spatial clustering are performed in optimal data space without any obstacle. But many obstacle constrains exist in the real-world, such as rivers, mountains, etc. They may affect results of clustering substantially. In this paper, the knowledge of spatial clustering algorithm with obstacle constrains is illustrated in brief. And then, research history and inheritance relation of the algorithms is given. These algorithms are divided into four categories from seven respects. At last, technical feature of every category and trend of spatial clustering algorithm in the presence of obstacles are analyzed.

    • Computer Network Storage Technology

      2015, 24(1):14-20.

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      Abstract:In computer network system, due to expanding the application field of information storage, the network information resources increase rapidly, information transmitted through the network continues to grow. Network storage technology is becoming more and more important, it has become the key of the enterprise information construction. This article mainly analyzes the three kinds of network storage technology, namely SAN boot startup technology, storage virtualization technology, application performance extension technology. The solid-state disk technology and cloud storage technology are discussed emphatically. It has high reference value to the choice of network storage technology in the enterprise information construction.

    • Maintenance Information Modeling Technology Facing Multiagent and Multitasking

      2015, 24(1):21-27.

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      Abstract:In order to resolve the uncertainty and variability of equipment maintenance information collecting requirement in the process of equipment employing, maintenance information modeling technology facing multiagent and multitasking is studied. The basic applying mode of maintenance information is studied from the sides of maintenance data, maintenance information and maintenance knowledge. Maintenance information collecting requirement ascertaining technology based on model tree is presented, as well as the the characteristic of information being gained. Aiming at the characteristic of multiagent and multitasking, maintenance information modeling method is presented based on event driving mechanism. At last the maintenance data warehouse system is designed. The research result shows that the maintenance information modeling technology being provided with favourable opening and expanding can deal with the fact of variational maintenance information collecting requirement.

    • Analysis and Evaluation of Embedded Real-Time Operating System Methods

      2015, 24(1):28-34.

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      Abstract:In this paper, we use WCET(Worst-case execution time) tool, Bound-T, to analyze the key modules of typical real-time operating system (RTEMS and uClinux) affecting real-time performance. The WCET tool analyzes machine code to give the whole system's WCET before it runs on hardware. When WCET reaches our requirements, we evaluate the system real-time performance through benchmark. We compare the performance of two real-time operating systems and explain the advantages of RTEMS (Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems).

    • Ontology-Based Knowledge Organization Model for Aircraft Design

      2015, 24(1):35-41.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the issues of the large scale and various forms of the knowledge information in the aircraft design, a model construction method of the knowledge organization based on ontology is proposed. Firstly, the concepts of the knowledge organization and the ontology are introduced. Then an ABC feedback method based on ontology is proposed. An application example of the knowledge organization in aircraft design is also given to verify the correctness and validity of the modeling method. Finally, the advantages of the ontology-based knowledge organization model are summarized.

    • Virtual Emergency Drill System Based on Disaster Simulation

      2015, 24(1):42-48.

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      Abstract:Virtual reality-based virtual emergency drill has wide application. But existing drill systems lack accurate environmental simulation and plan support. In this paper, a virtual emergency drill simulation system (VEDSimu) was proposed. It solved the entity message passing problem and large-scale simulation model computing problem. Then, a virtual emergency drill system (VEDSys) was constructed. It implemented plan script system, plan inference engine, evaluation system and virtual reality client based on VEDSimu. Furthermore, VEDSys was proved to be feasible, efficient, and scalable with the application in actual company virtual fire drill.

    • Data Platform of Big Cross-domain Data Interchange

      2015, 24(1):49-55.

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      Abstract:The data platform is generally used to interchange information between different systems, but the efficiency is the bottleneck due to big data. To deal with the big data interchange and parallel requests, we design a 3-layer data engine for managing the user requests. Therefore, a state-of-art technology of memory replication and algorithm is developed to promote the data processing speed as well as quick response to parallel requests.

    • Real-Time Streaming Media Transmission System Based on Live555

      2015, 24(1):56-59.

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      Abstract:In this paper, secondary development of Live555 open source projects was achieved, designing and preliminary implementing a real-time streaming media transmission system. WebcamFrame Source and WebcamOndemand MediaSubsession classes are added to LiveMedia Library, realizing the real-time receiving and forwarding H.264 stream; at the same time, video captrue and H.264 coding part are also added, achieving video capture, H.264 coding, and transmission in real time. The proposed design helps solving the problems of time delay and out of sync when transferring multimedia data over a network, which can improve robustness and scalability of the system.

    • Application of Big Data Technology to Environment Information

      2015, 24(1):60-64.

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      Abstract:With the accumulation of time, data collected by environmental monitoring data processing system is more in the project of "Comprehensive Demonstration of Water Environment Management about Liao He River". However, Liaoning province environmental monitoring data processing system cannot effectively deal with massive data growing. In this paper, we study and use big data technology. After that, we improve the data center of the environmental monitoring data processing system. We can use HDFS powerful function of data storage and management to cope with the growth of the massive data and take advantage of MapReduce and other Hadoop related tools, rapidly processing massive data and reducing the data size. Finally, the data will be stored in the database.

    • Application of Domain Ontology in Regional Medical Information Sharing System

      2015, 24(1):65-68.

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      Abstract:Following the informatization construction continues to advance in the medical field, in order to improve health care quality, and to use medical resources effectively, medical information sharing requirements become increasingly strong. Semantic heterogeneity is a major problem facing medical information resources sharing, this paper proposes the use of domain ontology integration of distributed heterogeneous database resources, describes the construction of medical domain ontology and design of application system for the realization of regional health information sharing provides an effective way.

    • Wireless Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring Network Based on CDMA and 2.4G Communication

      2015, 24(1):69-73.

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      Abstract:At present, the main treatment for diabetes is adjusting the patient's glucose metabolism according to his blood glucose level measured with glucose meter frequently. This paper uses Wireless Sensor Network and Body Area Network related technologies and ideas for reference. A design of a wireless remote blood glucose monitoring network system that can be used for monitoring personal glucose condition and glucose conditions of people in a small area is proposed using the CDMA cellular mobile communication technology and 2.4G RF communication technology. The blood glucose monitoring network enables remote diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, narrows the distance between doctors and patients and alleviates the suffering of patients. This paper mainly introduces the network architecture of the blood glucose monitoring network and the design and implementation of the CDMA and 2.4G wireless communication functions of network nodes are described in detail.

    • Key Technologies of “One-Window” Community Affairs Acceptance and Process Services System

      2015, 24(1):74-78.

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      Abstract:There are Information islands and collaboration trouble in the traditional community service system. In view of this, we propose a solution of community affairs acceptance and process services system based on the perspective of technology and organization structure. The solution researches community affairs acceptance and process services system model selection based on one window acceptance and one ensemble operation first. And, on the basis of the process integration model, we used the virtual machine technology and message middleware technology to design the system technical architecture for matching the virtual space and the real organization. Finally, according to the evolution of technology and organizational structure gradual interaction, we revised its technical architecture. The solution will be accepted by the entire organization structure, also can reflect technological characteristics. It makes the technology and organization structure contrast and complement each other.

    • Analysis of Research Management Data Center Construction in Chinese Academy of Sciences in Age of Big Data

      2015, 24(1):79-85.

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      Abstract:Under the concept and developmental history "Big Data" as well as the big data analysis of the ARP-IRC (Information Resource Center of Academia Resource Planning System) construction, the paper highlighted the necessity of constructing Research Management Data Center in Chinese Academy of Sciences. It also elaborated on the concept and content of the center and how to push forward its construction from the perspective of operating and organizing mechanisms. The paper is hopefully to shed light for government sectors and enterprises on data center planning and construction.

    • University Human Resource Management System Based on PeopleSoft

      2015, 24(1):86-90.

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      Abstract:The construction of human resources system is one of the basic university information constructions. PeopleSoft human resources system is "pure internet architecture" (PIA). And it is the integrated suite of the applications and business processes by the enterprise portal technology. We reasonably combine the University's existing mode and PeopleSoft human resources system model. The system can achieve the management, standardization and normalization of campuses human resources between each campus and each college. And that can deal with the human resource management department daily administrative work by the way of on-line. Therefore, the system improves the work efficiency and service for the administrative staff. Also the system can supply the efficient and accurate data information for the staff, who works in the decision-making, management and operation of layer.

    • Mobile Equipment-Based Road-Edge Detection

      2015, 24(1):91-97.

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      Abstract:This paper proposed a real-time method for road-edge detection. The method is named as the mobile equipment based road-edge detection (MERD). Based on the Android platform in the intelligent mobile equipment, MERD combined the mathematical morphology based detection in HSV image with the Hough transform based detection in gray scale image. MERD can be used to provide road-edge detection for various road situations. Experiments are given to show the validity and accuracy of MERD in real-time road-edge detection for the shadowy road, road in the evening, road with snow, road with rain, road with pedestrian and shadows, thus providing the safety insurance for self-driving vehicles.

    • Particle Filter Fault Prediction Based on Improved Cosine Similarity

      2015, 24(1):98-103.

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      Abstract:The existing particle filter fault prediction method is the corresponding time's predictive value obtained from particle filter algorithm. The particle filter algorithm predicts the system fault by comparison of the predict value and actual value. This paper designs a new method identifying the function of system equipment. By analysis of the normal working equipment's time-series data and abnormal data, it can predict the potential system fault. Experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of this method and the accuracy of predicting system fault.

    • Mathematical Programming Model and Algorithm for Time-Varying Transit Network Based on the Environment of Subway

      2015, 24(1):104-108.

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      Abstract:The optimization of travel for time-varying transit network based on the environment of subway is realized through the establishment of graph theory model. First, bus and subway network graph, bipartite graph and mapping network graph which is based on the network graph are established. The weight between two subway stations is appropriately reduced in order that we can optimize subway. Meanwhile, time variation of bus and subway is considered in this paper. Whether the time we travel is in their operational period is directly related to the optimal path queried. Then, the optimal path selection algorithm based on the purpose of less transfer times and short distance is given. Finally, we use a numerical example to illustrate the solution process of the proposed method.

    • Path Planning Based on Geometric Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

      2015, 24(1):109-113.

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      Abstract:In order to plan trajectory of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in three dimensions, an algorithm based on geometric method is advanced. The path of UAV is analyzed, which could be composed by a set of lines, arcs and helixes. The relationship between path feasibility and the max over loading coefficient, velocity and height limitation of UAV is researched. And the restrict condition of optimal path is founded. The geometric method steps of programming UAV path are discussed. The path is designed by geometric method, in which UAVs flexibility is embodiment. The formulation results exhibit that paths designed by geometric method are well applicability.

    • Supply Chain Partner Selection Based on Optimizing Neural Network in Cloud Computing

      2015, 24(1):114-118.

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      Abstract:Aiming at the dynamic supply chain partners in the cloud computing environment, this paper puts forward a supply chain partner selection based on optimizing neural network in cloud computing. Firstly, evaluation system of supply chain partner is constructed in cloud computing environment, and every index weight of is calculating by analytic hierarchy process, and then neural network is used to evaluate enterprise based on training samples, while genetic algorithm is used to optimize the parameters of neural network and to establish evaluation model of enterprise, finally, the simulation experiment is used to test the performance. The results show that the proposed model can accurately describe the dynamic change of supply chain partners. It also can comprehensive evaluate supply chain partners under the cloud computing environment.

    • Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Based on Linear Weighted

      2015, 24(1):119-122.

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      Abstract:With the popularity of Bluetooth devices and the promotion of Bluetooth Specification Version 4.0, the indoor location technology based on the Bluetooth devices develops rapidly. Aiming at the huge demands of the indoor location service, a precise Bluetooth positioning system with a linear-weighted algorithm is presented. The system combines Bluetooth devices with linear-weighted algorithm. It locates the mobile devices through weighting the value of the received signal strength indicator, the link quality, and the transmit power level of the Bluetooth wireless communication link. The simulation results show that the average of location error in this algorithm is less than 1.5m, which meets certain accuracy requirements.

    • Empty Container Repositioning Cost Optimization of Shipping Container Based on Genetic Algorithm

      2015, 24(1):123-127.

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      Abstract:This paper analyzes the problem of empty container repositioning according to the characteristics of the port container repositioning. The paper considers leasing costs, transportation costs, loading/unloading costs repositioning constraints. The objective is to minimize repositioning costs. This integer nonlinear programming model of empty container repositioning is established under the premise that it guarantees heavy container dispatching. The paper uses the simple genetic algorithm and the genetic algorithm which has the genetic operator respectively to find the solution of the model instance. The experimental results show that the result of using the genetic algorithm that has the genetic operator is better than the result of using simple genetic algorithm.

    • Task Assignment of Geographically Distributed Agile Software Development Based on the Multi-Task Priority Algorithm

      2015, 24(1):128-134.

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      Abstract:For distributed agile software development becoming increasingly popular, this study seeks to shed light on proposing a task assignment method based on the multi-task priority algorithm, which is using mathematical calculations to assign tasks. According to multi-model researches, more comprehensive factors of distributed agile software development were considered. A specific assignment method was given, to improve the effectiveness of task assignment. Through verification, the task assignment method is suitable for distributed agile software development.

    • Algorithm and Simulation of SIP DoS Flooding Attack Detection Based on Relative Entropy

      2015, 24(1):135-138.

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      Abstract:With the extensive application of SIP protocol, the security mechanisms of SIP network have gradually become a hot topic. This article introduces relative entropy into SIP network, and proposes a detection algorithm based on it to against SIP DoS flooding attacks. We also compare this algorithm with the traditional entropy detection algorithm. The experimental results showed that: the entropy and relative entropy are both stable under normal network traffic. But relative entropy fluctuated significantly when attack occurred and our algorithm have a higher detection rate and more accurate results than entropy detection algorithm.

    • Content-Based Routing Based on ESB

      2015, 24(1):139-142.

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      Abstract:Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides the integration of multi application systems in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Message routing is the core and basis of ESB. At present, the routing mechanisms in ESB software are all static, relying on tedious configuration file, limited routing flexibility. At the same time, along with the increase of the number of services, service configuration information is growing exponentially, affect system performance. In order to solve these problem, a method of content-based routing is presented firstly. Then we introduced the messages format, route table, work process and the algorithm in detail. Finally, experimental results showed that the proposed method was efficient and reliable.

    • Layer Register of Oracle Spatial Data in ArcSDE

      2015, 24(1):143-146.

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      Abstract:Registering the Oracle Spatial data as a layer of ArcSDE is a feasible way of converting data from Oracle Spatial to ArcGIS. It realizes the interoperation with Oracle Spatial data from the spatial data in other format. This paper analysis the register process using ArcSDE API or using sdelayer command and proposes an effective layer register method using SQL language for mass spatial data. Compared with the traditional layer register method, this new layer register method was improved in aspects of usability, security and efficiency.

    • Collaboration Filtering Recommendation Algorithm of Sub-Similarity Integration between Items

      2015, 24(1):147-150.

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      Abstract:Aiming at such the problems of sparse data and non-currency to select the nearest neighbors, a collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm of sub-similarity integration between items is proposed in the paper. According to every attribute value of the target user, the users whose attribute value is the same as target user's are selected as user's sub-space, similarity(sub-similarity of items) between the target item and others in the user's sum-space is calculated. Based on it, according to sub-similarity of items, k-nearest-neighbors are selected to calculate it's prediction value. Finally, weighted sum of prediction value of user's attributes is calculated to get final prediction value of the target item. Experimental result shows that the algorithm can select nearest neighbors of target item correctly and improve recommendation quality of spare data.

    • Improved Algorithm of Scalar Multiplication Based on Pseudo-Random Number Generator

      2015, 24(1):151-155.

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      Abstract:Scalar multiplication is the dominant and time consuming algorithm in elliptic curve cryptography, including point addition and point doubling. Traditional improved methods reduced the calculation of point addition by transforming the representation of scalar to reduce the number of non-zero bits. To further improve the efficiency of the scalar multiplication, this paper proposes an improved algorithm combining pseudo-random number generator according to the generation of the scalar. With cyclical iterative addition of lagged Fibonacci generator, scalar multiplication can be transformed into simplex operation of point addition from repetitive point addition and point doubling. Experimental results show that the improved algorithm compared to the traditional window NAF algorithm can reduce more than 60% of the amount of computation.

    • Applications of Secure Multi-Party Computation in Space Geometry Problems

      2015, 24(1):156-160.

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      Abstract:The paper researches some applications of secure multi-party computation in space geometry problems. First, private-preserving determination protocol of distance relation of two-point in space based on threshold and private-preserving determination protocol of distance relation of point-line in space based on threshold are presented. Second, a private-preserving determination protocol of position relation of point and two parallel planes in space is presented. Finally, a private-preserving solution for private-preserving determination problem of distance relation of point and line segment in space based on threshold is constructed using the first two protocols. These protocols and solutions have potential application values in engineering, commerce and military field.

    • Application of K-Means Algorithm in Keywords Optimization

      2015, 24(1):161-165.

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      Abstract:Analysis and optimization of keywords are the two most onerous aspects in search engine optimization. This paper firstly simplifies the analysis of keywords by K-means algorithm, then puts forward the strategy of website optimization based on keyword effectiveness and value rate, finally gives out an application example. The method can quickly enhance ranking of site keywords and bring traffic to the website. It is applicable to all kinds of enterprise website.

    • Parameter Selection Method for Membership Correction Fuzzy Clustering

      2015, 24(1):166-170.

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      Abstract:Membership correction is an important direction in the improvement of fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm. This type of improved algorithms introduce fuzzy threshold to correct membership value, which greatly speed up the algorithm convergence. However, the adaptive value of fuzzy threshold is always a difficult problem. To solve the problem, a method is presented to select the parameter of fuzzy threshold based on similarity relation and physical attraction between data and clustering centers. The monotonicity, convergence and robustness of the parameter selection formula are discussed to verify the effectiveness of this method. Simulation shows that the parameter selection method is effective, adaptive and robust, which has high application value to parameter selection of membership modified FCM algorithms.

    • Data Synchronization Mechanism Based on JMS

      2015, 24(1):171-175.

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      Abstract:In order to solve the problem of data synchronization between different distributed network environment, a method of data synchronization based on java message service and xml technology is presented. This paper introduced the major technology, work process in detail. Experimental results show that the proposed method is real time efficient and reliable. Finally, we analyzed the system's characteristic and given some prospects to this mode.

    • Collision detection algorithms of Missile Flight Scene Simulation

      2015, 24(1):176-179.

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      Abstract:According to the timeliness and accuracy of collision detection in missile flight visual simulation, this article puts forward an optimization algorithm for collision detection based on mixed bounding box. This algorithm established bounding box tree beginning with the hierarchical structure. In this bounding box tree, Sphere is used in upper level, and OBB is chosen in the lower level. At the same time, the intermediate buffer layer is removed. Then after the realization of this algorithm in missile flight visual simulation system, its performance is analyzed and especially compared with intersect vector collision detection algorithm and OBB bounding box collision detection algorithm. The analysis and comparison show that, this mixed bounding box algorithm can effectively improve the accuracy and timeliness of collision detection in missile flight visual simulation.

    • Network Traffic Prediction Based on Wavelet Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

      2015, 24(1):180-184.

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      Abstract:In order to overcome the shortcomings of wavelet neural network and improve prediction precision of network traffic, a novel network traffic prediction model is proposed based on the wavelet neural network and genetic algorithm in this paper. Firstly, the time delay and embedding dimension of network traffic are calculated to construct the learning samples of wavelet neural network. Then training samples are input to wavelet neural network to learn in which improved genetic algorithm is used to optimize the parameters of wavelet neural network. Finally, the performance of model is tested by simulation experiment using network traffic data. The results show that the proposed model has reduced the prediction error and the number of training has reduced sharply compared with other model, so it has great practical application value.

    • Push Mechanism on Android Platform Based on MQTT Protocol

      2015, 24(1):185-190.

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      Abstract:The rapid development of Android platform brings forward more severe challenge for message push technology. Traditional ways of push notification mainly contain Polling, SMS Push and IP Push. But for applications on Android platform, any of these push technology has its own shortcomings. Firstly, an analysis was conducted on various kinds of push mechanism on Android Platform. Then a push mechanism based on protocol MQTT was researched in detail. Finally it was implemented through coding with the help of open source tool Mosquitto supported by IBM. Experimental results showed that this way has a low power consumption and high efficiency and it could be used for applications steadily on Android platform.

    • Intra Prediction in AVS Video Encoding

      2015, 24(1):191-194.

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      Abstract:Through the analysis of the Audio and Video Standard intra prediction algorithm, a new optimization design method is put forward to the AVS encoder intra prediction module. Two dimensional filtering units were used in the design simplifying the reference data selection mechanism. Using the prediction unit array constructed by the basic unit PE improves the prediction speed. Design of systolic arrays is used to predict complex color Plane mode. The design based on the Verilog Hardware Design Language(HDL)is realized on FPGA and simulated in ModelSim. The results show that this design improves the coding efficiency and reduces the consumption of hardware resources and meet the requirements of real-time encoding of high-definition video.

    • Wireless Video Monitoring Based on Android Platform

      2015, 24(1):195-198.

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      Abstract:With the development of science and technology, people have higher requirement to video monitoring. This paper proposes a mobile audio and video monitoring system based on Android platform. In this system, we adopt Mediastream2 to process the stream media, implement the safe and reliable transmission of stream media with ORTP and codec of audio and vedio with FFMpeg. This paper mainly introduces how to encode and decode the audio and video with the FFMpeg, a kind of audio and video library and output audio and video synchronously. Finally, the real-time video monitoring testing can be realized on the embedded platform TQ210.

    • U-Boot Analysis and Transplantation Based on S5PV210

      2015, 24(1):199-205.

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      Abstract:This paper describes powerful, reliable Bootloader in the development of Embedded Systems transplant on the S5PV210 microprocessor based on Cotex-A8. It narrates the boot process, analysis of transplantation and procedure of transplantation in detail and implements loading the kernel and ysffs2 root filesystem. Finally, it uses the way of written U-Boot boot parameters to automatic load the kernel via TFTP and mount the root file system via NFS. It ultimately starts embedded linux system and confirms the feasibility of the transplanted U-Boot booting Linux System on the S5PV210.

    • Ajax4jsf-Based XML Designer

      2015, 24(1):206-210.

      Abstract (1152) HTML (0) PDF 704.12 K (1995) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:This work studies a designing software of XML document. It supports network collaborative XML designing and meets the demands of users who don't understand XML programming. Its Web interface is designed based on the Ajax4jsf framework to achieve the real-time and asynchronous information interaction ability. It can provide a technical support for the XML documents batch designing. The user's requests are handled by the Ajax engine on the client to reduce the server's load of multi-user concurrent accesses. Data is obtained through asynchronous mode to improve the user's experiences. The bidirectional data mapping between database and XML documents is achieved based on model driven, and the data converting from XML documents to other applications is implemented by the parser DOM. The prototype system is developed, and its information interactive performance is tested. The results show that the XML designer's real-time and asynchronous information interaction capacity is improved.

    • Multi-Function Batch Password-Changing Tool for IT System

      2015, 24(1):211-215.

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      Abstract:The multi-function batch password-changing tool for IT system uses BAT, VBS, scurecrt script and combination with command of operating system and network devices. It realizes function of automatically batch changing password of mainstream Linux, UNIX operating system and network device. It solves the difficulty that changing password of IT system is very hard, tedious and time-consuming. It provides a good tools to ensure the frequency changing IT system password and the password length so as to enhance the security of IT system. The test and practical application indicate that the comprehensive efficiency of the tool is more than 10 times of manually changing and verifying password, and it has high reliability.

    • Cross Debugging Program Based on Eclipse Platform

      2015, 24(1):216-220.

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      Abstract:The Eclipse platform provides CDT plug-in for C/C++ program development, but for the embedded software cross debugging. CDT requires too much users to participate. We design a cross debugging program based on the Eclipse platform. It automatically configures parameters needed for debugging by means of seamless integrating a cross debugging plug-in to the Eclipse platform. It can make full use of extensibility of Eclipse platform to make the target machine information visible, and achieve automatic debugging purposes. Experiments show that the cross debugging program can simplify the user control, and improve the efficiency of cross debugging.

    • Large-Scale Grid Data Table Design Optimization Technology and Application

      2015, 24(1):221-226.

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      Abstract:This paper describes the necessity of implementing design optimization for the large-scale data table in the database design stage. It introduces the concept and causes of the large-scale data grid table. And for database performance problem caused by the large-scale data table, it proposes design optimization technology of the large-scale data table. On database design stage of equipment condition-based maintenance system, it uses these technology in device status evaluation function as an example. The simulation experiment results show that system performance has been significantly improved after design optimization for the large-scale data table. To provide protection for the subsequent stability of the system, it is also referable for those large-scale data table need to be optimized.

    • Method for Increasing Accuracy of Data Acquisition System

      2015, 24(1):227-231.

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      Abstract:Data acquisition system requires high accuracy. When the data acquisition system designed with 12-byte high resolution AD774BKN and directly used the nominal value components, it still existed system error. The traditional linear parameters scale transform method can eliminate system error, but it happens when the data acquisition is linear system. If there is a saturation of nonlinearity, it is better to measure several data in a variety of input cases and make segment handling. Using the traditional scale transformation to deal with the saturation data and using the linear relationship by the least squares fitting scale transform with non-saturation can get the measured values. The experimental results show that calculation measurements using this method are much better accurate than the traditional scale transformation. It can get good effect to improve the system accuracy.

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  • 《计算机系统应用》
  • 1992年创刊
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